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CLIMATE ACTIVISM: Yeah, so this really happened. An older woman with diabetes and a heart condition went to her local ER, suffering from the effects of a severe heat wave compounded by smoke from local wild fires. Her Medical Doctor, who hates all forms of fossil fuels, diagnosed her as suffering from “climate change.” I guess he missed the part where her real problem was not having a fossil fuel manufactured and fueled air conditioner.

FLORIDA: Must watch video! [1:56] – Last July, Gov. DeSantis signed an executive order prohibiting mask mandates in schools. Proponents of mandated masking took him to court and lost when a federal judge upheld the order on September 15.

Fiona Lashells, the 8-year-old girl in the video, is a student in Palm Beach County. Between September 1, 2021, she has missed 40 days of classroom time for refusing to wear a mask. In addition, her parents received a notice informing them that her excessive absences constituted a 2nd degree misdemeanor. In addition, Fiona’s teacher has been threatening to make her repeat second grade, despite the fact that she has completed every assignment and is doing math at a 4th grade level.

Note that DeSantis’ order has been in effect the entire time the school has been persecuting this brave, articulate child. In addition, because of recalcitrant districts like Palm Beach, the Florida Board of Education voted on October 7 to impose financial penalties for school districts that were still mandating students wear masks.

Recently, Fiona’s story gained national attention that was very embarrassing for the district. This, along with the pressure from the state, is probably why the School District of Palm Beach County has FINALLY dropped its mask mandate. They also announced that the ‘rona vaxxxines will not be mandatory for students or staff.

GRIFTERS: [11:37] – Tucker’s report on the economy is really depressing. Come soon, Jesus!

MAKE A WISH: Abraham Olagbegi, 13, was born with a rare blood disorder and needed a bone marrow transplant. His transplant was successful, but he qualified for Make-A-Wish, an organization that grants wishes to children will serious illnesses. Abraham decided he wanted to use his wish to feed the homeless. Make-A-Wish agreed to help Abraham feed the homeless once a month for one year. After his year ends in August 2022, Abraham plans to turn this effort into a nonprofit, which he’s already named “Abraham’s Table.”

OBAMA: On Monday, BHO gave a speech at the global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, in which he said, “Since we’re in the Emerald Isles here, let me quote the Bard, William Shakespeare.” Uhhhhhh … the Emerald Isle (singular) refers to Ireland, not Scotland. And Shakespeare was from England, which is also not Scotland.

PROJECT VERITAS: Watch Tucker Carlson’s Nov. 11 update. [4:20] – This administration is so corrupt.

RITTENHOUSE: CLICK [9:44] to see Newmax’s Rob Schmitt talk about Kyle’s testimony. Lefties keep talking about what an idiot the kid was to be there. It’s disgusting that they haven’t got any condemnation for the rioters and looters who were there, the Democrat pols who refused to put a stop to the violence, or the three idiots Kyle had to shoot to save his life. Has it crossed any of their minds that he went there to help and that, if he hadn’t been assaulted by three bullies intent on murdering him, he could have maybe saved lives instead of being forced to end them?

Also, “Kenosha officer confirms no unfired rounds were found at the scene This means Gaige Grosskreutz lied when he said Kyle Rittenhouse re-racked the rifle Confirms the only unfired round was found from Grosskreutz’s .40 bullet from his Glock.” – Jack Posobiec

CLICK [12:28] to hear Ben Shapiro’s analysis of the trial and the Leftie media’s coverage of it. I saw Lefties reporting (including Newsweek) and tweeting a photo of the judge reading a magazine about cookies while sitting on the bench. Of course, the comments are about how he isn’t even paying attention to the trial. It’s just more of their typical lies and misdirection. The photo was taken during a break.

VOTER ID: CLICK [4:14] to hear Democrat get humiliated on their racism claims.

GRAMMY NOTES: Kyle Rittenhouse reminds me of a guy I went to high school with. He worked in Search & Rescue, even training his own bloodhound. Later, he became a paramedic and, for a while, owned and operated his own ambulance service. Somewhere in there, he got his pilot’s license and later became a Forest Ranger. He’s retired now, but still puts in time, as he always has, working with the health and safety folks at various races in his area. His wife is a minister. Some years ago, when she was fighting cancer, he worked off his stress by writing a fiction novel. It’s now a series, with the eleventh book due to be released soon. Lefties can call Kyle a loser, but when I look at him, I just see my friend, Hans Erdman, who always wanted more than anything to be a good man who helped people and made the world a better place.


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  1. God bless Fiona Lashells. I expect great things from that girl.

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  2. …Between September 1, 2021, she has missed 40 days of classroom time for refusing to wear a mask.…

    When we were raising our kids in Chicago, later in Oklahoma, we were working from home and able to be full-time parents. We had little support from family or society, and finding helpful materials was not easy. We were kind-of loose and informal in our approach, but they still learned. We taught them, whatever your educational resources, you must mainly be self-educating. (Today our daughter has the website “” – recommended!) For socialization, they had a lot of contact with all ages of folks, especially Milady’s family in Chicago; this really makes a difference vs. mostly just associating with same-age peers.

    Young son-of-my-cousin and his wife, solid Christians, home-schooled their five. They had the advantage of church support and fellow home-schoolers, great home-schooling resources, mom formally teaching class at the kitchen table, and even sports teams. Brilliant kids, eldest just started college.

    We used to think that putting our kids in public schools was a form of child abuse. Never had a reason to think otherwise.

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  3. Sorry for the length!

    Why was only unleavened bread acceptable for sacrifice? There are many biblical answers, but yours already knows the answer. >> Christ is the Bread. He that is risen already cannot be sacrificed. He The Risen Bread.

    Visiting a Messianic church (think I accidentally spelled it Masonic on your comments), The Torah is walked. This was explained well enough. But to touch The Word, to be so close to touching the Body of Christ, the thought occurred *what a wonderful thing it would be if The Crucifix was… oh, wait! Catholics already do this with the Eucharist and more!*

    And: Why did Jesus stay at Temple when the rest of His earthly family went back home? This too was never fully explained to completion: It was His coming-of-age and bar mitzvah. Since this was the exact time, since He is The Passover Lamb, and fulfillment to The Law. Deuteronomy 16:17 Luke 2:41-50 He stayed because The Temple was His home – He Is The Temple.

    We love to read where Jesus told the religious leaders (the S&P and scribes) how that Abraham saw Him in His day “and was glad.” And they were indignant with the “you’re not old enough” And He said, “when he was, I AM.”

    Admission: We haven’t a church that has His Candle to desire unification with the congregation. And we went on the road trying to find a protestant, but the road was being worked on and couldn’t be used and got lost (another story). But! You bring His Light to us.

    So, thank you for building upon His talents wherewith you are endowed. If it wasn’t for Christ leading you, there wouldn’t be the connection to so many of His other children/flock through whom we’ve been blessed. Our house still needs to find the place where His Candle of Illuminating Truth is still burning bright. We know we will get There. It is His place, where you are now and also will be.

    P.S. Regarding the little ones that are offended (you’ve probably seen this) – Candace is a well-spoken talent of God too!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I am very humbled by your comments.

      “He that is risen already cannot be sacrificed.” :-O … that is so brilliantly simple and OBVIOUS yet I never thought or heard it before! Thank you!

      I worked out the calendar of his life using the Gospels and the Star of Bethlehem DVD and realized that, when Jesus stayed behind, He was just weeks from his 13th birthday. IOW, this was His last Passover in Jerusalem, where he could talk with the most highly educated scholars, before he would legally become a man.

      TY for Candace’s rant. It’s perfect for the 11/14 post I was just about to put up! 🙂