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FDA: The head of the FDA has nailed down the reason for the mysterious spike in “excess mortality” currently plaguing COVID-vaxxxed nations. Surprise, surprise!! It’s NOT the vaxxx!! It’s … drum roll please … misinformation. You’ll be relieved to know that he has “made combating misinformation one of his top priorities at the agency.” It would be nice if, by that, he meant that the FDA was going to be 100% transparent and truthful; sadly, based on their performance during the pandemic, I have to presume he actually means the FDA will do all it can to stifle free speech by persecuting those who disagree with the government’s agenda.

FLORIDA: Gov. DeSantis signed the Heartbeat Protection Act on the same day it passed the legislature. It bans abortions on unborn babies with a heartbeat (six weeks’ gestation) and allocates $25 million in funds for pregnancy centers around the state. Prior to this, abortion was legal in Florida up to 15 weeks.

HEAD COVERING: [23:12] – When I was a kid, women and girls wore veils or hats in church, but then we stopped and I never gave it much thought. Lately, though, I’ve noticed women are starting to veil again. And my cousin who came for Easter wears a head covering all the time, not just in church. So I’ve been thinking, reading, and listening to various homilies and talks about the subject. The video I linked to above makes a very interesting point I didn’t see elsewhere that is so pertinent to our current cultural issues. If you are interested and have the time, I recommend it.

HELL: I often think how gracious it is of Him to have withdrawn Himself from some portion of His creation to accommodate those who hate Him. The fact that this place is horrible isn’t His fault. Nor is the fact that demons and humans freely choose to go there.

HONEY BURDETTE: This luxury lingerie brand has traditionally used the slogan “by women, for women.” After they decided to use a man to promote their products, they switched to “a luxury lingerie brand for all!

TRANS-INSANITY: The idea that trannies are some kind of persecuted class is total b.s. Case in point: When a trannie teacher threatened to shoot up the school, the Florida district properly notified the authorities. A deputy confiscated the unstable individual’s firearms, but a mental health assessment determined he was not a threat. So the next day, the teacher was back in school and parents were not notified. Parents said they receive alerts if a fire alarm is pulled at the school or if somebody has a weapon at a nearby park. But a trannie teacher threatening to commit mass murder? Not. A. Peep. Why? Because it was a trannie.

VAXXX: CLICK [18:41] to see Dr. John Campbell talk about the report. Note: YouTube yanked this video!

WHAT IS A WOMAN: CLICK for an excellent definition of the insanity of trans. CLICK [2:20] to hear another detrans story.

GRAMMY NOTES: That photo doesn’t BEGIN to show my husband’s glove box (which also includes paper surgical masks he accepts at every venue and never throws away). I’m thinking that Midwesterners may very well have emigrated from Western Massachusetts where every Saturday is “Socialize at the Dumps Day.” The first Saturday I experienced this phenomenon, my fiancé left for the Dumps with his pickup stacked, stuffed, and piled high with junk. When he came home, hours later, it was stacked, stuffed, and piled high with different but “really good” junk he said he just had to have.


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  1. Many makeup manufacturers are also using m-t-fs to promote their products. I try to avoid the most egregious ones, but it’s getting harder and harder to find one that hasn’t yet gone full tranny.

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