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AFGHANISTAN: CLICK [1:31] to see a montage of how wrong this administration got all of it. It boggles me that Psaki can continue to stand up every day and defend this administration.

AMERICAN AIRLINES: American Airlines reportedly turned a flight around so they could kick a mother and her asthmatic 2-year-old off the plane. The kid had an asthma attack in flight and was unable to bear to wear or even have his mother hold a mask to his face when he was struggling so hard to breathe. But yeah … John Kerry.

ARIZONA: The state has filed against Biden with the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona arguing that the mandates violate the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution by “favoring” illegal immigrants, who are exempted from vaccination requirements.

Thirty percent of the illegals being held in federal detention facilities are refusing to be vaccinated. And they have the option to refuse, because FAUXTUS’ mandates don’t apply! More than 18% of migrant families who recently crossed the border tested positive for COVID before being released by Border Patrol. Another 20% of unaccompanied minors tested positive for the virus.

CANADA: Nearly 13,000 airline employees in Canada have banded together to fight mandatory COVID-19 jabs as a condition of employment in the aviation industry. Their website says,

We are a group of professional pilots, flight attendants and other aviation professionals who passionately believe in the right to travel freely. As such, we are ardent defenders of people’s right to explore the world, without the threat of arbitrary limitations, such as vaccination status.

We believe personal autonomy is among the highest aspirations of every human being. For this to be realized, we must avoid unnecessary societal obligations, especially in the context of one’s health.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says people who refuse the vaccine are “endangering others” and he has “no sympathy” for their complaints about discrimination.

The last link below contains resources for Canadians trying to resist vaccine mandates.

CATHOLICS: Some of the worst things Pope Francis have been while he was schmoozing with jerknalists on his plane. And it’s happened again.

CLICK [:20] to hear the pontiff sounding just like our demented president, blaming division solely on anti-vaxxers and smirking* over one of them (Cardinal Burke) having caught the disease. He says he doesn’t understand how anyone can take the anti-vax position, describing the substances as “a little more than distilled water.

Pope Francis called anti-vaxxers “deniers”, which makes his attitude on this topic exactly the same as his attitude on climate change. He says he doesn’t understand climate “deniers” either and likewise indicts us as Bad People. But I heard that he refused to meet with top scientists who have serious problems with the whole climate agenda.

*Schadenfreude is a sin.

DELTA AIRLINES: Thousands of Delta Air Lines employees were pressured into getting the COVID shot after the company declared it was imposing a $200 monthly healthcare surcharge for unvaccinated workers enrolled in the company’s account-based healthcare plan. Roughly 16,000 unvaccinated Delta employees have thus far held out.

To avoid the surcharge, employees must either get the shot or obtain a medical or religious exemption. There do not appear to be any carve-outs for those who have already attained natural immunity to COVID-19. Unvaccinated employees must wear a mask while indoors and submit to weekly COVID testing.

In addition, the airline will only provide COVID pay protection to fully vaccinated individuals who are experiencing a breakthrough infection.

MEDICAL TYRANNY: A hospital in Georgia has flatly refused to honor the requests of two seriously ill patients, their family members, and their doctor to try hydroxychloroquine. The hospital has also refused to release the couple into their daughter’s care, so she can take them to a different hospital that will follow the couple’s wishes. The hospital said the daughter had to be vaccinated before she could take charge of her parents … who are already infected.

An Alabama hospital is refusing to treat a 43-year-old husband and father of two with ivermectin and Vitamin C as requested. He is in the ICU where his condition is steadily worsening.

A Chicago Catholic hospital refused a patient’s request for ivermectin and refused to let her be taken to another facility. She’s dead now.

MILLEY: I haven’t written about this yet partly because it’s confusing to me, but mostly because the COVID tyranny news is so abundant. CLICK [1:54] to hear Trump commenting on it. Below are some links to explain the background.

NATURAL IMMUNITY: WATCH [9:30] to hear Get Real Dan report on FAUXTUS’ tyrannical vaccine mandate that ignores natural immunity. I agree with Dan that it’s all about the money … plus the power.

SWITZERLAND: On September 13, the Swiss government decreed that all those 16 and up must produce a vaccine passport to gain entrance to restaurants, cultural and leisure facilities, and religious ceremonies with more than 50 people present.

Thousands of Swiss nationals took to the streets of Bern in protest, but the move was supported by both the Catholic bishops of Switzerland and the Evangelical Reformed Church of Switzerland who were apparently relieved that they didn’t have to bar people from smaller services.

TEXAS: The Dallas Independent School District is offering students ages 12 and up a $50 gift card if they get vaccinated before November 15. At least they can’t get the shot or the money without their parents involvement, since parents are required to provide proof of vaccination. And while the incentive and reporting are “voluntary,” the information will be used for contact tracing and quarantining.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES: WATCH [11:57] to hear Get Real Dan report on the constitutionality of FAUXTUS’ tyrannical vaccine mandate, people who are suffering from it and their fight for freedom. This is a good report. What they’re doing to active duty military makes my BP soar.

WATCH [6:08] to hear OAN’s report about the legality of the mandates. “Never mind the law, never mind the constitution, we can do this until the courts stop us.” The lawyer says she thinks it’s going to go before SCOTUS within a month or two.

VAX DAMAGE: Some doctors have been predicting that the vaccinated would likely begin showing serious diseases. It looks like it has started.

CLICK [2:12] to hear a doctor report about a disturbing pattern of weakened immune systems in vaccinated individuals. “Since January 1, in the laboratory, I’m seeing a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis.

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