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BIG TECH CENSORSHIP: YouTube pulled a video of Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-FL, speaking with medical experts who suggested that children should not be mandated to wear masks.

In the video, Stanford professor Dr. Scott Atlas said: “I think that the masks in schools, there’s no scientific rationale or logic to have children wear masks in schools.

YouTube said it removed the video because it “contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities.”

BLM: The co-founder of the Black Lives Matter social “justice” movement just bought a lovely new home (with a guest house) in L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon, about 15 minutes from Malibu. Public records show it sold for a tad more than $1.4 million.

It seems to me that the American Dream is actually so real and so exceptional that even those who make money off their disdain for her can get rich! It’s too bad for all those black businesses BLM burned down last summer though…” – Joel Abbott

COVID-19: Progs are having trouble explaining away why some of their states (the ones that have kept strict stay-at-home rules in place) are now seeing surges in COVID-19 cases, while many Republicans states (the ones that rushed to reopen) are experiencing sizable drops.

Planet Moron at Not The Bee says, “As anyone with a cognitive ability north that of patio furniture could have told you, shutting people up inside where the virus spreads quickly and easily is a ‘bad’ idea whereas permitting people to move about as is their right, is a ‘good’ idea, particularly for the people least vulnerable to the virus. Anyone paying attention already knew this.

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer did not and does not know this. Her state, which has had the most draconian lockdowns, is having a huge surge in cases. Despite the fact that individuals under the age of 50 account for only 3% of all COVID-19 deaths, Queen Jackboot wants to suspend in-person high school classes, all youth sports and indoor restaurant dining. So more people can stay at home … where the disease is spread most effectively.

HUNTER’S LAPTOP: CLICK [2:28] to see more data proving the laptop did belong to him. His chances of being held to account for anything are slim to none. But eternal judgment awaits.

MASK NAZIS: CLICK [4:16] to see Tucker interview a coach who has been fired to refusing to implement an insane mask policy.

MICHIGAN: We have been told over and over that outside interference of voting machines was impossible, because the machines had no access to the internet.

On Friday, Michigan Constitutional Attorney Matthew Deperno released his much anticipated Michigan Elections Forensics Report detailing how they found modem chips on the voting machines.

The report also details how they found 66,194 ballots cast in just 9 counties by people who were not registered to vote.

But this was “the most secure election in history!So shut up.

MORONS: Upon taking office, FAUXTUS immediately overturned all of President Trump’s successful efforts to convince people not to migrate here illegally.

The ensuing FLOOD of illegals (many reportedly wearing BIDEN t-shirts) has caused the worst immigration crisis seen in 20 years.

On Friday, Reuters reported the FAUX fools in the White House are actually considering sending cash payments to residents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, in a bid to prevent them from making the trek north as the idiots who caused it struggle to cope with it.

Roberta Jacobson, the White House’s southern border coordinator, said, “We’re looking at all of the productive options to address both the economic reasons people may be migrating, as well as the protection and security reasons.”

I’m guessing that NONE of the “productive options”include re-instating anything Donald Trump did that worked. Because that would make too much sense.

NEW MEXICO: On Thursday, Gov. Michelle Grisham [D] signed her second profoundly anti-life law, this time legalize assisted suicide in the state. Barely two months ago, she also signed a pro-abortion law that will keep abortions up to birth legal for years to come and could force doctors and nurses to help abort unborn babies.

RAAACISM: The progs are really working the “public health crisis” angle hard. Earlier this week, they declared that gun were a public health threat. Now it’s racism.

The Nazis used the same angle. First they had a big public health campaign in which they pushed the public health threat of vermin, like cockroaches, and recommending the use of poisons to eliminate them. Then, they began to refer to Jews as vermin and cockroaches.

The Nazi propaganda paper, Der Sturmer, ran contests encouraging German children to write in. One little girl wrote, “People are so bothered by the way we’re treating the Jews. They can’t understand it, because [Jews] are God’s creatures. But cockroaches are also God’s creatures, and we destroy them.

Zyklon B, the gas used to exterminate Jews in Nazi camps, was a variant on a pesticide used to fumigate silos, goods wagons, ships, and mills.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: For the fifth time, the Supreme Court has rejected the Ninth Circuit’s analysis of California’s COVID restrictions on religious exercise. The latest ruling went 5-4 against a California COVID restriction on in-home religious gatherings.

Chief Justice John Roberts joined the three liberal justices’ dissent against the ruling, with Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett in the majority.

STUDENT LOANS: One of the radical Left’s stupid plans is to forgive college loans. But I don’t think we should deprive them of the educational opportunity to repay or suffer the consequences.

CLICK [3:08] to see a Why Minute about this subject. It makes some very good points.

In addition, many commenters on the video asked pertinent questions. For example, can those who didn’t go to college get a big chunk of change to use toward advancing their economic and social status? Can those college grads who saved, worked, got scholarships, went to war, and/or took out loans they paid off get lump sums to apply to our mortgages, car loans, etc.? Can those veterans who didn’t use their entire, rightful GI bill education benefits get the balance due as a lump sum?

UK: Early Friday, Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, passed away peacefully at Windsor Castle, the family’s residence in Berkshire, England. He was 99. The queen is 94.

WYOMING: On Monday, Gov. Mark Gordon [R] has signed a bill requiring residents to present photo ID before voting at a polling place or obtaining an absentee ballot. The bill allows as valid proof driver licenses, U.S. passports, tribal identification, university identification, U.S military identification and Medicare or Medicaid insurance cards.

This is the second state I’ve seen do this since Georgia, with no RAAACISM outcry from the loony left. Does anyone know why Georgia is different?

CLICK [:37] to see a tree get nuked by lightning.


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