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CHIEF TWIT: Totally unfunny Kathy Griffin (of bleeding head of Donald Trump fame) tried to tweet as Elon Musk and got her account suspended. It made her so mad, she went on her dead mother’s account so she could call Musk an a**hole. Musk responded that Griffin could have her account back … for $8.

DETRANS: [10:54] – On Oct. 21, 2022, Andy Ngo interviewed Ritchie Herron, a 35-year-old gay man from Newcastle, England, who spent years on testosterone blockers and cross-sex hormones, then was pushed into bottom surgery by “gender-affirming” health professionals. He says “regret” isn’t a strong enough word to describe how he now feels about it all.

DOJ: It’s clear which side Merrick Garland is on. He sends SWAT teams to arrest pro-lifers in their homes, at gun point, in front of their terrified children, while ignoring repeated vandalism and harassment of pro-lifers.

ENERGY: [9:13] – Meanwhile, in Germany, they’re shutting down a windmill farm to make room to expand a coal mine!

EFFING BEE: Last summer Facebook’s market capital was nearly $1 trillion dollars and now it is closer to $245 billion. This coming week, a chunk of the 87,000+ employees will be getting the dreaded pink slip … pink email? … whatever companies do these days to lay off dead weight. When FAUXTUS trashed our energy industries, these snots told the newly unemployed they should “learn to code.” I wonder if these soon-to-join-Twitter-Losers ever learned to fry.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:10] to see Dementia Joe startle at his shadow. This is genuinely sad. Doesn’t anyone actually care about this man’s well-being? From the comments – “My cousin who was a VA nurse said they often put black rugs in the doorways of dementia patient’s rooms because they would see it as as hole & wouldn’t step in it.” Also, “I’ve seen elderly do this in retirement homes. The change in floor color makes them think it’s a step. That’s why we use solid color floors in retirement facilities.”

FETTERWOMAN: Last week, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled that elections officials should not count misdated ballots. Democrat John Fetterman is suing to overturn that decision.

INDIANA: Hamilton County has had two incidents of election interference reported to authorities. In one, a poll worker told a pair of black voters that the pro-parent candidates were “racists.” In the other, a poll worker chose the “straight Democratic ticket” option while allegedly explaining to a voter how to use the voting machine. Funny coinkidink how both the cheaters were Democrats.

MIDTERMS: The president’s approval rating is one of the best predictors for how a midterm election will go. At this point, Biden’s is at an all time low of 28% with the critically important independent voters.

In addition, two key Democrat demographics – Blacks and Hispanics – have made massive shifts to Republican. In 2020, 8% of Blacks voted for Trump; the latest poll shows 17% of Blacks plan to vote Republican for the midterms. In 2020, Dems had a 28% lead over Republicans; that’s now at 5%.

NEW YORK: CLICK [:24] to see a group of tolerant, loving Democrat supporters of Gov. Hochul assault a female Zeldin supporter for holding a “Vote them out” sign on which Hochul and her running mate were pictured.

TRANS: A federal court has ruled in favor of a beauty pageant’s right to limit contestants to “natural-born women.”

VIRTUE SIGNALING: CLICK [:45] to see Rush Limbaugh, way back in 1993, mocking the Woke Left.

GRAMMY NOTES: I was thinking today how closely the timing of the “Finding in the Temple” event (Luke 2:41-52) matches the timing of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. Mary and Joseph were traveling home from the Passover celebration in Jerusalem with a caravan. So, both events occurred during Nisan. Each thinking Jesus was with the other, they most likely didn’t figure out he was missing until the caravan stopped for the night. So, as with Good Friday, Jesus was “lost” in the late afternoon on the first day.

They would’ve been a full day’s travel from Jerusalem and very tired from walking all day, so surely slept (probably badly) with the caravan overnight, then spent the next day, walking all the way back to Jerusalem, all the while not knowing where their son was. Likely, they spent as much time as they could that evening searching, but eventually would have had to sleep, despite their sadness and worry. We know now that, on Holy Saturday, Jesus went to the dead to offer them His salvation and escort those who accepted into His Father’s Kingdom. But what a truly dark day the first Holy Saturday must have been for the disciples, who hadn’t really understood what Jesus had told them about His Resurrection!

First thing in the morning, on the third day, Joseph and Mary would have set out once more to search. Perhaps by then, they had heard about the amazing boy who had been teaching in the Temple and went straight there. Easter morning … the women went to the tomb and found Jesus alive again!


CLICK for true sportsmanship. My dad would’ve been proud of this kid.

CLICK to see a parrot steal the ear bud from a Chilean reporter who was was doing a story on a spike in robberies in the capital.

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