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CALIFORNIA: San Francisco – In an effort to get the public schools open, the City of San Francisco has SUED the San Francisco School District!

The San Francisco School Board appears to be way too busy imposing wokeness on its closed schools to worry about actually teaching anyone inside them. Recently, it decided to rename 44 schools because they deemed their namesakes had ties to racism or slavery. Among them is Abraham Lincoln High School.

Now they’ve declared that “acronyms are a symptom of white supremacy culture.” And to prove how thoroughly they all understand things like facts and logic, they took what ABC called the “bold move” to get rid of the acronym “VAPA,” which is short for Visual And Performing Arts. From now on, they will be called the “SFUSD Arts Department.”

SFUSD? Because acronyms are racist. Or something.

CATHOLIC: Catholics from around the world are asking the Jesuit Order to publicly censure one of its mouthiest and most blatantly heretical priests, Fr. James Martin, for promoting a bastardized pro-LGBT version of one of the world’s most revered images of Our Lady – the Black Madonna.

Częstochowa is regarded as the most popular shrine in Poland, with many Polish Catholics making a pilgrimage there every year. A pilgrimage has left Warsaw every August 6 since 1711 for the nine-day, 140-mile trek. Elderly pilgrims recall stealing through the dark countryside at great personal risk during the German Nazi occupation. Pope John Paul II secretly visited as a student pilgrim during World War II. The feast day of Our Lady of Częstochowa is celebrated on August 26.

The rainbow was originally a religious symbol of God’s covenant with man that God used to convey to Noah (Genesis 9:13-17) that he would never again destroy the world by a flood. There are seven colors in a naturally-occurring rainbow. The number seven in the Bible often symbolizes completion, perfection, and the fulfillment of promises and oaths.

LGBT activists co-opted the rainbow in the late 1970s, creating a flag where the different colors are often interpreted as signifying sexual “diversity.” The LGBT rainbow flag, however, has only six colors, one short of a real rainbow and the perfect number. In the Bible, six is often associated with sin, imperfection, and even Satan. The book of Revelation says that the bringing together of three sixes is the number of the Anti-Christ.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexuality is one of the four sins that cry to heaven for justice. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.’ They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved” (CCC 2357).

The Catholic Church furthermore teaches that the homosexual inclination is also “objectively disordered” since God created sexual attraction for the purpose of drawing a man and a woman together to become husband and wife in marriage.

CHINA: The ChiCom’s top diplomat gave President Xiden his marching orders, telling him to stop interfering in the affairs of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and it’s militarization of the South China Sea. He didn’t mention undoing the Trump administration’s sanctions over human rights violations against religious minorities, but I’m sure FAUXTUS got the message.

CNN: Gee, what a surprise … practitioners of Left Stream Jerknalism is finding or dismissing Biden’s errors, lies, and omissions. Brian Stelter crows, “What a difference!” Yeah, really. But it’s not a difference in the performances of former President Trump and current FAUXTUS Xiden. CLICK [4:08] to hear One America News’ count of not just errors and omissions, but also just plain nonsense.

CUOMO: Oops, even the New York Slime is fed up with Governor Nipple Rings! Check out this tweet thread (which they helpfully illustrated with graphs to support their statements) …

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York said on Friday that New York City could reopen indoor dining on Feb. 14. But by nearly every measure, the coronavirus outbreak in the city is worse than it was when he announced a ban on indoor dining in December.

As the governor spoke on Friday, citing the ‘current trajectory’ of cases as his reasoning for reopening, average per-capita case counts in New York City were 64% higher than when he announced the ban in December.

Average Covid-19 hospitalizations in the city, while trending downward, were still 60% higher late last week than they were when Mr. Cuomo closed the restaurants.

A member of the governor’s Covid-19 task force said the important metrics are not where the numbers are but where they are headed — and that trends are all headed downward, both across the state and in the city.

Mr. Cuomo suggested test positivity rates for New York City had fallen by 30%, showing a chart depicting a drop, but using data points chosen from daily swings.

The numbers he used were the highest and lowest daily numbers in January to that point, extremes that did not reflect the overall trend. The daily data, shown with a seven-day average to account for daily fluctuations, shows only a 17% drop, not 30%.”

Tweeters commented: “Almost nothing Cuomo has done throughout this pandemic has been based on data or science.”

Seeing Cuomo get dunked by the NYTimes is rather enjoyable.”

When they said trust the science, pretty sure they meant political science.”

Yeah, it’s almost like they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. It’s that damned DeSantis!”

But, but, but what about his Emmy and that amazing book?

FACEBOOK: Last year, somebody put together an oversight board for Facebook and Instagram. According to the website’s FAQ page, “The Oversight Board is a global body of experts that will review Facebook’s most difficult and significant decisions related to content on Facebook and Instagram. It will make binding decisions on that content, which means Facebook must implement them unless doing so could violate the law. The board will also be able to issue policy recommendations.

The board’s independent judgement is critical to its function. Both the board and its administration are funded by an independent trust and supported by an independent company that is separate from Facebook. The board’s structure, responsibilities, purpose and relationship to Facebook are outlined in the Oversight Board Charter. The board acts as a service provider to Facebook. Members of the board do not include current or former employees or contingent workers of the Facebook company.

I’ve never heard of it before. It sounds good in theory, though its website is really odd, being mostly blank white pages. However, it apparently has done one notable thing, which is to order Facebook to remove Facebook’s censoring positive information regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a treatment for COVID-19.

MASKS: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has invoked a power granted to it by the 1944 Public Health Services Act to make it mandatory for travelers and personnel to wear masks that cover both mouth and nose while waiting for, using, and disembarking from any mode of public transportation. The rule includes all forms of public transportation as well as all locations where people gather to board and includes persons who have been vaccinated.

Exemptions only apply to brief periods for eating, drinking, or taking medication, to children younger than two, and to people who are unable to remove a mask without assistance. Supposedly, persons with disabilities that make masks unsafe or impossible are exempt, but so far, the CDC has no issued any guidelines for them to be actually exempt. Operators are instructed to remove anyone who refuses to comply and the CDC reserves the right to impose criminal penalties to violators.

This is all for a disease that is no more deadly than the seasonal flu and that has multiple effective treatments, as well as multiple vaccine options. But yeah, tell us some more how it’s all about “public health.”

MIRACULOUS: On January 20, a gas leak caused an explosion that destroyed four floors of the building next door to the Virgen de la Paloma church in Madrid, Spain. The building provided housing for the parish priests, the parish school, and the Los Nogales nursing home. One young priest died in the explosion.

Although the chapel adjacent to the priest’s residence was demolished, rescuers found the consecrated host and the monstrance intact. Those covers are usually made of glass. It looks to me like it wasn’t even cracked!

SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER: CLICK [4:50] to see Prager University’s video about SPLC – Since 1990, this organization has been publishing an annual list of hate groups, something the Left Stream uses to punish groups so designated. E.g., Amazon doesn’t allow any of these groups to receive funds through its Smile program. More seriously, the list has inspired hate crimes against groups on the list.

And once again, the far left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has proven itself to be more of a hate group than a great many of the groups it chose for its latest list, which was released February 1. As far as SPLC is concerned, if a group holds biblically-based views on marriage, human sexuality, and sanctity of life, it goes on their list … regardless of what actions the group takes to promote those beliefs.

For example, the Ruth Institute has garnered the group bad publicity and unfair bias in the press and elsewhere because SPLC included it. But its founder and president, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, says, “The Ruth Institute is a global, non-profit organization leading an international, interfaith coalition to defend the family and build a civilization of love. If fighting sex abuse, pornography, and divorce makes us a hate group, so be it.”

TEXAS: The private, Catholic University of Dallas is standing strong against a trans activist alumnus who demanded a professor be fired for espousing the Catholic Church’s position on gender identity.

Among other things, the professor stated that the whole Biden administration poses a genuine threat to religious liberty, because it “will try to use the powers of the federal government to FORCE others, by their words and their deeds, including medical expertise and know-how–to participate in these falsehoods, these hormonal and surgical harms–these wrongs.”

In response, UD president Thomas Hibbs, and provost Jonathan Sanford, released a joint letter, upholding religious and academic freedom: “The university is following its existing policies and protocols in this matter, and will not yield to internal or external demands to divert from them. We are not in the business of limiting the speech of our faculty and staff when they speak on personal social media sites. …

If anyone is wondering whether we uphold Catholic teaching, we do. Our Catholic identity and fidelity to its teachings is at the core of our mission.”

XL PIPELINE: Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) along with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and 83 Republicans introduced the Keystone XL Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservation Act.

This legislation authorizes the construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline and declares that a Presidential permit is not required.

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