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CATHOLIC: For years, Seton Hall Catholic University has been airing some of the most Satanic music ever played in the United States. The station’s website states that it has “a prime target audience of 12 to 34-year-olds.” The university is located in the same notorious diocese — Newark, New Jersey — that ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick was from, and which is now headed by pro-LGBT Cardinal Joseph Tobin.

CLICK to read about and/or watch John-Henry Westen interview Richard Smaglick about Satanic music his fight to stop Seton Hall from broadcasting it [29:52]. Smaglick says the “suppression machine” in the Newark diocese and Seton Hall University that is denying and ignoring the problem, similar to how they handled the McCarrick scandals.

In June of 2018, Theodore McCarrick was removed from public ministry following credible allegations of repeated sexual misconduct towards children and seminarians. In July, he became the first cardinal to resign from the College of Cardinals because of claims of sexual abuse. He was laicized (i.e., removed from the clergy) in February 2019. In addition, several honors he had been awarded were rescinded.

Smaglick also mentions the “Land O’ Lakes Statement”, which is linked below. In the summer of 1967, a group of Catholic university leaders gathered at a remote retreat in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. At this meeting they drafted and signed the statement, which was a declaration of the independence of Catholic universities from “authority of whatever kind, lay or clerical, external to the academic community itself.”

CLIMATE SUMMIT: Cue the “science” – CLICK [:31] to hear FAUXTUS’ climate envoy say, in all seriousness, that we need to eliminate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide is absolutely essential for the life of the planet. But sure, tell us some more about how you’re going to save us all by eliminating it.

[I KNEW there must be some stupid climate activism thing going on somewhere! My daffodils and forsythia have been getting snowed on all week.]

DADDY’S: [3:12] – Ninety-eight percent of mass shooters are males who lack a father figure in their lives. And people who carry out mass shootings at schools in particular tend to be not only dad-deprived boys, but also suffering from depression and suicidal ideation.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The Democrats currently have the Trifecta – majorities in the House, Senate, and Oval Office. One thing they are in the process of doing the ensure they never lose their power is to declare the District of Columbia, which is heavily Democrat, a state.

The House of Representatives has passed their legislation in a 216–208 party-line vote. It’s likely the same will happen in the Senate and that FAUXTUS will sign it. The declaration of statehood will probably be unconstitutional, which doesn’t concern Democrats at all. They’ll pass it and hope the case doesn’t get to SCOTUS until after they’ve packed 4 more Leftist justices on the court.

As the 51st state, the Dems will get another governor, plus one more seat in the house and two more in the Senate.

EATING THEIR OWN: Biologist Richard Dawkins, the famed author of “The God Delusion,” had his 1996 Humanist of the Year revoked by the American Humanist Association (AHA) this week when he dared to criticize aspects of transgender ideology.

The irony is that Dawkins is arguably the figurehead for the ‘all we need is science’ crowd: those who believe we can have dedication to objective truth outside a moral framework centered around God.

Unfortunately for Dawkins, man is as much a spiritual creature as he is a physical one. By destroying the foundation of traditional religion, men like Dawkins have paved the way for the monstrosity of Wokeism and its subjective reordering of reality.” – Joe Adams at Not the Bee

FIGHTING BACK: “Desecrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” [4:29] – Many parents are strongly opposed to their kids having Critical Race Theory shoved down their throats. Some are pulling their kids out of schools that teach it, while others are banding together to fight its inclusion in their kids’ curricula.

The full text of the Brearley letter is at the third link.

IT’S A CULT: If these folks had their way, all of America would look like this.

KARMA: She’s a bitch [1:48] – The story goes that some dude went to a party, got drunk, got into an argument with a guest and was asked to leave. He apparently decided to have the last word in the argument by slashing the tires of the guy who had offended him. Being drunk and angry is a bad combo; being drunk and angry with a knife is even worse. The idiot cut off his own finger, then was too drunk and upset to think to take it with him to the hospital where they possibly could have reattached it.

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: CLICK [:19] to see newly released footage of the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant that puts a massive dent in the “racist cop just wanted to murder a black girl” narrative.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar’s coverage was typical. She referred to Bryant’s intended victim as “the girl who was close to Ma’Khia when she was shot.

REALITY CHECK: She was “the girl whose life was saved by the quick action of a brave Law Enforcement Officer.

PYRAMID OF HATE: Philadelphia schools have adopted a racist curriculum. For one lesson, teachers are instructed to tell children as young as four years old that “our society” is built on “biased attitudes,” “systemic discrimination,” and “bias-motivated violence,” which can lead to “genocide.”

Meanwhile, in some schools, 87% of students fail to achieve basic literacy. This is all part of the plan to make America ungovernable through poverty and hatred.

CLICK [:15] to see a cat’s reaction to “Erin” declare she/her preferences in pronouns. LOL!!

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