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BLM: The FBI has arrested Sir Maejor Page (32) for misappropriating $200,000 in donations he solicited through Facebook on behalf of Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta. He founded the group in 2016. The FB page pledged to use donations “for George Floyd” but instead he used the money for his own benefit, purchasing everything from tailored suits to a house.

BORDER: While continuing to blame the “not a border crisis” on Trump, the “We remain committed to transparency” FAUXTUS administration refuses to allow ANY reporters or lawyers (even the ones charged with oversight) into their over-crowded detention facilities.

CLICK [5:33] to see the Project Veritas report of March 22, 2021 about conditions inside a brand new, 185,000 square foot detention facility in Donna, Texas. The facility will not allow non-profit lawyers who conduct oversight of these detention centers to go inside or even see photos of the conditions.

A source from inside the facility told Project Veritas, “These photos were taken within the last few days. There are eight pods with eight cells each in the facility. At any given moment there are an average of 3,000 people in custody here.”

They [illegal immigrants] are separated by age or physical size depending on room. Fifty were COVID positive in these cells over the last few days. There have been multiple sexual assaults, normal assaults and daily medical emergencies.”

A new Project Veritas insider working within the Department of Homeland Security has leaked documents warning that yet another Central American-based caravan is headed to the U.S. border.

CIGNA: One of the nation’s largest health insurance providers has embedded critical race theory into its operation.

Black Lives Matter attire is specifically welcomed in the office and, following the death of George Floyd last May, the company held mandatory town halls, which one employee described as giant white guilt events. Not explicit, but strongly suggested by the employee lesson material, pro-family, anti-abortion, and Christian attire are not.

The company has made it known that white men are not desirable hires. Some employees at Cigna say the internal policy of explicit quotas means positions are left open for inordinate periods of time. Apparently, being “woke” is more important than providing the services customers pay for.

HISTORIC: The first member of my gender to be sworn in to the nation’s highest office will be a woman who was such a terrible candidate that she was forced to drop out of the race for her party’s nomination two full months before the first primary.

INSPIRATION: But all the lies and slander they filled the airwaves with 24/7 for years about Trump … oh wait. Maybe inspiring assassins was the point. Never mind.

NYC: Soooo …. they’re defunding and down-sizing the police force, but the Worst Mayor in the World thinks cops don’t have enough to do?

PEAK STUPID: Democrats claim to “follow the science” … but scientists tell us the COVID-19 virus needs to be inhaled in a concentrated dose. The virus emitted by any pre-symptomatic, contagious roller coaster screamer would be instantly dispersed by the speed of the coaster itself. And then it would be destroyed by the UV rays of the sun.

PROJECT VERITAS: Project Veritas won a major victory against the New York Times this week in a defamation case with potentially wide reach.

In a 16-page decision, New York Supreme Court Justice Charles Wood ruled against the newspaper’s motion to dismiss and found that Project Veritas had shown sufficient evidence that the New York Times might have been motivated by “actual malice” and acted with “reckless disregard” in several articles written by Maggie Astor and Tiffany Hsu.

The decision will allow Project Veritas access to discovery which can be extremely difficult for a news organization.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: On August 8, 1982, a line drive foul ball hits a four year old boy in the head at Fenway. Jim Rice, realizing in a flash that it would take EMTs too long to arrive and cut through the crowd, sprang from the dugout and scooped up the boy. He laid the boy gently on the dugout floor, where the Red Sox medical team began to treat him.

When the boy arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later, doctors said, without a doubt that Jim’s prompt actions saved the boy’s life. Jim returned to the game in a blood-stained uniform. A real badge of courage. After visiting the boy in the hospital, and realizing the family was of modest means, he stopped by the business office and instructed that the bill be sent to him.

GRAMMY: Buzz went on his first Scout outing (an orienteering hike) without a parent along. Blossom’s mom is the troop leader. She and the troopers are wonderful with him.

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  1. “Societal Norms” Checklist: I’m in mostly-fair health, but not really all that “able-bodied,” especially for not fitting that “age” range. Some folks who claim to be Christians have told me I’m not really a “Christian,” and although I’m a classy guy 😀 I don’t think I’m “Upper Class,” exactly. So, am I only semi-privileged?

    And what in the name of Daniel Webster does “leverage your privilege” even mean? How big a lever do I need, and what do I use for a fulcrum?

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