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BORDER: Last Wednesday, border agents took into custody 834 unaccompanied children illegally crossing the southern border. 834 unaccompanied children. In ONE day. This is the highest daily total recorded since the FAUXTUS administration started releasing such data in March.

CLEVELAND VOTING MACHINES: The Cleveland Indians decided to honor Chinese President Joe Biden by naming their team after the devices that helped elect him. Since the name change, the baseball team has already won the forthcoming World Series 5.347 games to 2.129 before the season has even started!

CUOMO: Someone seriously actually attempted to organize a rally in support of my skeezy governor. Twenty people attended, all women. I wonder how many of them tweeted #BelieveAllWomen during the Kavanaugh hearings …

NYC: Mayor DeBlasio’s vaccine passport mandate is scheduled to be enforced beginning Sept. 13, but NYC officials are demanding it be canceled. Their letter notes that “coercing anyone into taking any form of treatment violates every principle of medical ethics and informed consent.” In addition, it is unfair to burden small business owners with the task of being vaccination police.

OUTING FOX CORP: CLICK [10:46] to hear Stew Peters interview Ivory Hecker about why she sabotaged her career to get free of her Fox contract after they forced her to report lies about COVID and to ignore election fraud. She’s just started her own platform where she’s going to report the truth. Subscribing costs $4.99 per month.

SAINT OF THE DAY: Today is the anniversary of the dropping of the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. It is also the feast of Our Lady of Nagasaki.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral was at the epicenter of the blast. The building itself was destroyed and the 26 people inside turned to ash. The ruins burned well into the night, yet somehow, the wooden bust of Our Lady survived. It is now known as The Madonna of Nagasaki or the Burnt Virgin.

SUBWAY: Subway doesn’t own any of its nearly 22,000 locations, but it charges franchisees 4.5 percent of their revenue for a national advertising fund and controls how the money is spent. Many store operators — particularly those in red states — want the company to drop Megan Rapinoe. They say they’re tired of apologizing for her.

Ben & Jerry’s franchise owners are in the same boat ever since the far lefties at the top of the corporate totem poll announced that they would no longer allow Ben & Jerry’s to be sold in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Eighteen franchise owners representing 30 stores with a combined total annual revenue of $23 million have asked for the boycott to be rescinded. They say the backlash boycott has imposed substantial financial and personal costs.

TEXAS RUNAWAYS: On Friday, 22 of the Texas Democrats who fled the state rather than do their jobs have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Greg Abbott for causing them “anxiety, discomfort and distress.”

One of their Republican colleagues, Rep. Tom Oliverson, noted that their actions forced him to cancel a family vacation.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who represents Texas’ 2nd congressional district, sarcastically wished them well “as they suffer away from home, in Portugal.”

TRANS: CLICK [1:51] to hear a news report about a trannie confronting a crusty ‘Nam vet about the sign he posted in his shop window. LOL

TRUMP HATE: MSNBC and NBC News legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner told SiriusXM host Dean Obeidallah that Attorney General Merrick Garland should arrest and charge former President Donald Trump to prevent a second insurrection. [2:19] – Well, yeah. Cuz we should totes arrest political opponents to prevent them from maybe some day saying or doing something we won’t like. /sarc

VAX: CLICK [7:12] to see an OANN report about how Democrats and the media are sweeping aside all safety concerns in their rush to get Americans vaccinated at all costs.

CLICK [2:35] to see a montage of what the Democrats were saying about the vaccine while Trump was still in office. Grab a barf bag.

GRAMMY NOTES: Please remember Mama, Lil Scout Buzz, and their (Catholic) Boy Scout troop as they embark on their Big Adventure … a week in Puerto Rico!

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