Hitler is a Democrat

A voter registration for “John Adolf Hitler” was part of a batch of roughly 200 voter registrations submitted by FieldWorks that election officials have flagged as possibly fraudulent, forged, or duplicated.

FieldWorks, a private Washington, D.C. based firm, works mainly with Democratic candidates and causes, claims to have “zero tolerance for fraud.”

But last month, a FieldWorks employee plead not guilty by reason of insanity to 22 counts of felony false voter registration and one count of election falsification.

And elections officials in Cuyahoga County have referred three more FieldWorks canvassers to the local prosecutor, after finding suspiciously similar signatures on ballot petitions.

Authorities in Florida and Virginia are investigating suspected fraudulent forms submitted by Republican party contractors.

Maybe the real problem is with the CONTRACTORS … organizations like FieldWorks that HIRE canvassers to get signatures and registrations and require them to meet quotas in order to get paid.

Our local GOP (e.g., Dearest) goes door to door every election season to collect ballot signatures VOLUNTARILY. Maybe those candidates and ballot initiatives that can’t generate enough volunteers don’t deserve our attention.

If you suspect voter fraud or election problems where you live, you can report it to Voterfraud@Foxnews.com.


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2 responses to “Hitler is a Democrat

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Absentee ballot issues reported in 2 Iowa counties – Oct 29, 2012

    Iowa is at the center of an all-out war for the White House, as well as control of the Iowa Senate. At least two counties (Muscatine and Floyd) have gotten reports of absentee ballots requested by someone other than the voter.

    No one can request a ballot for another person and the voter’s signature is required. Iowans who received an absentee ballot in the mail that they didn’t sign paperwork to receive should contact law enforcement.
    Absentee voting is probably one of easiest ways to commit voter fraud. But it’s a felony.



  2. Victoria Shover

    My in-laws were so pleased that someone from the Democratic party stopped by their home late yesterday (election day) to deliver ballots for them to fill out. The ballots were unsolicited by my in-laws. The volunteer(s) waited for them to fill out the ballots then delivered them to their county polling place. I am disgusted.