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May Day! May Day!

Just kidding. Had to come up with something relative to the first of May.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced yesterday that the IDF had loads of evidence that (gasp) Iran lied about stopping their nuclear program with that joke the Democrats called the “Iran deal”. The Ayatollah, along with every other leader in the world, knew what the leftists and the slobbering press refused to see or accept. That Barry was an imbecilic phony who got by his entire life having things done for him because an African polygamist got a liberal white tramp to open her legs. For eight years all he had to show was his hostile takeover of the nation’s health system. With time running out he needed something to show as a “legacy”. The deal he struck was simple: Give the lying terrorist regime everything they wanted for them to sign a worthless piece of paper so he could do his Neville Chamberlain act. Continue reading


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Crass vs. Class

Fees - Clinton vs Rice

Non-profit watchdog organizations consider the Clinton Foundation nothing more than a slush fund to finance the Clinton family’s extravagant lifestyle while avoiding taxes and giving them an excuse to call themselves humanitarians.

Nonprofit experts say a good charity spends 75% of its income on its actual mission, while holding administrative and other costs to 25% or less of its income.

But in 2013, the Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges, but paid out a piddling $9 million in direct aid to charity.  Nearly $8.5 million went to travel expenses, including first-class flights for Clinton family members who are not on the payroll.

The rest of the money went to maintain the office and staff, with fat bonuses going to Clinton family friends. The CEO, who worked only 5 months of 2013, raked in $275,000 in salary, benefits and a housing allowance. Nine other executives received salaries over $100,000.

The Clinton Foundation and Bill and Hillary Clinton head to trial January 20, 2016 on charges of racketeering.

2015_06 18 Hillary costs charity a bundle by Terrell


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Does Dick Durbin Believe that Only White Males Can Bear Public Scrutiny?

Of course not. He voted against Condoleezza Rice when Bush nominated her to become the first black female Secretary of State.

And the Left treated both her gender and her color with disdain for the simple reason that she was a Republican serving in a Republican administration.  That’s as it should be. Anybody who can’t handle that kind of heat doesn’t belong in public office.

The morons yelling “hate speech” over criticism of Democrats need to be reminded of this.

Condi Rice

Charles C.W. Cooke makes the excellent point that, “If we follow Dick Durbin’s model, however, and we demand extraordinary treatment for people who are more than capable of standing on their own two feet, we will run the risk that the public will throw up its hands in frustration and mutter under its breath, ‘Enough with all this vitriol, next time we’ll take the boring white guy instead’. Which one is the ‘progressive’, again?”

Read Cooke’s article @

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No, Dickie Boy. WE are not the RAAAACISTS.

Durbin Lynch Rice

Sen. Tim Scott, the black Republican overwhelmingly elected by an extremely conservative electorate, noted that Durbin’s vote against Condoleezza Rice happened during the 40th anniversary of the March on Selma.  Classy, Dickie.  Real classy.

Wizard of Democrat



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It takes a lot to irritate Condi Rice,

but she’s had it with Democrats using insults and fear mongering.

2014_11 07 Condi Rice talks about race

Video embedded @

2014_11 04 Tim Scott on NAACP


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