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ANTIFA/BLM: On Feb. 6, left-wing agitators marched through Washington, D.C., chanting “Burn it down” and “Black lives matter.” They also threatened people eating dinner in restaurants.

CLICK [:55] to see individuals in black bloc fighting with police officers.

CLICK [:08] to see them carrying the red-and-black Antifa flag.

National Police Association spokesperson, retired Sgt. Betsy Smith, says it’s “extremely frustrating to law enforcement” that the media is obsessed with January 6th and white supremacists, while ignoring “the other 99 percent of violent riots that American law enforcement has been dealing with for the past almost year.”

CALIFORNIA: CLICK [3:33] to hear OAN’s report on the effort to get rid of Newsom. With five weeks left to go, the petition to recall is almost there. One America’s Pearson Sharp spoke with organizers who are urging all Californians to get out and sign the petition.

CATHOLIC HISTORY: I did not know this! [1:51]

CHINA FIRST: CLICK [4:30] to see OAN’s report about Joe Biden’s first foreign policy speech, which committed to putting an end to the America first agenda. This is especially so when it comes to China.

IMPEACHMENT: The looming (and unconstitutional) impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump has virtually no chance of success. The Democrat-majority House only needed a simple majority to send the articles to the Senate, but the 50-50 Senate requires at least 67 votes to convict. And any GOP senator who joins Democrats in voting to convict will likely face intense blow back from their constituents and local Republican Party chapters.

MSDNC: MSNBC released a TV promo in which it showcased reporter Mike Memoli fawning over Joe Biden’s coffee-drinking habits and how it felt to win the White House. The liberal news network’s tagline was “This is why you watch.”

NEW YORK: FINALLY! The State Supreme Court has ruled that Republican Claudia Tenney won by 109 votes in the country’s last undecided congressional race for NY-22. We’re in the 23rd, right near the border.

POLITICAL VIOLENCE: CLICK [4:27] to hear OAN’s report on continuing violence by Antifa and BLM, which naturally doesn’t get any attention at all from the political left. Because only right wingers are “dangerous.” Democrats are trying to use the issue to federalize law enforcement, which is an important step toward their One World goal.

PURGING TRUMP: Remember the old days, when Democrats mocked us for being Obama-hating whack jobs? As I recall, once he was gone, we focused on the new administration. Not so the Left.

Chase Bank has just notified the pro-Trump internet company, Covfefe Coffee, that they will no longer process payments.

A company spokesman said the company had been using the payment processor for two years without issue and that the declaration from Chase came completely out of the blue.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Tissue alert! A Florida waitress saved a boy and his sister from an abusive home. Orlando’s police chief said, “We probably would have been talking about a potential homicide investigation if she had not intervened when she did.”

It started when the family of four sat down in Flavaine Carvalho’s area of the restaurant. In fact, they sat in the only table where she could hold up a note that the boy could see without the parents noticing.

Carvalho became suspicious when she noticed bruises and cuts on the 11-year-old boy. When the parents wouldn’t let him order any food, her concern was raised to the level of genuine alarm.

First she wrote, “Are you OK?” on a piece of paper and held it up. The boy shook his head “No.” So she wrote a second note, “Do you need help?” The boy nodded. So Carvalho check with her boss and then dialed 911.

In custody, the boy told detectives that he had been beaten by his stepfather using a wooden broom, hung upside-down from a door frame by his ankles, and strapped to a furniture dolly on Christmas Day as punishment from Santa. His body was covered in bruises in various stages of healing. He also reported being denied food and was 20 lbs underweight.

The mother and stepfather have both been arrested and charged on multiple counts of child abuse. The boy’s 4-year-old sister did not show signs of abuse, but was also taken into the safe custody of the Department of Children and Families.

SEX TRAFFICKING: Former President Donald Trump’s efforts to create an office dedicated to fighting sex trafficking made an “incredible impact” over the last four years. So says the founder of SHAREtogether, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating child sex trafficking.

No former president in the history of this country has used his or her platform to denounce the exploitation of children and then appropriate funding. So we’ve seen an incredible impact over the years, over the last four years, particularly towards the support for law enforcement.

SPENDING: President Biden is reportedly giving up a hike to the federal minimum wage in the “COVID-19 relief bill” on the concern that it might doom the bill’s chances at passage.

But left-wing Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, claims he won’t support the bill without a hike in the minimum wage. If Sanders votes no, Democrats will have to win over the support of Republicans to pass their bill through the Senate.

If passed, Porkulus Two will add another $1.9 trillion to our national debt.

TRANSNATIONAL REPRESSION: A new report explains how the ChiComs are aggressively persecute their unruly citizens anywhere in the world with threats, kidnappings, and assaults. Since 2014, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been involved in at least 214 cases of physical attacks on its nationals abroad, the largest by far compared to other countries.

TRUMP ECONOMY: CLICK [4:44] to hear about the historic good he did for us. The infamous “Trump’s Lies and Deceptions” count gave him one “lie” for every time he said his economy was the best in history. They were the liars.

TWITTER: Twitter suspended suspended conservative radio host Wayne Allyn Root without telling him why or for how long.

Twitter permanently suspended The Gateway Pundit for repeated violations of the platform’s “civic integrity policy,” which states that users may not use the platform “for the purpose of manipulating or interfering in elections or other civic processes.

The actual policy is that no one may use Twitter in any way that may damage Democrats or help Republicans. But that’s okay. It just means that tens of millions of us will NOT be adding to Twitter’s profits.

GRAMMY NOTES: Sometimes I think about what it’s like to be Lil’ Buzz and it breaks my heart. He is so intelligent, but he can’t speak. He can’t ask questions or tell us how he’s feeling or what he thinks about. Thankfully, he has a tablet to help him speak and is using the computer keyboard to write out his own assignments. Next month, he and Bunny start in-person classes part-time. Mama enjoys their home school days, but the hybrid schedule will give her more time to do stuff with Bootz, so it’s all good.

CLICK [1:40] to watch an adorable little boy explain why he doesn’t want to ever get married. It’s hysterical. LOL

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