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BIRD FLU: The highly contagious and lethal H5N1 virus has hit Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin. In 2015, the disease killed millions of chickens. In addition, wild birds are suffering. So far, at least 36 bald eagles have died since February.

BORDER: Since FAUXTUS took office, more than 756,109 illegals have been released into American communities. That’s more than the resident population of Boston.

CALIFORNICATION: For the fifth year in a row, public school enrollment has dropped. For the first time since 2000, the state’s K-12 population has dipped below 6 million, with large urban districts accounting for one-third of the drop. School officials say they can’t account for it. Maybe look in the mirror, people.

CHICOMS: According to Not the Bee, “These government thugs (dubbed “Big Whites”) are beating people with sticks, killing pets, and welding residents inside their homes.

DIVORCE: CLICK [:41] to hear Jordan Peterson say some things I had never heard before.

EASTER MEDITATION: The Romans thought Christians needed an infusion of the first century which, come to think on it, had a lot in common with the twenty-first.

EDUCATION: School Library Journal conducted a survey, asking K-12 librarians and teachers to identify book titles they would like removed from and added to summer reading lists. These are the top ones recommended.

Several of the removes, including the number one – “To Kill a Mockingbird” – deal with racism, but focus on individuals of both races who cross the divide. By contrast, the number one and number two adds – “The New Kid” and “The Hate U Give” – appear to center entirely on how raaaaacist White people are.

Given the other titles on the remove list, I’d be totally unsurprised to find that others among the adds promote hopelessness, victimhood, and socialism. But I frankly can’t deal with looking at any more of them.

ELON MUSK: CLICK [2:58] to hear an update on Musk’s effort to take over and free Twitter from censorship.

LIBS OF TIKTOK: [13:27] – Tucker plays some of the clips which, he says, are worse than you imagined. Twitter has shut it down twice. WaPo has gotten involved and, incredibly, the German intelligence service.

LIFE: Jessica Barnes was in college when she found out she was pregnant. She had anxiety attacks on the way to her first three abortion appointments, by which point she was at the legal limit to get it done. So she told God, “I’m definitely having this abortion, I can’t have this baby. I don’t have the means to take care of it so if you don’t want me to have this abortion then you have to physically stop me because I’m just gonna numb myself out and do it even though I’m totally against it.” As she was driving to the appointment, she got a flat tire. The spare was also flat.

MASKS: [5:33] – A federal judge in Florida has ruled that the federal transportation mask mandate is illegal. Tucker reports on the insane Left’s response.

PENNSYLVANIA: CLICK [2:19] to see “shrieking woke goblins screaming in the faces of black police officers that they are racists [language/migraine warning].” It didn’t end well for one of them and I am SO glad that cop is Black!

S&G: A recent service at Duke Divinity School started out with,

Speaker: Good morning! The Holy and Queer One be with you.

Crowd: And also with you.

Speaker: We want to affirm everyone to be who they truly are to step into the Holy One’s fire that burns away all that says we are not good enough, and refines us by the pentecostal fire to be who exactly The Great Queer One calls us to be.

Everyone: Strange One, Fabulous One, Fluid and Ever-Becoming One, do not allow us to make our ideas of You into an idol.

Speaker: You are as close to us as our own breath, and yet your essence transcends all that we can imagine.

Everyone: You are Mother, Father, and Parent. You are Sister, Brother, and Sibling. You are Drag Queen and Trans Man and Gender Fluid, incapable of limiting your vast expressions of beauty.

This is allegedly one of the top theological seminaries in the nation.

THEM: The 33% who think things are going well are the same 33% who believe that abortion on demand for no reason at all, up until and even after natural birth, at taxpayers’ expense is a civil right.

TRUMP-RUSSIA HOAX: Five associates of Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign are invoking their Fifth Amendment rights and refusing to cooperate in the special counsel’s investigation. Legal scholar Jonathan Turley says Durham is now moving to give immunity to a key witness.

TechnoFog (link below) does a deep dive into the whole thing, if you’re interested.

GRAMMY NOTES: Soooo … yesterday, the power went out for a few hours, then when the sun came up, we saw this. This kind of fluffy winter wonderland thing is delightful at Christmas time. After Easter, not so much!


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  1. The 33% who think things are going well are the same 33% who believe that abortion on demand for no reason at all

    I see that percentage so often. Always reminds me of Rev 12:4 — “And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth….”


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  2. I don’t recognize any of the books in “Suggested titles to add to summer reading lists,” but I’m about 100% certain that they are inferior to the books they’re supposed to replace. By contrast, I have read nearly all of the books in “Suggested titles to remove from summer reading lists,” and some of them are among the greatest works of literature ever written. (I can’t speak for “Lord of the Flies,” which I started but couldn’t get into, or “Hatchet,” which I never started — probably because when my son was little, he had an insatiable appetite for books about wilderness survival, and I read a ridiculous number of them aloud to him, and after a while they got kind of… tedious.)

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I haven’t read all of the removed, but I did Lord of the Flies in school and watched the movie with the girls. And we all read Hatchet which is well done, but like so many of the extreme survival stories I’ve experienced, was a huge let down at the end. I always want these people who have risen to such a great challenge to rise to the next challenge of incorporating what they’ve learned and who they’ve become into the rest of their lives in some heroic and uplifting way.

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