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1A: A court has awarded $180,000 to ex-employees who were fired by a Kroger’s grocery store in Arkansas for refusing to wear aprons that promoted the LGBT agenda. As part of the settlement, Kroger Limited Partnership I has agreed to create a religious accommodation policy and provide enhanced religious discrimination training to store management.

ARKANSAS: Arkansans have elected their first female governor.

CATHOLIC: Bishop Mutsaerts of The Netherlands has dropped out of the Synod on Synodality, calling it “vile” and saying “the Holy Spirit has absolutely nothing to do with it. … Among the protagonists of this process are to me a few too many defenders of gay marriage, folks who don’t really think abortion is a problem and never really show themselves defenders of the Church’s rich creed, wanting above all to be liked by their secular surroundings.”

He’s not the only one to think so. German Cardinal Gerhard Müller called it a “hostile takeover” of the Church and invited Catholics to resist. Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan agreed that the process is being steered by churchmen “who push their own ideological agenda.”

Two cardinals Pope Francis called to play leading roles are promoters of the LGBT agenda, which aims at overturning 2 millennia of RCC teaching on homosexual acts and the sanctity of one man-one woman marriage.

If this subject interests you, check out the links below.

DETRANS: [12:38] – K.C. Miller talks about her decision to stop testosterone.

FLORIDA: CBS News spent all day trying to find anyone who didn’t want Ron re-elected. They spoke to “dozens of people up and down the coast of Florida, all in precincts, by the way, that voted for President Biden in 2020, but to our surprise, we did not run into a [Charlie Crist] supporter.” DeSantis has won by 20 points.

GEORGIA: [:57] – MTG has won a second term.

GUAM: [:44] – Rep. Hank got it right. Guam has “tipped over,” electing the first Republican delegate (non-voting) to U.S. Congress in 30 years.

TEXAS: [17:45] – Gov. Abbot has won another term.

VAXXX: The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has extended to January 8 the requirement for non-U.S. citizen, non-immigrants to show proof of COVID-19 injection in order to enter the country. IOW, if you “migrate” without permission, you’ll be welcomed at the border, provided with all the social services you could wish for, then released into the interior with a piece of paper saying when to appear in court. They won’t follow up if you fail to appear. No vaxxx required. But don’t you dare try to come visit your relatives for the holidays unless you’re fully jabbed!

In better news, the newly elected conservative government in Italy has ended jab mandates for teachers and health care workers.

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