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AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban terrorist group has taken control of a sixth provincial capital in about as many days in northern Afghanistan amid claims that government forces simply retreated without fighting.

BANKRUPTCY: CLICK [3:24] to hear a Democrat answer Dan Bongino’s question about how big of a national debt will trigger national bankruptcy. Her first answer is, “I have no idea.” Later she says, “We’re well beyond it”, which I happen to believe too. In between, she swears we simply must spend even more trillions of dollars on infrastructure.

BEWARE OF CLICK-BAIT: I first came across this story at Facebook, in a long, drawn out video format, about a terrible, awful, no good Christian school that supposedly took a 9-year-old White girl’s rainbow pants off and sent her home in her t-shirt and panties, because the rainbow is an LGBTQ symbol. This version is set in Boston and the family name is Thomas. The tale smelled like dead fish to me, so I googled and found the same story in one other place.

But I also found the same story repeated at multiple sites, many using the same photos, but in these, the White girl was six instead of nine, the public school was in Florida, and the family name is McCurdy. Here, the excuse the school supposedly gave was that the kid had wet her pants, because the school didn’t allow on-demand potty breaks. And the meanies running the school supposedly had spare panties to put on the kid, but no clean pants or shirts. They apparently also didn’t know how to dial a phone, since any real school would call the parents FIRST. In both the Boston and Florida versions, the focus is on the irate dad storming the school to demand answers.

The only version I could find that looked legit was the one in the YouTube video, which was at least an actual news story. Here the story was set in Asheville, Tennessee, the 6-year-old girl was Black, the irate parent was her mom, and the kid had wet herself twice, thus using up her spare outfit. After the second accident, the substitute teacher put her in a clean dress and clean underwear that she found in a closet. The mother was irate because the dress was too short.

I have trouble understanding why ABC made the original incident a “top story” in the first place. Or why the mother of a kid who routinely pees herself doesn’t send multiple clean outfits as back up. However, it seems clear to me that some click-baiter moved the story to Florida, made the kid White, changed the dress and panties to a long t-shirt and panties, and changed the mom to a burly dad who stormed the school that made his little princess cry. And, then some other click-baiter upped the social justice ante by making the girl older, throwing in some LGBTQ agitprop, and setting it in a Christian school in a famously Catholic city.

BREAKTHROUGH: On July 31, a Carnival cruise ship departed from Galveston, Texas; every guest and every staff member was fully vaccinated. They’ve now got infected people aboard. Hmmm.

DELTA: The usual COVID-19 symptoms include cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath. But the Delta variant may present with sinus congestion, runny nose, sore throat, and/or sneezing. If you get a relatively mild case, you could easily dismiss it as allergies or a mild cold. If I got it, I’d never notice, because I have those symptoms year round from all my allergies!

FLORIDA: In May, Gov. DeSantis barred private businesses from implementing vaccine passport-type systems in the state. But on Sunday, a federal judge ruled that Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings may require passengers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination before boarding one of their ships in a Florida port.

LEBANON: We may be seeing the beginning of the end in this tiny Middle Eastern country which is suffering dire conditions as a result of 400% hyperinflation and massive power outages. More than half the population is likely below the national poverty line already as people fight in supermarkets over increasingly scarce necessities. Murder rates and other crimes are also rapidly rising.

NO ONE TO HEAR: CG Richardson had four abortions. Each time, she believed what the abortion facilities told her – that a preborn baby was just tissue, not a human being. But when she delivered her fourth child into the toilet, intact, she came face-to-face with the truth and had to face the fact that she is responsible for the deaths of four of her children. She wrote the book hoping to convince other women to choose life.

GRAMMY NOTES: The Scouts are on the lovely island! All COVID tests were negative! Yay!


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