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CUOMO: On Thursday, my disgraced ex-governor was charged with forcible touching, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail. The complaint alleges that Cuomo, 63, “did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim … and onto her intimate body part. Specifically, the victims [sic] left breast for the purposes of degrading and satisfying his sexual desire.

ILLINOIS: Dr. Steve Turley’s Oct 28, 2021 episode “Dems HORRIFIED As ‘TRUMP COUP’ Becomes ‘RUNAWAY TRAIN’!!!” [11:28] – On Friday, six term Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger announced he will not be seeking reelection next year. His final term has been dominated by criticism of Trump; he was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump over his role in the January 6 Capitol breach. So yeah. Probably better he doesn’t try to run again.

LET’S GO BRANDON: As of October 28, four of the top five spots at Apple Music (aka, iTunes) are “Let’s Go Brandon” songs. iTunes is one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world.

MONTANA: Kudos to Gov. Gianforte!

POPE FRANCIS: On Friday, Joe Biden met with the pontiff at the Vatican. FAUXTUS said of their conversation, “We just talked about the fact he was happy that I was a good Catholic and I should keep receiving Communion.”

According to Catholic News Service, “Shortly before [the] meeting, Pope Francis publicly reaffirmed the church’s teaching that the life of ‘every child conceived … is sacred and inviolable.’

I don’t know whether to weep or vomit.

RACISM: CLICK [5:07] if you can stand to listen to a racist spew hatred. On second thought, don’t click. I wouldn’t even post this except she’s a professor at Rutgers! I listened long enough to hear her praise how black and brown people happily co-existed and sailed around the world until “white people showed up being raggedy and violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody.” Wow.

White people are committed to being villains,” she also said. “We gotta take these motherf**kers out, but like, we can’t say that, right?” Oh, I dunno. I think you just did. And I think this is exactly what all the Critical Race Theory curricula are designed to promote as well.

THESE ARE ALL REAL: And predictably lacking in self-awareness.

Excerpt from Slate – “So am I calling on the left to be more mendacious, in order to replace lies with lies? Certainly not; I would never suggest we adopt the ethically suspect tactics of exaggeration and wholesale invention, no matter how effective they might be, and I’m definitely not glancing furtively at Michael Moore and mouthing “Help us” while I say that.

Excerpt from Northern Kentucky Tribune – “In the last year, millions of Americans have come to believe that local and state election officials allowed a presidential election to be stolen, and to suspect that public-health officials and medical experts have ulterior motives in trying to get as many people as possible vaccinated for the deadly coronavirus – despite no real evidence to support either belief.”

TUCKER CARLSON: [9:43] – The Biden administration thinks illegal aliens should be paid big bucks (up to $450,000 per person). More than a thousand reparation claims have already been filed. It sounds nutty, but given the Destroy America agenda of the PTBs who are running things, it makes perfect sense.

GRAMMY NOTES: Not sure why I’m laughing at this graphic. I had to replace a couch AND a carpet AND an expensive art book before I bought my anxious dog a crate. I got slandered for it wayyy back when. Now, crate training is standard. So ha.


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  1. That last one is great. 🙂


  2. Top vid is another good one, chrissy:
    “I remember that I simply loved Yeshua so much!”
    Rumors going around Rome Europe about FJB’s meeting with the alleged Pope. “Is the poop Catholic?”

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve grown up with good and even saintly popes, so this one is coming as a very unpleasant shock. But as Dearest recently reminded me, we’ve had bad popes before.

      Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would protect the deposit of faith and so far, She has done that. One of my convert friends said he read himself into believing Catholic doctrine was true. And one of the clinchers for him were bad popes, because he noticed that, as awful as they were, none of them ever changed doctrine to make his bad behavior okay.

      One might recall that this was the very first thing Henry VIII did when he broke with Rome and founded the Church of England.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Just read the tinyurl … oy vey.