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BORDER: At least we haven’t had to listen to her cackle.

CLIMATE: CLICK [:53] to hear a June 2009 speech by then-Sen. John Kerry with the state of the art science on global warming that predicted we would have the first ice free Arctic summer in 2014.

CLICK the link below to read an August 2020 National Geographic article assuring us we will have the first ice free Arctic summer in 2035.

CNN: Oy vey. CLICK [1:37] to hear Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) liken a few hundred unarmed people entering the Capitol Building on January 6th with the persecution of the Hebrew slaves in Egypt 3,500 years ago and the day 353 Japanese aircraft attacked Pearl Harbor, damaging or sinking many of our planes and ships, wounding 1,140 Americans and killing more than 2,300.

January 6 is a day like that. It’s a day that should be remembered in America because our democracy was at stake.

N.b., the former occurred nearly 3,500 years ago, not 200 or 2,000 years ago as Rep. Cohen says. For a Jew to get something so basic wrong does beg the question of why we should listen to his opinion about anything historical.

GENDER: Remember this? “You know, I’ve told my daughters, granddaughters from the time they got old enough to understand what I was saying — and I mean it: There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better. Not a single thing.” – FAUXTUS

Hee hee hee … CLICK [1:12] and hang on to the end.

GHISLAINE MAXWELL: Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn was forced to order Jeffrey Epstein’s bff to clean her filthy jail cell, because apparently, the jailed socialite and heiress is disgusting inside and out.

Besides never cleaning her quarters, she also “frequently did not flush her toilet after using it, which caused the cell to smell.” I can see her maybe waiting for a maid to clean, but not flush? Those toilets are in the cells, right next to the beds. Ewwwww. Maybe the demons that she invited into her heart and soul enjoy the smell of poo in the morning.

HUNTER: If by “qualified” he means “had access to Big Guy” then yeah.

MYPILLOW: Mike Lindell can breathe a big sigh of relief now that David Hogg has tweeted out that he’s way too busy to follow through on his plan to compete him out of the pillow biz. I’m not even gonna try to condense this one. Just go read it for yourself. LOL

NEW YORK: CLICK [2:52] to hear Judge Jeanine talk with Charlie Kirk about New York’s move to hand $15K to illegals who lost their jobs during the COVID shutdown.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: CLICK [1:27] to see the students and staff at an Oklahoma elementary school line the hallways to cheer for their school cafeteria manager who had passed her test to become a U.S. citizen.

REJECT RACISM: Everybody has people who hate them for who they are or how they look or what they have or what they don’t have. Our only salvation is to look to God alone for our value.

SOCIAL MEDIA: YouTube banned a DeSantis panel discussion because it contained Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford medical experts saying children don’t need to wear masks.

TENNESSEE: Gov. Bill Lee signed a bill into law this week that removes concealed carry permit requirements for law-abiding citizens of his state, age 21 and over (18 if member of the military).

VAX: Nearly 40% of Marines have declined the COVID-19 vaccine. Officials say most of the vaccine hesitancy stems from concerns about the speed at which the vaccines were developed and fears over long-term effects.

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  1. The male v female clip was amusing. Pair that with the bottom poster. :O

    The schoolkids cheering the new citizen is so heart-warming (and, may I say, so Oklahoma).

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