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ALL THEY WANT: Also, bankrupting America so they can help usher in the New World Order.

ANTIFA: CLICK [3:53] to hear Andy Ngo talk about the riots promised if Chauvin isn’t convicted and locked up for life. The riots haven’t abated and they don’t care about justice. ACAB (in the photo above) stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.”

COMMIE CHURCHES: “Tortured for Christ” trailer [1:35] is about Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s experiences in a Russian re-education camp. The full movie is available at several places on-line for free. You can google if you want to watch it. I couldn’t even get through the trailer.

According to Radio Free Asia, the atheistic Chinese Communist Party does the same thing. Christians who have escaped report the government arrests believers and holds them in “transformation” camps, where they are tortured until they renounce Jesus.

COMMIE ZOOS: Visitors to a zoo in southwestern China were left shocked and confused when they saw a golden retriever in the African lion enclosure.

Apparently, this habit of substituting dogs for other animals has happened at other Chinese zoos. Two others substituted dogs for wolves, and when asked, one of the zoos said the wolf was just hiding but dog was better anyway because it was “more active.”

I have zero trouble imagining this, since I saw it myself when I visited Budapest, Hungary, in the summer of 1965. We visited the zoo there. My worst memory of the place was seeing a filthy dog laying listlessly on its side in a tiny cage, not much bigger than an airline crate.

IOWA: On April 2, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a law that, beginning on July 1, will eliminate the requirement for law-abiding Iowans to obtain a permit to purchase a handgun from private, non-licensed sources. Additionally, people will no longer need a permit in order to carry a weapon.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: On March 26, 2021, on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, political analyst Michael Eric Dyson said, “[Republicans] would pass a law to keep Jesus from be — getting a cup of water while he’s dying on the cross.”

Host Joy Reid replied, “Yeah, that is sad but true.”

Aren’t you glad we don’t have Donald Trump sending out mean tweets any more?

MLB: Former President Donald Trump is urging baseball fans to boycott Major League Baseball over its decision to pull this year’s All-Star Game and 2021 Draft out of Georgia over its recently passed election law.

Shortly before announcing the Georgia boycot, Major League Baseball extended and expanded its contract with a Chinese Communist telecommunications giant.

Most ballparks are now allowed to open at 20% capacity. Meanwhile, in Donna, Texas, facilities holding detained illegals are at 1700% capacity.

OUT, NAZI: Embedded at link [2:20] – Six Canadian police officers showed up at an evangelical church during a Passover service, because the church had been reported as being in violation of COVID-19 regulations. Pastor Artur Pawlowski literally drove them out, shouting “Out of this property, you Nazis. Gestapo is not allowed here.”

RANDOM ACTS: The unusual request alerted Gale that something was seriously off. So he removed his Uber and Lyft stickers and took off his wedding ring before responding to the call. By acting like a boyfriend who was expected, this total stranger was able to rescue a very frightened woman from the aggressive advances of a man trying to get her to go in his car with him.

READ WOKE: Cicely Lewis, the 2020 Librarian of the Year, has come out with a new series of books she recommends for all school libraries. They all push the Progressive Left’s Globalist agendas tailored to shape young minds to eagerly swallow all of Satan’s lies.

The lefting of libraries is not new. In recent years, we’ve seen them pushing Drag Queen Story Hours. And as far back as the Dubya administration, the library associations were so anti-Republican that they totally ignored FLOTUS Laura Bush who had been an actual library and had made literacy her special first lady project.

TRANS: CNN published a news story that said, “It’s not possible to know a person’s gender identity at birth, and there is no consensus criteria for assigning sex at birth.” The article also stated that “biological sex” is a “disputed term that refers to the sex as listed on students’ original birth certificates.”

CLICK [12:02] to hear Matt Walsh talk about the Left’s gender theory religion. Parents of minor trans kids do not see their kids as unique human beings, but as political statements and fashion accessories.

VACCINE: My doctor said, “You realize that you’re taking a greater risk of getting flu and that at your age flu is a bigger deal?

I said, “Yes and yes. But I also know that my past experiences with vaccines have been very bad and that getting the shot is 100% guaranteed to expose me to the vaccine, while taking my chances has so far resulted in me never catching flu.”

YOUTUBE: Some guy has been tracking the activity on the official White House channel. According to his records, YouTube has deleted about 2.5 million ‘dislikes’ from the approximately 300 videos posted so far. YouTube has not removed any “likes.”

Meanwhile, YouTube recently announced that it’s testing a new page design that hides the dislike count. Kinda reminds me of when Little Rocketman’s vicious dictator daddy died and the people were forced to appear in public for his funeral, weeping and wailing for the cameras.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m really excited about my latest Grammy project. My girls all love to cook with their kids, but they can’t find real oven mitts for small hands and their little ones struggle to use pot holders safely.

So, I bought a sewing pattern for adult oven mitts and figured out how to modify it for small hands and they turned out great! The real-oven-temp insulation is too thick to use on the outsides, so I only used it on the palm where they will be gripping hot pans. For the back of the hand and wrist, I used a layer of flannel which, with the canvas outside and quilting cotton inside, I think should be enough to avoid burns from brief brushes with hot things.

Then, bonus, I realized the canvas I had gotten for the mitts would be awesome for aprons. I’ve made all my grands aprons, but I have always used quilting cotton. Using canvas for the body of the apron with quilting cotton for the binding-ties works so much better! I already have rave reviews from the first mama who got these red ones. Blue and green apron and mitt sets are coming soon, all chosen to match their kitchen decor. 🙂

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