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CLIMATE: Bjorn Lomborg writes, “The current climate discourse leads to wasteful climate policies, diverting attention and funds from more effective ways to improve the world.”

CONTROL: CLICK [:18] to hear The New York Times‘s Peter Baker say, out loud, what we on the Right has been saying all along.

COVID LIES: Madhava Setty explains ways the Left deceptively manipulated data to overplay the risk of the virus while dismissing the risk of the vaxxx.

DISNEY: Disney has lost $34 Billion in value since embarking on its pro-LGBTQABCXYZ culture war with Florida.

EASTER MEDITATION: [4:29] – You can read/hear more about Lectio Divina online at numerous sites. I’ve included a few. They mostly reiterate what Father Josh says.

EDUCATION: I think it’s nice of them to make it so clear from the get-go where normal people will not be happy working.

GRAMMAR: A whole lot of Leftie Karens were triggered by Kevin Sorbo’s awesome tweet joke. Among those who didn’t make derogatory remarks about his mental health sneered, “Those aren’t even pronouns, idiot” and “Those are verbs, genius.” It’s fascinating to see how people who flagrantly ignore proper English grammar are suddenly very committed to promoting proper English grammar.

HISTORY: [14:44] – This will remind you of Mr. Peabody’s Improbable History, but it’s actually all true. I found more information on the ‘net, of course. LOL The first link is to a copy of Dexter’s unintelligible best seller and the second is about his home. The latter includes more links.

MASKS: From Babylon Bee – With the recent lifting of mask mandates on airplanes, flight attendants have reported an unexpected benefit: problem customers can now be easily identified by their masks. One explained, “We mark out a map of masked fliers, then assign our most grizzled steward to make regular passes to make sure they’re not mask-splaining to their seat-mates, dripping gobs of hand sanitizer on anyone, or causing any ruckus. Those wearing two or three masks and a face shield are granted special attention, and we generally switch to a man-to-man defense for those passengers.

RACIST MATH: Florida’s Department of Education published some examples from math books they rejected for being too woke. The graphic is one. There are a few more at either of the links.

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