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BIG LIES: Dems can’t ignore the violence their own stupid policies have brought about, so they are turning to their old friend … LYING THEIR FACES OFF.

The president ran and won the most votes of any candidate in history on a platform of boosting funding for law enforcement after Republicans spent decades trying to cut the COPS program.” – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Where it really counts, all four members of the Squad are more pro-police than their Republican critics.” – Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank

BORDER SECURITY: While cutting funding for America, Democrats are proposing spending $870 million to increase border security for Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman.

CLIMATE: It seems that COVID-19 is a totally woke virus, able to discern between Super Spreader Conservative gatherings and Nothing to see here Progressive riots “mostly peaceful gatherings.” But climate … now that is a whole other ball of evil, cuz you see, climate is RAAACIST!!! Who knew? Aren’t we so so glad we have Democrats to explain this hard sciencey stuff to us?!

COMMUNISM: A Catholic survivor of Communism fights back against the fabled threat of White Nationalism. [1:18] – Meanwhile, at CNN,

FACEBOOK: Some Facebook users report receiving disturbing Nazi-like messages on their timelines.

One says, “Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist? We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.” It includes a “GET SUPPORT” button.

The other one says, “[Name], you may have been exposed to harmful extremist content lately. Violent groups try to manipulate your anger and disappointment. You can take action now to protect yourself and others.” It also includes a “GET SUPPORT” button.

FRISCO: The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce commissioned a poll of 500 San Franciscans. Just over 40% of those surveyed said they plan to move out of the city in the next few years, citing crime and poor quality of life.

GOOD GUY WITH GUN: An NBC Bay Area camera crew was in the middle of an interview with Guillermo Cespedes, head of violence protection in Oakland, California, when two robbers tried to hold them up. A scuffle ensued until a security officer with the news crew pulled out his firearm and ordered the robbers to leave.

GULLIBLE: As if we needed more proof of what idiots Leftists are … some enterprising drug dealers are now claiming their cocaine is “sustainably resourced” and the idjits who buy their crap actually BELIEVE them.

It’s called “woke coke.” Totes pc and all the rage, you know? As if the purveyors of a highly illegal and often deadly substance are required to obey any of the government’s labeling laws. ROFL!

OHIO: On Thursday, Gov. DeWine signed a budget bill that contains a conscience protection provision for healthcare providers who do not want to commit abortions, perform transgender surgeries, or engage in other practices that violate their beliefs.

PERVERSION: Kirstie Alley is right. Read the Catholic Vote article if you haven’t eaten recently. I can’t deal with it.

SCIENCE: The Obama administration allowed trannies to pick the gender that appears on their passports. Now the FAUXTUS administration had given us some more of that good ol’ Democrat biology and added an “X” gender marker. They also removed the Obama era requirement to provide a doctor’s note saying they have undergone gender transition.

SEGREGATION: It’s illegal, but that isn’t stopping the critical race jerks from trying to re-institute it. Judicial Watch says it has 111 pages of records from Wellesley Public Schools in Massachusetts showing that between September 1, 2020 and May 17, 2021, it created five distinct spaces for students and staff where they were segregated by race.

SCOTUS: Democrats slandered Arizona’s Voting Rights Act as racist and discriminatory. On Thursday, the Supremes ruled Arizona has every right to ban ballot harvesting and disqualify votes cast in the wrong precinct.

TRANS: CLICK [1:02] to hear how Iowa state legislators of the Democrat persuasion responded to the reading of an amendment to protect females from unfair competition by male trans athletes.

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