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CINO: FAUXTUS is planning to eliminate conscience protections for medical workers implemented during the Trump administration as soon as the end of April. Joe “Devout Catholic” Biden claims he is personally opposed to abortion, but supports legal abortion, because he supposedly believes the law should not dictate what other people can or can not do. But where health care workers who are personally opposed to abortion are concerned, he apparently believes the law should dictate what they can and can not do.

CRT: [7:42] – Liberal teachers are ignoring legislative bans by changing a few words here and there. The video is about Idaho. Not the Bee has videos showing the same thing happening in Kentucky – “We don’t really let, like, anybody tell us what to do” – and Iowa – “We just have to change our language.”

DISNEY: In 1988, a child actor told his mother that film director Victor Salva had molested him repeatedly. Salva confessed to the sexual abuse and, after he got out of prison, Disney hired him to direct their 1995 film Powder which, thankfully, did not star a minor.

In 2008, Disney hired Brian Peck to work on a children’s series. Peck had recently completed a 16 month sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of molesting a Nickelodeon child actor.

In 2018, Disney fired James Gunn after he posted disgusting sexual tweets about young boys. A few months later, the hypocrites quietly rehired him.

DUCKDUCKGO: DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg said that the search engine downranks spam, but does not rank news lower based on a ‘political agenda.’

EASTER MEDITATION: I wonder if Thomas Jefferson heard something like this at Judgment: “Tom, great work on the Declaration. Now, let’s talk about all that stuff in My Word that you took a razor to …”

KENTUCKY: The Kentucky legislature has successfully enacted HB3, overturning Democrat Gov. Beshear’s veto. The new laws will prohibit abortions performed past 15 weeks, require parental consent for minors’ abortions, prohibit dispensation of abortion pills by mail, and require humane burial or cremation of aborted babies.

Because HB 3 took effect immediately, Kentucky’s two remaining abortion facilities have suspended their abortion operations, rendering Kentucky effectively abortion-free for the time being.

Other measures in HB3 include funding for charter schools, new rules for state welfare programs such as Medicaid and food stamps, a reduction in state income taxes, and an election security package containing several reforms, including a transition to fully paper ballots over the next two years and video surveillance of voting machines and ballot boxes.

LEFTISTS: Proving once again that they have no sense of humor, the author of a satirical tweet was contacted, in all seriousness, by a New York Slime jerknalist. Jared responded, “Hello Victoria, I would love to discuss the incident at your earliest convenience. I was pretty upset about the whole thing. Unfortunately it’s satire that only someone at the NYT would believe. In my time of contemplation, I was wondering how your team deals with the multitude of false stories that you peddle out daily to use as political propaganda and if you could give me advice on how to take my satire to the next level? Best wishes.”

MANDATES: The black line on the graph shows the weekly rate of COVID-19 cases in all the states with mask mandates that week, while the orange line shows the rate in all the states without mandates. The Daily Case Rates graph shows the same lack of mask effectiveness.

MASKS: CLICK [:11] for my favorite online “the mandate is over” video!

Also, “Just landed after a long flight on United, during which a flight attendant announced the mask mandate had been struck down & put up a sign. When we got off, the pilots were smiling. We told them it was wonderful to see their faces again. Majority of passengers were also thrilled.” – Katie Pavlich tweet

PRICELESS: I saw this on FB – The other day I was at the local public park (not a dog park, but dogs are allowed there). We were walking along in a high movement area so I had my dog on a leash. Another dog, off leash, sees us and starts approaching.

My dog needs her space so we start moving away, but the dog got to us before we could leave. My dog was stressing a little so I politely said to the woman, sorry my dog doesn’t want to play and ushered her dog away.

Her dog gets the message and moves on.

Quite good, right? Here comes the juicy part:

As I’m leaving the owner comes to me with a speech more or less like this:

Hey, if your dog is nervous and doesn’t even want to play with other dogs, go somewhere else! Don’t come to the park and ruin other dogs fun.

I heard this and a wave of fury started taking over, but suddenly I think I had a lightbulb moment and switched gears completely.

With the biggest, friendliest smile, I opened my arms as wide as I could and said Ohhhhh! Come here… I want to give you a BIG hug!

With panic in her eyes, she backs up, speechless and quickly starts walking away.

I said “Hey, don’t run, I’m so friendly, come on, I only want to give you a hug! I’m friendly I promise… I just want to Hug You!”

Still speechless and backing away with terror now, I said “Wait, You don’t want my friendly hug?”

She yelled No!

I said “Well neither does my dog! Have a nice day.!!!”

As I walked away, I saw her just standing there, speechless and she was leashing her dog!

SHROUD OF TURIN: In 1988, a sample of the cloth many believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ was cut out for carbon dating. The test returned a result placing the origin of the cloth in the Middle Ages. Skeptics say the test was inaccurate, possibly due to the cloth having been in a fire and/or the section taken having been part of a repair, not the original cloth. Now an Italian scientist has used a new method to examine the fibers that found the cloth is 2,000 years old. He explains the process in the article linked here.

TEXAS: A Houston high school teacher has been fired after the porn he was watching on his laptop showed up on the classroom projector. He has been criminally charged with “display of harmful material to a minor,” a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000.

YOUTUBE: Tucker Carlson interviewed Helena Kerschner about her ftm transition and subsequent detransition experiences. YouTube removed it.

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