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BORDER: On Friday, Arizona state officials announced they will use state funds to build a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

BUILD BACK WORSE: They passed it and of course FAUXTUS will sign it. CLICK [:11] to hear Fancy Nancy celebrate how it will help keep Mother Earth from being angry with us.

END TIMES PROPHECY: In his private revelations from God the Father, Mystic Father Michel Rodrigue has been given the outline of what will take place around 45 days after the Warning [6:10].

OUR LADY OF LICHEN: In 1813, a Polish soldier was gravely injured while fighting far from home. He prayed and asked the Holy Virgin to allow him to live long enough to die in Poland. The Holy Mother appeared to him, wearing a crown, an amaranth (reddish-pink) dress and a gold mantle. She was hugging a white eagle, the symbol of Poland. She comforted the soldier, assured him he would be healed and return safely to Poland. She told him to find a picture of her and place it in a public area for veneration. Soon after he fulfilled this obligation, he died.

In 1850, she appeared in the same form before a farmer who was pasturing his cattle near the area where the picture was hanging on a tree. She called for people to come to conversion, penance, and prayer. She predicted the cholera epidemic that began two years later. She promised, “When hard days will come, those people who will come in front of this picture and will pray and do penance, will not die. Whenever this nation will come to Me and ask for help, I will never leave this nation, and I will protect this nation, and I clasp this nation to My heart like I did with this White Eagle.”

She asked that the little picture the soldier had hung on a tree be moved to a more appropriate place. It was framed and a great basilica now houses it. Whoever prayed in front of this picture received graces and did not become ill or die. Those who were already ill or dying recuperated. The Roman Catholic Church investigated these claims of miraculous healing and, by 1939, had documented around 3,000 of them.

ROY MOORE: A federal jury has found a Democrat super PAC guilty of defaming Roy Moore and awarded the former sheriff and U.S. Senate candidate $8 million in damages. The case is about a 30-second ad that Dems ran nearly 1,000 times on television networks in Alabama during Moore’s 2018 unsuccessful U.S. Senate bid. The ad accused Moore of soliciting sex from young girls, despite the fact that the very source they cite in the ad refuted the claim.

SATANISM: [7:10] – They’ve been doing this stuff in plain sight for years. Read the article.

SYSTEMIC RACISM: [12:00] – Just look at what People Of Color have to put up with in this, the Worst Nation On Earth. /sarc

TRUMP: CLICK [8:17] to hear the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee talk about what they’re doing. The CNN talking head really didn’t like his attitude “but but but” LOL.

If there were atomic secrets, and the FBI was aware of their existence at Mar-a-Lago, why did they wait 18 months for a search warrant? We’re dealing with serial and systemic incompetence or political persecution.” – Matt Vespa

GRAMMY NOTES: While praying a rosary with Dearest, I got this picture in my head about what I could do to prepare for after the Warning. Cuz it’s not just about “Ooh, what’s going to happen to ME?!” It’s also about, “How can I prepare to help shell-shocked new and renewed believers during the six weeks of peace?” What I saw in my mind was a little table at the end of our driveway with a basket of rosaries on top. I talked with Mama Buzz and we went halvsies on bundles of 100 each rosaries and “How to Pray the Rosary” pamphlets. She and the kids packed them into zippy bags and I’m getting my half in a few days.


CLICK – you will need a tissue


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  1. Puppy pic made me smile. Blueberry eyes.

    I was raised in that heretic Episcopal Church, you know, and we didn’t do rosary.

    MiladyJo’s quite familiar with praying the rosary from her Chicago Catholic rearing.

    Commenter elsewhere says the Atlantic is saying that the rosary is now an extremist symbol. They (?) are going after a small business, RUGGED ROSARIES because they sell WWI rosaries (something grabled) and you can buy some of their rosaries in (HORROR) GUN METAL FINISH. I did not go check on this at the Atlantic.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I wrote the Atlantic thing up for today but didn’t really want to give them a click. For all I know, they have a pay wall anyway.

      But thanks for the tip about Rugged Rosaries, which wasn’t at my source. They make manly rosaries … guy colors with stronger than usual construction.

      This is the rosary The Atlantic is agog about: Historical 1916 WWI Service Combat Rosary design
      Very closely resembling the actual antique WWI rosaries
      Slightly larger Our Father beads help to aid in meditative prayer
      Traditional Italian Crucifix in Gunmetal Patina finish
      Gunmetal Patina over brass chain – no tangle – no break
      Heavy Duty Double looped Ring connectors

      “Gunmetal patina” is just a shiny gray finish. It’s very common in jewelry, particularly among Goth and Satanists. So yeah … The Atlantic is stupid. But we knew that!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’ve been looking at Rugged Rosaries. The Atlantic must not have surfed enough, cuz ::gasp:: they have a RATTLESNAKE rosary!! Can you imagine?! How VIOLENT is that!!

      Actually, it’s just wooden beads strung on a color of paracord that is known as rattlesnake.

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