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ANTIFA/BLM: On Thursday night, up to 100 violent anti-cop protesters dressed in black bloc attacked the Mark O. Hatfield US Courthouse in downtown Portland, setting fires and breaking windows again. Droves of federal officers in riot gear responded with less-lethal weapons. One person was arrested.

BEAUTY: A 32-year-old wildlife photographer caught this once-in-a-lifetime shot of a spotted leopard known as Cleopatra and her black panther mate, Saaya. The two have been an item for four years.

Black panthers are leopards or jaguars carrying excess black pigment. In the leopards of Asia and Africa, the coloration is caused by a recessive allele. In the jaguars of the Americas, it is caused by a dominant allele.

DUH: File this under “DUHmocrats Don’t Get This.”

ELECTION FRAUD: Last week, a Michigan judge ruled that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) broke state law when she unilaterally issued rules related to absentee balloting.

This, of course, is EXACTLY what we’ve been saying all along. Funny how a state judge could manage to read the Constitution when SCOTUS couldn’t be bothered to even look at the case!

HATE SPEECH: A new law in Scotland takes the atrocity of criminalizing ideas, speech and even thoughts to a new level. It criminalizes everything from putting up a billboard that somebody finds offensive to clicking SHARE on a tweet to discussing “hateful” ideas in your own home. Penalties range from fines to seven years in prison.

Scottish conservatives are already campaigning on it, promising to repeal it should they win the majority in May. May God make it so.

HITLER: Nazi Germany was Satan’s dress rehearsal for the End Times.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: The release of an audio recording has proven that CNN and The Washington Post lied about what Trump said during his December 23 phone call with the chief investigator of the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

Their original stories claimed that Trump urged Watson to “find the fraud.” He didn’t. Both outlets cited a single, anonymous source for their FAKE NEWS and have apologized … two months after the fact.

MILITARY: The U.S. Army is considering a reversal of its “gender-neutral physical test” after a majority of women failed while approximately 90% of men passed. That right there ought to say everything that needs to be said about letting biologically male athletes compete as equals in women’s sports.

NEWSPEAK: has decided to eliminate the word “slave” from its English language database. In order to “feature language that is more inclusive and reflective of modern-day society”, its Newspeak approved form will now be “enslaved person.”

Mike Huckabee writes, “Thanks to your willingness to eliminate problematic words from your lexicon, you win the Newspeak Prize for MOST WORTHLESS DICTIONARY of 2021.

PARTISAN CATHOLICS: In recent years, many Catholic bishops decried the Trump administration’s response to illegal border crossers, including children.

Somehow, said bishops have ::crickets:: to say about FAUXTUS’ response to an unprecedented spike in such crossings, which can be directly attributed to his and his party’s policies.

The only public statements on immigration since President Biden took office have been to praise his policies.” – CatholicVote President Brian Burch

PELOSI: In a move just dripping with hypocrisy and fraud, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to unseat Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA), and replace her with Rita Hart, the defeated Democratic candidate.

According to the speaker, the Democratic-led House Administration Committee “is following the law” in reviewing the election, which Miller-Meeks won with just six votes.

Riiiiiiiiiiiight … “following the law.” The election results were certified by Iowa state officials. Didn’t they tell us that was THE END ALL AND BE ALL when it came to the presidential election?

PORTLAND: The city’s “Defund the Police” effort has resulted in a 2,000% increase in homicides.

UNACCEPTABLE: At CPAC, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene inaccurately lumped Guam with China, Russia, the Middle East as nations that are not us. Since Guam is a U.S. territory whose residents are U.S. citizens, Congresswoman Greene received local cookies and a history book about the island.

However, “in a totally inappropriate move, Guam Congressman [sic] Michael San Nicolas, who is under an ethics investigation, led a group of Guam National Guard in uniform to Greene’s office to confront her. She wasn’t there at the time, but the visual of military-fatigued National Guard engaging in a political protest directed at a Congressman, in the halls of the Capitol no less, was another sign that the military is losing its bearing in the age of Biden.” – William Jacobson

Not surprisingly, Delegate San Nicolas is a Democrat. Since 2019, he has been under investigation for having engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on his congressional staff, converted campaign funds to personal use, and/or accepted improper or excessive campaign contributions. “Since 2019” … those Democrats really CARE about maintaining the integrity and high moral tone of their party, don’t they?

VACCINE PASSPORT: Powerful nations of the world, including China, the UK, and Canada are discussing plans to require so-called ‘vaccine passports’ as a condition for travel, and possibly to restrict entry to shopping and entertainment venues. Israel has already done it. And here in the United States, Joe Biden has signed a new executive order which could pave the way for such medical discrimination here.

If you object to having the government coerce you into taking a vaccine against your will, sign the petition at the link. If you’re pro-vax, then consider what they might decide to force on you next like, say, a microchip that has all your personal and banking information on it? Then, go sign the petition.

VATICAN: Pope Francis has lost some of Cool Woke Guy points with the Left by affirming, “It is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships, or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside of marriage…as is the case of the unions between persons of the same sex.

The declaration of the unlawfulness of blessings of unions between persons of the same sex is not therefore, and is not intended to be, a form of unjust discrimination, but rather a reminder of the truth of the liturgical rite and of the very nature of the sacramentals, as the Church understands them.”

In other news, Pope Francis disappointed those of us who believe, most sincerely, that the science of catastrophic, man-made climate change is not settled. It’s reported at the fourth URL below in an article I found too depressing to summarize.

Personally, I’m on board with Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, who has a very strong case for his claim that, before man began using fossil fuels, we were heading for extinction of all life, because the globe was nearly out of usable carbon, the basis for all life. By burning and releasing all the stored carbon locked away in fossil fuels, we have saved the planet.

VIRGINIA: In recent years, the school district of Loudoun County has flooded its curricula and policies with racial rhetoric and required all staff to undergo “Equity in the Center” training that promoted a sense of injustice and urgency.

That divisive hatred has spawned a 24-member private Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” that includes school staffers and elected officials. Among their activities has been creating a long list of parents who had objected to, sought to debate, or were even simply neutral about critical race theory.

GRAMMY NOTES: So, our littlest Mascot was born 5 years ago this week. His favorite birthday gift was his Armor of God play set. He knighted Bunny “to fight evil” and she got to use the other sword and a cape I made them a couple of years ago.

Mama Buzz got elected to play all the evil monsters. First, she texted, “I am lying on the floor with both my legs cut off.” Later she updated me with, “I was respawned to play another monster, but now I’m dead again.” LOL


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  1. red

    Ivanka: Oh, because he used to be friends with many democrats…
    Always use their hypocrisy against them.
    One of the first books Hitler destroyed was the Bible.

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  2. “on Pi Day (3/15)”? I regret to nitpick, but, ℿ=3.14. So, either 3/14 or not Pi day.

    Hey, something has changed: When I “Like” a post on the front page, it still doesn’t remember me, but when I “Like” a post in the post-and-comments page, it now remembers me. Progress! (?) 😛

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      OY VEY, GRAMMY HAS HAD A BIG TIME SENIOR MOMENT! Thankfully, it was getting Pi Day wrong, NOT my grandson’s birth day!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Also, nitpick away. You’re my best fact checker and you do a much better job than those “independent” morons on Fakebook LOL.

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  3. I’ve been in Facebook jail for a while because I posted a meme — in 2018! — that made fun of David Hogg, which I guess was a hate crime, albeit a three-year-old hate crime. Today I got another warning from FB for supposedly posting “false information.” This is the “information” that prompted the warning. Can anyone tell me what the false information is? I’m mystified.

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