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BORDER: CLICK [5:10] to see an excellent report by NewsMax on what Texans are doing to defend our southern border.

CNN: CLICK [:21] to hear John Malone, the top shareholder of Discovery, says he doesn’t think CNN has any actual journalists. Discovery is poised to merge with WarnerMedia, which owns CNN.

COVID-19:For nearly 70 years, Hydroxychloroquine (Chloroquine) has been used successfully in the treatment of Malaria and Ivermectin has been in use as an anti-viral for more than 40 years. Both are FDA approved, relatively inexpensive and quite effective.

They have both been used extensively in places like Africa and India where they have saved countless lives from COVID-19 infection. Still, scientists are mystified and can’t explain how Africa has avoided COVID catastrophe… Give us a break!” – Joe Watkins

FAUXTUS: Creepy Uncle Joe continues to satisfy his pedo-traction by seeking out and getting touchy-feely with children. This one was having none of it and good for her! CLICK [:16].

KENOSHA: CLICK [:06] to hear one reporter speculate why the dreaded riots didn’t occur.

LANCET: “I call on high-level officials and scientists to stop the inappropriate stigmatisation of unvaccinated people, who include our patients, colleagues, and other fellow citizens, and to put extra effort into bringing society together.

MEDIA: CLICK [8:19] to hear Dan Bongino play clips of Bill Maher revealing the awful job the Dem Stream Media has done reporting on COVID-19. It’s pathetic that Maher can know how awful the liberal media is yet not question their take on climate change!

RITTENHOUSE: On Friday, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz talked with Sean Hannity.

Critics and people who support the conviction … heard a case of white supremacists crossing state lines with an AR-15 who had no business being in the place that he went to. He was not chased and had no fear for his life. That’s what CNN told their viewers.

I hope that Rittenhouse sues CNN. … I will share my research about CNN with Rittenhouse and his lawyers. I am suing CNN because they totally distorted and edited a tape of my defense of President Trump. They have a history of distorting facts to present a narrative.”

SAN FRANCISCO: Gang looting is trashing affluent stores in the San Francisco Bay Area. The gangs travel in large groups of vehicles, block roads, take whatever they can, before speeding away, all while wearing black bloc to prevent security cameras from identifying them. In recent days, they’ve hit up a Louis Vuitton store and a Nordstrom store.

WISCONSIN: Dear Lord, We ask your blessings of peace and healing on all those suffering from the horrifying incident that occurred in downtown Waukesha on Sunday evening when a lone subject intentionally drove his SUV through a police barricade and into a crow of people at a parade.

Five are dead and 48 are injured. Two of the injured are children who are in critical condition. The suspect has a long criminal history and has served at least two jail sentences. Earlier this month, he punched his child’s mother in the face and hit her with his car, leaving tire tracks on her pants leg. He was out on a ridiculously low bail and had reportedly been involved in yet another “domestic disturbance” just minutes prior to plowing into the parade.

Police are confident the man acted alone and that this mass murder was not a terrorist incident. The subject has been charged with five counts of first-degree intentional homicide. Maybe this time they’ll keep the a**hole locked up!

GRAMMY NOTES: The Mascots are packed and about to begin another cross country move to a new duty station. They’re swinging by here for a day or two and I can’t wait to see how tall Buzz is. His legs look so long in this picture! I made that floor play pad when he was a baby. It’s thicker than a bed quilt and has extra thick borders to keep toys (and wee babies) from rolling off.

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