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BIDEN’S AMERICA: CLICK [1:43] to see “This is Biden’s America.”

BORDER: CLICK [5:07] I think Psaki’s job of spewing lie after lie after lie is wearing on her. Her roots show, her face is puffy and she’s got eye circles.

CONVENTION CENTERS: San Diego is kicking homeless citizens out of its Convention Center so they can house some of the thousands of illegal migrant teens flooding across our southern border in the wake of FAUXTUS suspending all of Trump’s successful border control policies. [1:43]

The Dallas Convention Center is also going to be used to house illegal teens. CLICK [5:07] to see OAN’s report.

CAPITOL HILL: Workers spent the weekend removing most of the fencing surrounding the U.S. Capitol, but the Capitol building and Senate offices will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, leader of the House Freedom Caucus, complained, “No constituents can come and see us. No groups or organizations can come and see us. Nobody can sit in the gallery and watch us. They’re not having regular committee hearings. They’re cramming all this stuff through.

CHICOMS: They have long wanted to control the lucrative South China Sea. Under Trump, they didn’t dare push the issue. Two months after FAUXTUS is inaugurated, there are 220 Chinese war ships tooling around in disputed waters.

FAUXTUS APPROVAL: He recently claimed to be the most popular president ever. It’s time he checked out of the White House and into a residential facility.

FISH WRAP OF RECORD: The New York Slime published an article condemning the Babylon Bee for using satire.

MARRIAGE: Cambridge has become the second city in Massachusetts to give relationships involving more than two people the same rights as married couples.

1 Timothy 4:1-3 says that in the end times, they will forbid people to marry. I have often thought that the expansion of the definition of marriage is the slippery slope that will result in this outcome. The more types of relationships that get defined as “marriage”, the less meaning the concept of “marriage” becomes.

MINNEAPOLIS: CLICK [3:30] to hear Michelle Bachmann talk about how the truth was known within days of George Floyd’s death, but was suppressed.

PEAK STUPID: The Washington Post published an article arguing that the current surge of migrants at the border is just the usual “seasonal increase.” The article included the graphic above … which shows that the current surge of migrants at the border is well ABOVE previous years. (2021 is the short blue line.)

POUNCING: You’ve probably heard about the terrible shooting spree in Boulder that left ten people dead. As per usual, Leftists leapt to promote their gun-grabbing hatred of Deplorables.

When news hit that the shooter was an Arab, they followed up with a bunch of tweets about how cops must’ve thought he was White, since they only shot him in the leg instead of killing him, like fershure they would’ve done if he had been Brown or Black! Plus, it’s RAAACIST to mention his race.

REED: We won’t have to primary our congressman after all. He’s resigning after admitting to and apologizing for groping a female lobbyist in a bar in 2017. He says the incident occurred when he was struggling with an alcohol addiction, for which he later received treatment.

REPARATIONS: On Monday, the city council of Evanston (“Most Liberal Town in America”) Illinois approved the first payments in theirs, the first reparations program in the U.S.

Blacks who apply must be able to prove they are descended from Black Africans, must have been residents of Evanston between 1919-1969, or that person’s direct descendant, or have experienced housing discrimination due to the city’s policies or practices after 1969.

SALUTE: Kamala can’t be bothered.

WOKE-ISM: Woke-ism (aka, political correctness, critical race theory, identity politics, intersectionality, and successor ideology) is a far-left phenomenon whereby tyrannical crazy persons attempt to crush out of existence people and things they deem unacceptable. It has cost real people their reputations and their livelihoods, and it is impoverishing our history and our culture.

Most recently, it has been responsible for condemning Mr. Potato Head, Pepe LePew, and Dr. Seuss. But we have been fighting back. In the case of Dr. Seuss, we responded to the tyrannical left by buying a LOT of Dr. Seuss books. In the first week after the controversy erupted, Amazon sold sold 1.2 million Dr. Seuss books, more than four times the number sold the week before.

James Pinkerton writes, “When the left is caught overdoing its wokeness, it attempts, AOC-style, to stymie the criticism by mocking the critics. At such moments, the new party line then becomes, ‘Those silly right-wingers, look what they’re worried about now. Don’t they have anything better to worry about?‘ And the answer is that rightists do have better things to worry about, and yet sometimes, it’s necessary to drop everything and come to the defense of history and tradition.”

“As the late Andrew Breitbart always said, ‘Politics is downstream from culture.’ That is, today’s cultural fight is tomorrow’s political fight.”

WOUNDED HEROES: [1:53] – CLICK [4:46] to see a brief interview with the film maker.

I just ordered this DVD and I’m very excited to see it. I’ve been struggling with PTSD since I was a small child.

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    Back in Facebook jail for “violating community standards”. I referred to the former high priced call girl as a whore, a word frequently seen in the Bible, as Mary Magdalen was. I guess the Holy Word is against their “standards”.