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AUSTRALIA:If Lockdowns were an Olympic sport, Victoria, Australia would be hard to beat. It’s been described as the most locked-down place in the world under COVID-19. Sadly, it’s also become the location where a once free society now targets civil liberties. A perfect example is Monica Smit, of Reignite Democracy Australia, who served 22 days in jail in solitary confinement after being charged with incitement. Her crime? Organizing a protest against lockdowns.” – Craig Edwards

BANKING NOMINEE: CLICK [4:31] to hear Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) bury Biden’s nominee for Comptroller of the Currency. “I don’t have any questions for you because there’s nothing you can say today to undo what you’ve said for years, including this year.

BOEBERT: CLICK [4:44] to hear Lauren go scorched earth on Democrats with commentary by Ben Shapiro.

DESANTIS: CLICK [4:44] to hear Florida’s awesome governor school libs on our constitutional rights. On Thursday, he signed four bills into law protecting choice and banning mandates … at Brandon Honda in Brandon, Florida. LOL

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Zac Stacy has played for the Jets and the Rams. Now he’s on the run from the law for beating the mother of his child. Now that she and her kids are safe, she has released home surveillance video of the incident. It’s not pretty. CLICK [:31] and [:15].

In August 2020, Christian News Journal published an interview with him in which he is quoted as saying, “I have always been a guy who never really looks at accolades or stats. It has always been about putting my team first, being professional (and giving) glory to God. For any recognition or accolade that I have, He gets all the glory.


FAUXTUS: On Thursday, Creepy Uncle Joe got handsy with a 7-year-old in a way that creeped me out. CLICK [1:00]. Then, he decided he wasn’t going to read the name of the bill he was signing. CLICK [:12].

HYPOCRISY: Pelosi was also seen maskless earlier this month while attending a wedding in San Francisco, where little children are forced to wear masks all day at school.

JUDGE JEANINE: CLICK [4:17] to hear her sound off on the grainy video. She says the prosecutor “shouldn’t be trying DWIs in the local court at night.” LOL

MILITARY: On Friday, the body of a 22-year-old U.S. Army soldier was found dead at his home. The exact cause of D’Andrea’s death is unknown. I hope they at least consider the possibility that the vaxxx might have killed him.

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Not only do they have too many rules, but they also change them at the drop of a hat. And then they impose the new ones retroactively!

RITTENHOUSE: After an MSNBC reporter was caught tailing jurors and trying to photograph them, the judge banned anyone from the network from entering the court building until after the trial is over.

Best comment seen today: “What are the chances that the THREE (3) times you have to fire your gun.. you hit a pedophile, a wife abuser and a convicted felon?! What the hell kinda riot was this?! #acquitkyle”

SKATEBOARD: The irony is rich in this one. On Tuesday, a man died after being hit in the head with a skateboard in an act of self-defense. Witnesses at the Starbucks said the now-dead guy was acting erratically, screaming gibberish, and then assaulted a young man who defended himself with the only weapon he had to hand … his skateboard.

TEXAS: CLICK [:30] to see the brutal ad Gov. Abbott just released. Meanwhile, another state rep has switched from Democrat to Republican. Even worse (by which I mean better), he’s Hispanic.

TRUMP: CLICK [:56] to see an awesome new ad from SAVE AMERICA.

VAXXX: A group of doctors and scientists have filed a lawsuit in response to the FDA’s refusal to honor a FOIA request regarding documents related to the approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. “The FDA’s promise of transparency is, to put it mildly, a pile of illusions,” said their lawyer.

YEMEN: Houthi rebels backed by Iran seized the U.S. Embassy compound in Yemen this week and 25 local embassy employees were taken hostage. As of this report, the majority of the hostages have been released, but some are still being detained by the rebels without explanation. U.S. diplomatic staff abandoned the country in 2015 after Houthi rebels took control of the capital city during Yemen’s ongoing civil war. The last time local rebels invaded one of our compounds, Barack Obama was in office. The time before that, Jimmy Carter was in office. I’m sensing a trend here.



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