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2022: Less than a year into the reign of the Worst Administration Ever, Republican congressional candidates hold the largest nationwide lead over their Democrat counterparts than has been seen in 40 YEARS.

2d AMENDMENT: CLICK [5:34] to hear an excellent defense of our right to own firearms.

ABORTION: Modern technology has produced the miracles that allow babies to survive at ever earlier stages. It’s well past time for the law–and our politicians–to catch up with medical progress.

AUSTRIA: On Sunday, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced that the millions of unvaxxxed Austrians may not leave home and that police officers will be out on the streets carrying out spot-checks. Unvaccinated people are already excluded from entertainment venues, bars, restaurants, and similar venues and businesses. Despite this, approximately one-third of the nation’s population has rejected the jab.

BUILD BACK BETTER: This reminds me of when Mama Buzz was about 4 years old. I told her I didn’t have enough money to buy whatever it was she wanted and she huffily replied, “Well, go to the machine and GET some.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY: CLICK [3:43] to hear a teacher of color talk about how racist the Salinas Union School District in California is. The crap she got was not only racist, but genuinely awful. E.g., makeup that expired 15 years ago, if you can believe it.

HERD IMMUNITY: The CDC says a staggering 146.6 million people have survived COVID-19 and now have natural immunity. It isn’t clear to me if the number of deaths represents those who died while infected or those who died because they were infected, but I suspect it is the former.

LIFE: [2:23] – “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven.”

LOUDOUN COUNTY: Under Virginia law, those seeking to remove elected officials must collect signatures totaling at least 10% of the votes cast in the previous election and file a petition, which then initiates court proceedings where a judge or jury decides if the official is removed. Loudoun County parents have enough signatures. One told the board she doesn’t want them to resign, because it will be more satisfying to see a judge force them out.

MASKS: [3:09] – More hypocrisy from the Left.

MEDICARE: The Biden administration has announced that the Medicare Part B standard monthly premium will rise by nearly $22 to $170.10 in 2022. JUST what we need when everything we need to live is costing more.

SAN FRANCISCO: It won’t be long before the entire middle class has fled ‘Frisco and the über rich forcibly remove all the homeless, demolish everything they don’t like, and put in huge green spaces. Maybe they’ll even build a nice big WALL on the border to control who comes into their pretty little fiefdom.

TENNESSEE: On Friday, Gov. Bill Lee signed a new law that will largely ban COVID-19 vaccine passports and restrict the enforcement of mask mandates across the state.

YOUR BODY, MY CHOICE: CLICK [3:30] to hear Dr. W. Oke tell us how many ways we’re wrong.

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