Six Reasons Every Pastor Should Require Masks and Social Distancing at Church

ONE: You Will Be Fitting in (and Helping Others Fit in Too) – You want visitors to walk into your church and say, “Hey, everyone here behaves just like the rest of the world.” As you lovingly lead your people by requiring them to wear masks, you will be helping others conform to the world.

TWO: You Will Encourage Everyone to Trust the Government – Christians should be innocent as serpents and wise as doves. This is especially true when it comes to government mandates relating to the church. There is no need to question any of their decisions.

THREE: By Binding the Consciences of All Believers, You Will Weed Out Dangerous, Independent Thinkers from Your Church – You will do the good work of separating the wheat from the chaff. Supposed “Christians” who think that individual believers should be able to make up their own minds about wearing a mask or social distancing cause divisions and create obstacles. They are probably also conspiracy theorists.

FOUR: You Will Be Showing Your Support for the Government Mandated Shutdown of Your Congregant’s Businesses – It is far more important that we slow the inevitable spread of the coronavirus than that people can support themselves and their families. If even one person dies because of the coronavirus, we have failed as a nation. But if a someone loses their business, cannot support their family, and turns to drugs, alcohol, and suicide, our hands are clean.

FIVE: You Will Help Christians Understand True Science – Christians used to believe that God created humans with immune systems. Now we know better. By ensuring that everyone covers their face and stays six feet away from one another, you will reinforce the undisputed truth that our bodies were not designed to interact with microbes and develop natural immunity.

SIX: You Will Ensure Unity by Making Everyone Act the Same Way – If some people are worried about getting the virus, then it makes perfect sense to make everyone else wear a mask too. Love means we accept whatever someone else believes. Just remember that “we are all in this together.” As long as everyone is acting in “unity,” nothing else really matters.

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