May the Fourth Be With You!

ALYSSA MILANO: CLICK [:51] to hear a powerful message to race-baiting Leftits who engage in the bigotry of low expectations.

AMVETS: For 32 years, AmVets, a Congressionally-chartered veterans service organization, has sponsored a Memorial Day event called “Rolling Thunder” that gathers together veterans and their motorcycles for a genuinely thunderous and physical show of advocacy and support. They have traditionally used the Pentagon parking lot as a staging area, but FAUXTUS’ DoD turned down their request for 2021 … but not before wasting months of time during which the group could have been looking for an alternate venue. AmVets says they’re coming to D.C. anyway.

COVID-19: The Left is busy, busy, busy telling us all about India’s Alarming Surge in COVID-19 cases. What they are not telling us is that India’s surge only started after they started vaccinating.

They’re also not telling us how India’s wide use of hydroxychloroquine has stopped the pandemic in its worst, most crowded slums or how one district even put together inexpensive ivermectin kits that doctors could easily prescribe.

They’re not telling us how India’s wide use of these safe, effective, and inexpensive drugs has resulted in India, which has four times the population of the U.S., having less than half of the coronavirus related deaths. In fact, 98 nations have higher coronavirus death rates than India’s puny 130/1 million population)!

But perhaps the most important thing they’re not talking about is the high recovery rate (99% of identified cases) which is automatically adding almost all of the new cases to the herd immunity the pro-vaxxers harp on.

Meanwhile, Tony “Dr. Death” Fauci is recommending that all of India lock itself down. India is a very poor country whose citizens cannot socially distance or work from home. Many live on the edge of starvation, so any economic slow-down is a literal death sentence for, I’d guess, a LOT more than the 1% the virus is killing.

FAUXTUS: [:33] … huh?

GIRAFFES: [10:36] – Two of my favorite things … giraffes and True Facts! … Oh EW, I had no idea they’re tongues were so nasty.

HOME IMPROVEMENTS: Builders sometimes change plans in very unacceptable ways! Pro Tip: Hire a local architect who has a good reputation with the people who enforce zoning/codes etc. Pay him to visit your job site often to ensure that construction is done to plan.

ILLINOIS: [4:39] – Dr. Brook Bellow pleaded with Illinois lawmakers to not repeal the state’s requirement that abortion providers notify a parent, guardian, or other designated representative when a minor girl is scheduled for an abortion. This is worth watching. Also, tissue alert.

KANSAS: In 2013, Kansas passed the law prohibiting “wrongful birth” that some parents inflicted on doctors for allegedly failing to provide information that would have led them to abort their unborn babies. On Friday, the Kansas Supreme Court upheld the law.

LIFE: After walking out on three abortion appointments, this young woman made one more. After that, they told her she’d be past the legal limit. She says she told God, “If you don’t want me to have this abortion then you have to physically stop me because I’m just gonna numb myself out and do it even though I’m totally against it.

As she and her baby’s father headed to that appointment, they took an exit ramp that met the Planned Parenthood parking lot at the bottom. As they drove down the exit of the freeway, the car spun out of control and they ended up on the side of the road with a flat tire.

The baby’s father said he had a new spare tire in the trunk, but when he opened the trunk to get it out, he found that this new tire was completely deflated. She realized God had answered her prayer, so she now has her beautiful son here on Earth with her.

NEW YORK: Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home cover up was even worst than we thought. At the time Gov. Death was busy negotiating with his publisher for his “I’m the hero of ‘Rona” biography, his health officials were not only suppressing the truth about their own statistics, they also quashed a scientific paper that would have reported the true fatality total.

Cuomo insists he did nothing wrong in his handling of nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic and would not resign from his position.

PAUL HARVEY: Policemen [2:09].

PAVING: A Scottish engineer has figured out how to use recycled plastic to replace some of the bitumen in asphalt.

PELOSI: On May 1, the Most Reverend Salvatore J. Cordileone published a lengthy document titled “Before I Formed You In The Womb, I Knew You.” the archbishop examined the implications of high profile Catholics who publicly support abortion. In it, he said to public figures like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, “If you find that you are unwilling or unable to abandon your advocacy for abortion, you should not come forward to receive Holy Communion.

He also said, “I tremble that if I do not forthrightly challenge Catholics under my pastoral care who advocate for abortion, both they and I will have to answer to God for innocent blood.”

The reason this is more notable than other statements of this kind is that Cordileone is Archbishop of Pelosi’s home district of San Francisco.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Päivi Räsänen is a member of parliament in Finland, a former Minister of the Interior, a medical doctor, a grandmother and a strong Christian. She is widely known for defending conservative Christian views and speaking out against abortion and euthanasia.

She is now facing three criminal charges for alleged “hate speech.” She says, “I do not consider myself guilty of threatening, slandering or insulting anyone. My statements were all based on the Bible’s teachings on marriage and sexuality.

If convicted, she could face up to six years in prison.

VAX: The World Health Organization’s European drug monitoring agency has received 19,916 reports of “eye disorders” following injection of a COVID-19 vaccine. These range from minor discomforts to blindness.

YAHOO: “Yahoo” has at least two meanings. One is “hurray.” The other is “a rough, brutal, uncouth character.” I’m guessing the company wanted to evoke the first, but their behavior is leaning far more toward the second.

At this point I trust Joe Rogan over Bill Gates.” – Kevin Sorbo

GRAMMY NOTES: Our forsythia bush is having a splendiferous spring. The blossoms still looking good even after repeated snow falls and torrential rain!

CLICK [:32]. It’s really only about 8 seconds that is repeated over and over. It’ll make your day. LOL


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  1. That toddler getting into the swing is great! Smart kid!

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  2. giraffes and True Facts!

    I’ve been seeing that video in the YooToob sidebar suggestions, but didn’t watch it — until you recommended it. That was one of the most laughs out loud on a True Facts video, so, thanks for that.

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  3. red

    Forsythia! Mom used to bring in branches to bloom at Christmas. We don’t see that bush much, but this time of year palo verde are masses of gold.
    The 4th be with you!

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