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A PLAGUE UPON OUR HOUSE: Dr. Scott Atlas writes about his experiences inside the Trump Administration’s COVID response team. He confirms that, far from being our “top infectious disease expert,” Anthony Fauci is an egotistical dimwit whose main skill lies in navigating the government’s health bureaucracy.

CANCEL CULTURE: A pro-abortion researcher discovered that 42% of post-abortive women suffered from depression at more than double the rate of non-abortive women, both childless and mothers. His study also found higher rates of substance abuse, anxiety, and suicidal behavior in women who had undergone abortions. Four scientific journals refused to publish the study. The researcher said it was extraordinary to be rejected at all. “We normally get accepted the first time.”

CATHOLIC: CLICK [5:41] to dispel the myth that Catholics are sun worshipers. I also want to point out that when the priest in our parish church raises the host, he’s facing west.

FAUXTUS: Satan has a vicious sense of humor, so I’m thinking that when Joe sold his soul, he forgot to say he wanted to be a good president.

GERMANY: The descendants of the Nazis are cracking down. Masks will be required in classrooms. The unvaxxxed will be barred from nonessential stores and cultural and recreational venues. Even the vaxxed are not going to get off scot-free; after nine months, they’ll lose their vaxxxed status unless they get a booster. Meanwhile, a WHO official says there’s no evidence that mass boosters will make any difference.

JUSSIE SMOLLETT: CLICK [3:57] to hear David Harris Jr.’s excellent rants. Stay tuned for the second half of his rant at the end. It’s worth the wait.

While I empathize with Harris’ anger, I must repeat (again) how much I hate the very idea of a “hate crime.” EVERY crime is a hate crime to some degree. Hate crime laws are an insult to our justice system, because they criminalize thoughts and intentions. Crimes are about actions. Thoughts and intentions can come into play during a trial and they certainly should influence sentencing. But they should not be made illegal. Not ever.

MANDATES: On Tuesday, a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction blocking Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for health care workers! The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services immediately announced it was suspending enforcement of the mandate.

OMICRON: The WHO is calling it a “super mild variant” to which NO deaths have been linked. CLICK [7:06] for OAN’s scathing report.

The variant has been detected in 38 countries, including the U.S. where it has been found in 11 states. Over half of the confirmed U.S. cases have been among the vaxxxed.

PFIZER: The FDA has made public the first batch of documents it used to authorize Pfizer’s COVID shots, including a report detailing over 150,000 serious adverse events and more than 1,200 deaths connected to the jabs.

SCOTUS: On Wednesday, Chief Justice John Roberts noted that the 15-week mark, at which abortions are banned in the Mississippi law at issue in Dobbs, is not only “not a dramatic departure from viability,” but also a “standard that the vast majority of other countries have.

Most of the 59 countries in the world that permit elective abortion limit it to before 12 weeks’ gestation, while some go to 15 weeks. Only six countries other than the U.S. allow elective abortion until viability. These include China, North Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, The Netherlands, and Canada.

SHUT IT DOWN: CLICK [:45] to hear an excellent rant from MTG.

VAXXX: A comment on this FB post says, “One of our 2nd grade girls passed 3 days ago in her sleep.” We’re destroying our children’s lives, supposedly to protect them from a virus that poses nearly zero risk. What’s the real agenda?

VIOLENCE: [8:23] – Anti-God Progs are behind the soft-on-crime and defund the police movements. “Ecstatic and howling with glee” … that sounds like a demonic infestation. I recently watched an interview with one of the Catholic Church’s official exorcist. He said he has been incredibly busy lately.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m having so much fun with my free month of SkillShare! This is some of my homework from classes on lettering, cartooning, and drawing caricatures.


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