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ALIEN DECEPTION: [:41] – On Thursday, the Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of recent viral footage showing pyramid-shaped unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that stalked the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Russell off the coast of California in July 2019.

I highly HIGHLY recommend the “Alien Intrusion” book and/or DVD. I have them both. They make a compelling argument that ETs are demonic in origin. They cover UFO sightings over time and in every country, impossible things seen on radar and attested to by highly trained observers, what really happened at Roswell, the truth behind alien abductions, and the heresy underlying alien messages.

Personally, I think it is likely that Satan is grooming us for Revelation 16:13,14.

Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.”

BORDER: On March 24, FAUXTUS put VFAUTUS in charge of handling the flood of illegals surging across our southern border. To date, she has neither visited the border nor given a presser on the subject.

CNN: Project Veritas’ “CNN is a Democrat propaganda machine” undercover video includes a section in the network’s technical director talks about how “fear really drives numbers” and “is the thing that keeps you tuned in.”

COVID? Gangbusters with ratings, right? Which is why we [CNN] constantly have the [COVID] death toll on the side, which I have a major problem with, with how we’re tallying how many people die every day.” – Charlie Chester

Sometimes, Chester said, he would be told by his director to pull the death count down only for the head of the network to intervene and tell them to put it back up.

COLLEGE LOANS: The government got involved in home mortgages, the price of houses and, the number of people defaulting sky rocketed, and the government stepped in to “fix” the problem it caused.

The government got involved in student loans, the cost of college and the number of students defaulting sky rocketed, and now the government wants to step in and “fix” the problem it caused.

A survey done in 2019 found that 68 members of Congress have outstanding student loans for themselves of their dependent, with an average debt burden of $37,000. Eight of these members had more than $100,000 in student debt!

How the hell is it fair for them to be voting on making other people pay off their own debts?!

COLLEGE STANDARDS: A British university is telling professors not to impose “correct English” on students as part of the government’s wider aim to “decolonize” curriculum and “reduce the gap between the proportion of white and black students gaining good degrees.”

Well, this depends very much on what you mean by a “good” degree. I’m thinking the grajoowets from this collidge will betray there orijinz wen thay rite thayr rezumays.

MONTY PYTHON: 2019 video [3:48] – “I would like to apologise on behalf on Monty Python for all the many sketches we did making fun of white English people[.] We’re sorry for any distress we may have caused,” tweeted John Cleese recently.

My Medieval History professor was a huge fan of Monty Python, which aired the night before one of our regular classes. He’d start out by saying something that made no sense if you hadn’t seen the show, then watch to see who laughed. LOL

MORE BRITISH HUMOR: CLICK the link to read what a Brit Wit tweeted about each of our 50 states and what, to the best of his knowledge, each is famous for.

RACE: That ridiculous headline is real. (See URL below.) – The Left’s race card has been used and over-used for so long that it wouldn’t even show up inside a pocket of the Emperor’s new clothes.

I can’t wait to see what Cleese has to say about a recent city council meeting in the town of Brighton and Hove in the UK. During said meeting, a representative of Extinction Rebellion submitted a petition demanding the schools stop serving dairy products, because they’re racist.

SEXUAL EXPLOITATION: Dawn Hawkins, CEO of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, hailed Mastercard’s new rules requiring banks ensure pornographic websites are documenting and identifying all persons depicted in adult content as well as those who upload the content.

Mastercard is setting a standard for the entire payment processing industry to curtail weaknesses criminal networks have to date used with impunity,” Hawkins said. “Visa and Discover must follow this example.

VAX: More than a dozen European Union nations have suspended usage of the AstraZeneca shot amid reports of blood clots. Denmark has stopped using the brand for good.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and EU’s European Medicines Agency (EMA) have said the benefits of using the AstraZeneca shot outweigh the negatives.

Riiiight … cuz it makes so much sense to risk having a stroke to get a maybe-not-effective shot to possible spare you from catching a treatable and rarely fatal disease.

Fact Check informs me that Fauci didn’t actually say the words that are inside the quotation marks. Yup. That really makes ALL the difference. NOT.

GRAMMY NOTES: [3:20] – I asked Mama Buzz for an intro to Warhammer. I have no experience with this kind of game, so found the video above most helpful. Lots more at the link below.

CLICK [1:40] to see an awesome gymnastics floor routine!

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