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BORDER: One CBP facility in Texas is now at 729% capacity as record numbers of unaccompanied children continue to cross into the U.S. Nancy Pelosi refuses to call it a crisis, but is certain that Trump caused it.

Meanwhile, the illegals who began flooding to our southern border after FAUXTUS stole the election credit BIDEN with their decision to migrate.

CALIFORNIA: A Burbank restaurant opened in December in defiance of state and local COVID-19 mandates. Yanking the business’ liquor license didn’t get the owner to close and neither has disconnecting his electricity.

The owner says he’s practicing coronavirus protocols and opposing tyranny. The second link below is a GoFundMe campaign to help him with his legal expenses.

DUCK HUNTING: [:58] – Most hunters use their dogs to flush out and retrieve water birds. This one has also taught his super smart dog how to call them! I watched this video over and over, trying to figure out if the dog was really blowing those calls on command. I also googled “Is Duck Dog Call video real?” and got no hits claiming to debunk it. The big tell is in the dog’s chest, just below his throat. You can see it moving in time with the calls. I’d love to know how this guy taught his dog to do this!

FAUXTUS: CLICK [4:27] to hear an OANN report about FAUXTUS failing to credit President Trump.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: When G.W. Bush was in office, presidential golfing was an insult to our men and women fighting in the Middle East. When B.H. Obama was in office, golfing was the best possible way for a president to relieve the stresses of his big important job.

When Trump was in office, going to Mar-a-Lago was an egregious waste of time. Now that FAUXTUS is in office, spending weekends away from “the gilded cage that is the White House” is wisdom personified.

My favorite tweet response: “Next hard-hitting article will be about Biden’s favorite pie.”

PORKULUS: CLICK [36:18] to hear Ben Shapiro talk about FAUXTUS’ undeserved victory lap, a military officer’s ill considered tweet attack against Tucker Carlson, and Amazon’s promise to ban books that contradict the LGBTQ+ agenda. He includes an appalling ABC ad about Biden finally giving a speech and crap Biden said that was just a bunch of LIES.

POUNCING: The Lame Stream Media routinely reports on Democrat scandals by criticizing Republicans for “pouncing” and “seizing” on the topic for political advantage.

The latest is AP reporting that “Republicans have seized on the [Cuomo] scandal to try to distract from Biden’s success.”

My favorite tweet response: “Correction: The Democrats have seized on the scandal to distract from Cuomo killing 150,000 seniors in nursing homes.”

SIMONE BILES: CLICK [2:10] to see America’s most decorated American gymnast (30 Olympic and World Championship medals) perform the moves that got named after her.

TINY HOUSES: A 2020 tally found there were 66,400 homeless people in Los Angeles County — up more than 12% from the previous year. One new effort to help people get off the streets and into their own housing is temporary housing.

The ones in the picture cost just $7,500 each to build. They are 64-square-feet inside, with four windows, two beds, shelving and an A/C unit. They are inside a fence and have locks on the doors, providing a level of safety and security the homeless can not hope to achieve on the streets. One new resident exclaimed, “Just being able to fall asleep! That’s so hard to do when you’re on the streets.

They also provide shared meals, outdoor space, hygiene (toilets, showers) facilities, and support for charting a path out of homelessness. The goal for residents is to stay a few months and then transition to more permanent housing. Toward that end, counselors provide mental health treatment, plus legal aid and assistance with job searches.

One of its first residents is a 63-year-old who found himself homeless for the first time when the pandemic ground his fledgling construction contracting business to a halt. “I’m using this as a stepping stone,” he said of his tiny house. In the meantime, he appreciates having a solid roof overhead, a place to store his belongings, and a beautiful park across the street.

TRUMP: The fact that Trump’s tweets were the only thing they could ever find to hold against him (despite four years and two impeachments’ worth of trying) is proof positive of what a great president he was!

If FAUXTUS were tweeting utter nonsense, the Left would be ignoring or minimizing or finding some darling excuse for it.

VIOLENCE: “If you go for a surgical abortion, and an arm is suctioned out of your uterus, whose arm is that? Do you still have two arms attached to your torso?

If so, congratulations, you didn’t abort your own body. That arm belongs to another human being who didn’t have any choice about their body being ripped apart.

Stop saying, My body, my choice. You don’t abort your own body and you definitely don’t care about people having choice.” – Laura Klassen

VIRGINIA: Last week, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill into law that forces taxpayers to subsidize the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

VIRUS RESTRICTIONS: It seems like making people miserable, destroying their businesses, and driving them to suicide might be the worst possible way to deal with a pandemic.

California and Connecticut both had very strong statewide restrictions while Florida and South Dakota went with giving citizens the information they needed and trusting them to make good choices.

California and Florida had similar case rates, while Connecticut and South Dakota had similar death rates. If people are going to get sick and die anyway, shouldn’t we be allowed to choose how we live in the meantime?

CLICK [3:30] to see the rescue of Sally.

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