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BALTIMORE: Dozens of businesses in Baltimore are staging a tax coup, depositing all of the money they would normally pay to the city in fees and taxes into escrow accounts. They have notified city leaders that they will release the funds when the basic and essential municipal services are restored. These include trash pickup, enforcement of traffic and parking laws, stopping illegal open-air alcohol and drug sales, and empowering police to responsibly do their jobs.

BIO-WEAPON: Did the ChiComs engineer COVID-19 as a bio-weapon? Were Americans involved in covering it up? [5:58] – Rep. Matt Gaetz is trying to get to the bottom of it, which goes a long way toward explaining why the Left is currently trying to destroy his reputation.

RedState has a detailed report (linked below) about this.

BORDER: Last May, LEOs encountered just over 23,000 illegals coming across our southern border. This May, it was more than 180,000.

While smugglers primarily target the Northern Triangle, family units from 52 countries have illegally crossed the southern border so far this year,” U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost told the House Homeland Security Border Security, Facilitation and Operations Subcommittee.

BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS: CLICK [2:54] to hear about this problem that I heard about many years ago. In the report, they say studies into it are only just starting. ::smh::

CLICK [:54] to see a plastic surgeon who is advertising that BII is real.

The article linked below explains how breast implants affect the immune, detoxification, and endocrine systems.

FREE SPEECH: [1:31] – The Loudoun County school board meeting on June 8, 2021 was full of impassioned parents. The board’s chairperson declared a recess so they could “find their decorum”, by which she meant “stop clapping and cheering for this person who is telling us what idiots we are.”

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: Watch this! – CLICK [8:48] to hear Andrew Wilkow explain how Critical Race Theory (CRT) is nothing short of yet another attempt to force Marxism upon this nation through the side entrance.

FAUXTUS: June 11-13, 2021 – This year’s G7 included representatives from the seven biggest economic powers – the UK (Boris Johnson and Queen Elizabeth), United States (FAUXTUS), Canada (Justin Trudeau), France (Emmanuel Macron), Germany (Angela Merkel), Italy (Mario Draghi) and Japan (Yoshihide Suga). Also attending were Ursula von der Leyen for the European Union, which is not part of the G7, plus representatives from India, South Korea and Australia.

CLICK [:42] to see how the big players treated FAUXTUS during the year book photo.

Monica Showalter writes, “Normally, the U.S. president is the main power player, the man sought out by others at such G-7 meetings, the star of the show, a man with a constellation of power players, the ultimate deal-maker. … Watch what they do, and it’s obvious that Joe Biden is a ghost to them.  He’s a man who’s not worth their valuable time, and they’ve left him for the cameras looking like the last kid to be picked for the team.”

PHOTOSHOP: Some talented wag took TIME’s ridiculous cover and made it more reflective of our current reality.

PUSHBACK: Don Surber reports that Lefties are being shown the door. States are banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools and voters are replacing the Lefties who have pushed it into curricula. We need to fight just as hard to stop these anti-God whack jobs from perverting little children with sex education.

TEACHERS and STUDENTS: CLICK [:44] to hear a teacher give it to her school board that decided kindergartners need to learn about anal sex and masturbation.

CLICK [2:31] to hear a teacher give it to his school board that decided kids need to be told there are more than two genders.

CLICK [1:12] to hear a teacher speak before the school board … and get her mike cut off.

CLICK [2:20] to hear a student explain to his school board what the science of masks really tells us.

CLICK [:48] to hear a 14-year-old girl tell her school board their woke policies are harming girls.

WORLD WAR II: [13:01] – Aircraft carrier submarines? Yup.

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