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BULL: Dearest has always had a better sense of direction, been physically stronger and less sensitive to the cold, plus more able to focus on a single project for hours at a time than I have.

I have always been better at remembering where things are stored, been more tolerant of physical discomfort and interruptions, plus more capable of multi-tasking than he has.

These are very common male-female differences.

DEMOCRATS: Just in case you weren’t already 100% sure how awful they are.

ELECTION GRABBING: The Senate held a hearing on elections bill, S.1, the Democrats’ effort to unconstitutionally federalize elections. The Constitution grants to the states the full power to conduct elections as they each see fit.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer [D-NY] accused Republicans of being “afraid of democracy.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell [R-KY] said the bill is based on a bogey man that doesn’t exist. “States are not engaging in trying to suppress voters whatsoever.”

Sen. Ted Cruz [R-TX] said, “This bill has rightly been called the Corrupt Politicians Act because it is designed to keep corrupt politicians in office.

Sen. Bill Hagerty [R-TN] said the bill “is really a power grab by those politicians that are currently in power, that wrote this bill to use their power—even though it’s so thin, a 50-50 Senate—to use their power to fundamentally change the rules of the game so they stay in power permanently.”

Sen. Joe Manchin [D-WV] says he won’t support the bill unless Republicans get on board. Given the 50-50 partisan split, with VFAUTUS’ tie breaking vote, Manchin’s opposition may be crucial.

GUN GRABBING: After every mass shooting, Democrats want to take guns away from all the people who didn’t do it. But they have no problem with abortionists using lethal instruments to murder unborn babies.

HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Senate Democrats approved the nomination of abortion and trans activist Rachel Levine to be Assistant Health Secretary. Senators voted 52-48, with pro-abortion Republicans Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski joining Democrats supporting Levine, who thinks gender-confused minors should be given puberty-blocking hormones and mutilating plastic surgery.

INCREDIBLE: You have to click on the article below to see photos of the first six tiny (400-square-feet) houses that have been built by Icon, an Austin-based startup. The houses are part of a 51-acre development aimed at helping the chronically homeless get off the streets. Icon brought its technology to try and speed up the building process, while simultaneously making it cheaper. The houses are gorgeous!

KARMA: Bandy Lee, a Yale School of Medicine psychiatrist who repeatedly diagnosed Trump as mentally unfit and dangerous (without ever having met him) has apparently been fired by Yale University.

She’s suing Yale for “unlawful termination… due to her exercise of free speech about the dangers of Donald Trump’s presidency.” But diagnosing people from afar is a big no-no in psychiatry. It’s called the APA’s Goldwater Rule, which is the reason Yale stated for her termination.

Her exercises in free speech included publishing a whole book called, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, appearing on television repeatedly, and tweeting her professional opinion that “just about all” of former president Donald Trump’s supporters as suffering from “shared psychosis.”

Funny, isn’t it, that Yale put up with her flagrant abuses of the Goldwater Rule until after FAUXTUS was safely in the office he stole?

KRISTI NOEM: South Dakota’s Republican governor has been taking a beating for sending a bill back to the legislature for tweaking. The Left is mad, because she didn’t veto the bill that was aimed at preventing biological male athletes from competing as females. The Right is mad, because she didn’t sign it.

Brian Darling at PJ Media wrote the best thing I’ve seen about this so far. In his article, he praises Gov. Noem for being a responsible governor, rather than a governor who obsesses about her polls. If you care about the issue, I suggest you read it.

MEDIA HATRED: They should’ve been hoping Trump got re-elected, because now that they don’t have him to spew at any more, their viewership is in the toilet. CNN is down 45% and MSNBC is down 26%.

Viewership is down all around, but Fox News Channel is only off by six percent.

PERSECUTION: Michael Berry is general counsel to the First Liberty Institute (FLI), a Plano, Texas-based public interest law firm. Berry is also an officer in the Marine Corps Reserves.

On March 24th, in his capacity as a civilian lawyer who specializes in First Amendment and religious freedom cases, Berry testified before the House Armed Services Committee about a new Department of Defense (DOD) training manual that labels Catholics and Evangelical Christians as religious extremists, alongside members of the Ku Klux Klan, al-Qaeda, and Hamas.

Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and the Ku Klux Klan use or advocate violence to accomplish their objectives and are therefore rightly classified as extremists. Catholics and Evangelical Christians most assuredly do not. The Left includes them, because they hold fast to millennia-old views on marriage and human sexuality, saying their alleged extremism makes them unfit to serve in the United States military.

POWER GRABBING: While assuring us that there is no such thing as voter fraud and that the 2020 election was pure as the driven snow, Pelosi’s Democrats are trying to overturn the election of Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) who beat her opponent by just six votes.

The Democrats only have a slim seven vote majority in the House. So far, four of them – Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH), Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA), Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) – have said they oppose Pelosi’s move to unseat Miller-Meeks in favor of her Democratic opponent.

PRESSER: Mollie Hemingway described FAUXTUS’ March 25th presser as “easily the most painful presidential press conference I’ve ever seen” with “horrifically bad questions” from the “unspeakably horrific” and “corrupt … partisan media.

CLICK [:53] to hear a question and answer worthy of Little Rocketman and his propagandist press.

If you’re feeling masochistic, here’s the whole thing. [1:02:35]

PRO-ABORTS: Abortion activists dress as genitalia. They sketch pornographic drawings on their signs and shout “I hope you get raped” at female sidewalk counselors. They tell pro-lifers getting an abortion is fun and that they’d like to eat the fetuses because they’re tasty.

RACE-BASED VIOLENCE: The Left is pushing the myth that Asian-Americans are being terrorized by White Supremacists across the country. And, of course, it’s all Trump’s fault. Al Sharpton devoted a whole 10 minutes of his MSNBC show on Sunday to pimping these lies.

The Slime Media is loudly announcing the race of victims, but NOT of the perps when it doesn’t fit their myth. On Friday, a BLACK man brutally beat an Asian man on a New York subway while shouting, “You Asian motherf—er.”

RACISM: Oakland, California, has a program that sends “no-strings-attached” $500 checks to low-income families of color. The program explicitly excludes Caucasians, because white households on average make about three times as much as black households. On average … so TDB for the 10,000 white residents living in poverty in Oakland.

SCOTUS: LEGALITY does not always equal JUSTICE.

WASHINGTON: CLICK [1:08] to see video of Biden’s capital vs. Trump’s capital.

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