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CALIFORNIA: CLICK [3:01] to hear a mother’s distressing story about her 11-year-old daughter. She’s suing the district for secretly encouraging the little girl to identify as a boy without her parents knowing about it.

CLICK [3:09] to hear “Squeaky St. Francis” (photo above) speak in favor of the school district’s policy of excluding parents from their efforts to transition students.

After listening to these two, the board voted with Squeaky to keep the “parental secrecy” policy in place.

CATHOLIC: While my Baptist cousin was visiting for Easter, I was talking about some aspect of Catholic culture and blurted out, “I just LOVE being Catholic!” Just now, I was listening to a young woman talking about her faith journey and she said, “I just LOVE being Catholic!” It got me wondering. I can’t recall any of my many Protestant friends telling me they LOVE being whatever denomination they are, so I googled “I love being ___”, counted only the first page of hits, and ignored any hits that did not actually say “I love being ___.” (E.g., “Top ten reasons to be ____” and “Ten things I love about ___” and “Why you should be ____” didn’t get counted.)

Below are my entirely unscientific and relatively meaningless results, listed in order of enthusiasm.

  • Catholic: 9 hits (incl a book and some merch)
  • Jewish: 5 hits (plus some merch)
  • Methodist: 5 hits (no merch)
  • Buddhist: 3 hits (no merch)
  • Muslim: 2 hits (quite a lot of merch)
  • Lutheran: 2 hits (plus some merch)
  • Presbyterian: 2 hits (plus some merch)
  • Baptist: 2 hits (no merch)
  • Episcopalian: 2 hits (no merch)
  • Seventh Day Adventism: 2 hits (no merch)
  • Evangelical: 1 hit (one t-shirt)
  • Mormon: 1 hit (no merch)
  • Hinduism: 1 hit (a video)
  • Jehovah’s Witness: 0 hits (no merch)

JEFFREY EPSTEIN: CLICK to hear about the creep-tastic connection between Epstein and the Barr family. I checked and it’s all true.

OMG: [6:10) – James O’Keefe just published video of female prisoners in Washington state who are being forced to share their tiny cells with biological males who freely assault them. Full disclosure: I couldn’t listen to this video.

SCOTUS: Incredibly, the Supremes voted 9-0 on something! According to the article (link below), the April 14 decision was “a defeat for the Biden administration” as “the Supreme Court took steps to rein in the so-called administrative state and reaffirm the separation of powers doctrine that prevents any specific branch of the government from exercising the core functions of another.

The new ruling encompasses two cases: Axon Enterprise Inc. v. FTC, court file 21-86, and SEC v. Cochran, court file 21-1239. The court ruled unanimously against both government agencies.

TRANS-INSANITY: [4:59] – CLICK for a quick reality check. ALSO this: “You ask me, why do I even care? What’s the purpose of knowing anyone’s biological sex?

Well for starters, because we have civil rights specifically for women in the United States. We have special bathrooms for women, we have special sports leagues for women, we have all sorts of special places, and rights, and privileges that are for women that are not for men.

So now if some men, people who at the very least appear to be men, are claiming a right to be able to go into those women’s bathrooms then we either have to abolish all of the special rights and privileges that have existed for women for all of human history and are enshrined in our law, or they need to explain to me how those men are actually women.

And they can’t do the latter and I’m not willing to do the former and I don’t think women across the country are willing to do the former even if a few people have been so ideologically blinded that they would give in to this kind of absurdity.” – Michael Knowles

VAXXX: [12:26] – Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health is recommending no COVID-19 vaccinations for anyone. People who are considered to be high-risk may receive the jab after consulting with their doctors, but the vaccine is “not currently recommended” even for them. Meanwhile, the CDC is still recommending the jab for children as young as 6 months.

GRAMMY NOTES: One of the first times we made up the bed together, my new hubby and I were putting a set of wedding gift sheets on that had a beautiful pattern of flowers on it. Problem was … the flowers were all growing one way and Dearest put the sheet on with the blooms facing our feet. The look he gave me when I insisted I wouldn’t be able to sleep if we didn’t make the flowers grow towards our heads …


CLICK for some wedding sweetness.

CLICK for sirens and dogs.


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  1. sirens and dogs – watched it, but with the sound off, lest our little Daisy dog start howling along with them!
    It’s grass-fire season ’round here, and there’s been lots of sirens for Daisy to sing along.

    I may play it for her later: she does sometimes seem to enjoy watching dogs (and pandas) on the magic window.

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