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CAPITOL ASSAULT: The New York Times has finally confirmed what many political observers had been saying all along about the Capitol riots: It was pre-planned, the Capitol Police knew it was coming, and authorities effectively gave a ‘stand down’ order.

COSMO: I am relieved to know that I don’t get a pass just because I’m female. I intend to OWN my whiteness, because God gave it to me!

DEFUND: And when crime skyrockets, the citizens will demand safety, which will usher in state, then federal, then One World troops. That’s their end game.

DOOM GOBLIN: The BBC commissioned three one-hour-long episodes for a series called Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change The World. They even gave it a prime-time 9 pm slot on BBC’s flagship channel, BBC1. The show tanked, losing 55% of the audience from the previous hour. That’s a lot of people who turned off the tube or changed the channel to avoid watching the grumpy high school drop out preach her one-sided doctrine of doom.

DRESS REHEARSAL: 100 years ago, Satan held a dress rehearsal.

LOANS: It’s also unfair for college educated taxpayers who paid off their loans … which kinda leaves deadbeat former students paying off their own damn loans!

MARRIAGE: CLICK [4:38] to hear Michael Knowles report on a New Yorker who wants to marry his/her own child is suing to overturn laws barring the incestuous practice, calling it a matter of “individual autonomy.” SCOTUS used the “individual autonomy” argument to legalize same sex marriage.

MARXISM: CLICK [1:16] to learn how it’s A-OK for BLM co-founder and self-proclaimed Marxist Patrisse Cullors to spend millions of dollars on four houses. Spoiler: She’s not being a flaming hypocrite; she’s taking care of her family “like Black folks do.”

Best tweet responses: “Please everyone, donate to BLM so Patrisse can have swimming pools put in the backayards of her new homes; her family needs them.”

Joel Osteen couldn’t have said it better.

I want to vomit.

GRAMMY NOTES: [14:13] – I used to do miniatures in a big way. My first project was a Buttercup Cottage kit (one room up, one room down) that Dearest designed and built a greenhouse addition for. We won Honorable Mention in a national contest with it! But, eventually, I ran out of room to display any more houses or room boxes, so I moved on to quilting and jewelry-making. Lately, I’m really into crochet.

Point being … Mama Buzz vicariously enjoyed my hobby for the years it lasted. But now the miniature table is turned and she’s the one building miniatures, while I’m the one vicariously enjoying her hobby. The difference is that my hubby is an architect, so the building of buildings was fascinating to him. Papa Buzz is a gamer. If I remember correctly, he’s really into World of Warcraft Warhammer. He was doing it on-line a lot, then he got her to play with him from a second computer. Then, somebody realized they could switch to table top play AND build all the cool miniatures themselves TOGETHER.

They are having a BALL. Very marriage building! And I am getting such enthusiastic, fun emails and texts from Mama Buzz about miniature topics I can totally relate to. Since I’m not doing miniatures any more, when Dearest went to visit the Buzzers for Easter, he took along all my old landscaping stuff. She followed up with the video above. This guy is fun to watch. One of the commenters said, “I could watch you fill out your tax return.” LOL It’s true. I was sitting here eating breakfast and giggling … thought I’d share.


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  1. I wish I could see your miniatures. I love stuff like that.


  2. A couple of links, in case you hadn’t seen them.
    h/t A♠ Morning Report, Apr 16.

    The Federalist: Federal Government Caught Buying ‘Fresh’ Flesh Of Aborted Babies Who Could Have Survived As Preemies

    Daily Caller: Scientists Have Created Embryos Made Of Both Human And Monkey Cells In Search For Transplant Organs
    “I don’t see this type of research being ethically problematic,” Insoo Hyun, a bioethicist at Case Western Reserve University and Harvard University added. “It’s aimed at lofty humanitarian goals.”


    On the radio I heard that SOMEbody was deciding that the “ethical” limit of killing all laboratory human embryos after two weeks (when the “blob of cells” starts to differentiate into distinct features) should be tossed out.


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