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[5:11] – Pete Bootyjudge wants half of all personal vehicles in the U.S. to be electric by 2030. And Pete Bootyjudge thinks it’s doable. But Democrats are not serious people. And Pete Bootyjudge is a certifiable moron.

If I understood him correctly, he means half of ALL personal vehicles, not just of new sales. There are about 107 million cars operating in the U.S. Maybe 1 million of them are EVs, which means Mayor Pete wants something like 53 million of all the fossil fueled cars currently on the road to be scrapped and replaced with new electric vehicles. [Let us pause while I spew yogurt out my nose.]

In 2021, about 15 million new cars were sold in the U.S., with EVs accounting for about 6%. If the sources I used are accurate and I did the math right, we’re talking about maybe 1 million new EVs are currently rolling off the available factory floors. Even if Mayor Pete is only talking about half of all new vehicles, he’s talking about a massive production expansion over the next 8 years.

Maybe it’s doable with major, major investment to retool enough factories. But what about battery production and the mining needed to support it? According to the Clean Technica article linked below, “It takes one or two years to get a battery production plant up and running. [But] before the battery production process, you have to produce the components of the batteries, like the cathodes, and you have to create the compounds that go into the cathodes. [And] before any of that, you need to mine the raw minerals. [But] it takes at least 5–7 years to get a mine operational and there has been a lack of investment in the mining.”

And what happened to “mining is evil”? Why is it okay to exploit workers and damage the environment to remove non-renewable minerals from the parts of Mother Earth that are under foreign countries, but not to safely and ethically remove fossil fuels from under our own soil? Plus, from what I’ve heard, the entire global reservoir of these non-renewable components is insufficient to provide EVs to half the people who currently own cars.

The other mega problem Mayor Pete ignores with his fairy dust economics is that an electric car uses four times the amount of electricity per day that an air conditioner uses. So while they’re telling us to cut back on our a/c use, because summer heat is putting too much of a drain on electricity production, they are also telling us to buy electric cars “to save the planet.” Puh-leeze.

But maybe Pete is right. Maybe if we try very, very hard … and maybe squeeze our eyes shut tight, stick out our tongues, clap our hands, and just believe … we’ll succeed in switching half our cars to EV by 2030.

To be honest, I don’t think this is about Mayor Pete being stupid, though I suspect that is also true. I think it’s about the Global Elite wanting to deprive us of the independence that cars give us. If they can deprive us of our cars (and our guns), it’ll be a whole lot easier for them to manipulate, control, exploit, and abuse us … which IMO is the whole point of the fake “climate crisis.”


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  1. Maybe I missed it, but you didn’t even go into one of the biggest problems with electric cars, namely, the electricity generation and transmission infrastructure is practically inadequate for the current demand, much less plugging in a brazillion EVs!

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