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50 YEARS AGO: THIS IS WORTH YOUR TIME! Bishop Sheen saw it coming and now we are living it [24:53] – Louis Antoine Léon de Saint-Just (1767–1794) was a Jacobin leader during the French Revolution who achieved a lasting reputation as the face of the Reign of Terror. He publicly delivered the condemnatory reports that emanated from Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety and defended the use of violence against opponents of the government. He supervised the arrests of some of the most famous figures of the Revolution and saw many of them off to the guillotine. For his unyielding severity, later writers dubbed him the “Angel of Death“.

2A: I saw this comment on FB – “Criminals carry their guns, obtained illegally, without permit. It is just fitting that legally obtained guns are also carried without a permit.

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING: Haidilao Hot Pot restaurants are owned by a Chinese company. The one in Vancouver has confirmed that the home corporation had them install more than 60 surveillance cameras. The restaurant has only 30 tables. Two cameras spy on each table. The manager says they are there to monitor both staff and patrons and that the video is sent back to China for some reason that’s a secret.

CHAUVIN: I haven’t been covering the trial, because (a) we already knew all the above and (b) the outcome will either be a fear- and politics-driven guilty or a riot-inciting not guilty.

ECONOMICS: Southern California Democrats “heroically” make life harder for constituents. After Long Beach City Council passed a local ordinance requiring “hero pay” (+$4/hr) for workers who were employed at pharmacies and retail stores with 300 or more employees, two grocery stores closed. After Los Angeles mandated +$5/hr “hero pay”, three grocery stores closed.

ELECTION INTEGRITY: In December of 2015, Kamran Bajwa met with John Podesta, offering “whatever I can” to help Clinton defeat Donald Trump.

One of the emails Bajwa wrote to Podesta said, “It was a pleasure to meet this past Th in NY. As discussed, I want to do whatever I can by way of sharing ideas, raising funds, recruiting campaign volunteers, and anything else that can help with your campaign. I hope my small efforts to introduce you to a growing group of professionals like myself will be able to boost your important work for Secretary Clinton’s campaign.

At the time, Podesta was chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Bajwa is a partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, an advisor to Dominion Voting.

In October 2014, our government banned the use of federal funds to weaponize three viruses—influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), Dr. Fauci used federal funds to continue this research at a lab in Wuhan, China, which is believed to be the source of the SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.

CLICK [7:28] to hear a Bill Maher rant, “I don’t want politics mixed in with my medical decisions.” IMO, his snarky comments about Trump and right-wingers showed his own left-wing ignorance. But he said a LOT of other stuff that was refreshingly not knee-jerk leftist stupid.

INSTAGRAM: Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon posted the above and now Instagram is threatening to bounce him for posting “harmful false information” and “hate speech or symbols.”

LIBERALS ARE STUPID: The graph is from a national survey, commissioned by Skeptic Mag, that asked respondents: “If you had to guess, how many unarmed Black men were killed by police in 2019?

The blue bars on the graph above show the correct response. Track it across the political spectrum from “Very Liberal” on the far left to “Very Conservative” on the far right.

When asked further for an estimation of what percentage of people killed in 2019 by police officers were Black, the “Very Liberal” guess more than 60%, the “Liberal” guessed 56%. The actual number is 23.4%.

MAXINE: Aren’t we glad that Donald Trump isn’t inciting his deplorable cult followers to violence any more?

Republicans are talking about censuring Maxine, but Speaker Pelosi said Waters does not need to apologize. According to Nancy, Waters was not inciting violence, but merely talking about “confrontation in the manner of the Civil Rights movement.

Funny how that works, isn’t it? Trump tells his supporters to march peacefully and he’s supposedly responsible for inciting a riot. Waters says if Chauvin get off, protesters need to stay in the street, get more active, more confrontational and “make sure they know we mean business” but that’s just a call to peaceful protest.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Don’t CLICK [2:11] lest you subject yourself to a sickening montage of the coverage Slimers have given FAUXTUS. A new MRC survey shows that the media have given Joe Biden 59% positive coverage, compared to 89% negative coverage of Donald Trump.

VIKTOR FRANKL: CLICK [4:33] to hear a lecture by Dr Viktor Frankl, recorded in 1973, that is even more relevant today. [The ET graphic has nothing to do with the talk. It’s just something I saw that made me laugh, so I grabbed a screenshot.]

YES, JESUS LOVES ME! [:41] – So cute!

GRAMMY NOTES: I made a set of microwave bowl cozies for each of our households. Marine Princess asked if I could modify the pattern to fit a pint jar. No sooner said than done! I think this’ll be a big hit on my FB crochet board. 🙂

CLICK [:16] to see an amazing pass! My father would’ve loved this. 🙂


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  1. Here’s an interesting article. I tried to post it to our private group on FB, but the Ministry of Truth had apoplexy, and I’m sick of them slapping “FAKE NEWS!” warnings on my posts, so I gave up.

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  2. red

    Cats vs pit bulls. One daughter gave us a cat that frightened dogs. Then he met Bubba der Shrek, mini dachshund. After a few bouts, they decided on a mutual destruction pact and thereafter defended each other. They even adopted Hans the cowardly German Shepherd.

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  3. Thanks for the Bishop Sheen video. I was afraid it would exceed my atrophied attention span, but he held my attention.

    When he’s not thundering, his delivery reminds me of Mr. Rogers. 🙂

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