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BEHIND THE BLACK MASK: CLICK [5:50] to hear Real America Dan talk with the former ANTIFA activist who authored the book, Behind The Black Mask: My Time As An Antifa Activist.

BLACK ON BLACK: Brittany Hughes tells about two 13-year-old Black girls the race baiters didn’t care about. One of them is dead; the other is charged with murder. The weapon was a knife.

BRACING FOR FAILURE: “There is an upside to the media’s extreme closeness to Democrats. They can tell us how Democrat insiders really feel about their chances to pass legislation. On Thursday, Politico signaled that not one, not two, but THREE major bills were doomed to fail in Congress.”

The three are H.R. 1 bill for federalizing elections, FAUXTUS’ “infrastructure” package, and making the District of Columbia a state.

Dear Lord, make it so. Amen.

CATHOLIC: Q. Why do Catholics display Jesus on the cross, when we know he is Risen?

A. Because we must never forget that Jesus suffered and died to pay the price for our sins. The crucifix also reminds us that Jesus never promised his followers an easy life (Mt. 16:24), but that if we join our sufferings to His, we too we ultimately triumph as He did.

CLIMATE: CLICK [:26] to see video of a bunch of climate cultists marching to the White House with pink wheelbarrows full of manure, chanting, “No more climate bullsh*t”, and singing, “Time is running out.” There was also drumming.

The barrows from which they dumped cow crap onto a public street and left for someone else to clean up are labeled things like CARE, LIFE, and LOVE.

COVID-19: There is yet another successful treatment for the coronavirus that the Left has demonized in its on-going effort to continue the human devastation caused by lockdowns, masking, untested vaccines and most particularly fear.

This one is called budesonide and it was recognized very early in the pandemic for its effectiveness as an early treatment for COVID-19.

Budesonide is an inexpensive corticosteroid commonly used in the long-term management of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This drug is so safe that it has been used for decades on our most fragile, from the elderly in nursing homes to two-pound preemies babies in the NICU.

Researchers at Oxford found that early treatment of COVID-19 with budesonide significantly reduced the need for urgent care and hospitalization. They also recovered more quickly.

When questioned about why he wasn’t promoting budesonide, Dr. Fauci sneered and said it was just having a placebo effect in some people, “but in reality … it doesn’t have any effect.

ENVIRONMENT: Progs don’t give a crap about pollution or jobs. They only want to accrue wealth and power.

FAUCI: Excerpts from the opinion piece linked below – “Other than working his way up the ranks of a government bureaucracy, and using crafty political maneuvers to build his personal status in Washington, D.C. and around the world, it’s unclear what exactly Fauci has accomplished to deserve the label of the nation’sforemost infectious diseases expert.’

With all of that time in front of a camera, it might make some wonder if the celebrity bureaucrat has time to actually follow the latest data and statistics on the pandemic. Given his routine blunders, his lack of transparency, and his advocacy for continued shut downs (there are now over 50 published scientific studies that show lockdowns don’t work), it’s safe to say that the NIAID director is either ignorant and clueless and/or purposely advocating for measures that do not work to ‘stop the spread.'”

Also CLICK [10:08] to hear Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a leading public health policy expert, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research, talk about the epic failure of lockdowns and the politicization of public health policy.

MARK ROBINSON: CLICK [4:53] to hear North Carolina’s first black lieutenant governor shred Democrat lies and woke nonsense.

MARX: In addition to private property, Karl wanted to abolish …

The Family – “On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain.

Personal Freedom – “The abolition of bourgeois individuality, bourgeois independence, and bourgeois freedom is undoubtedly aimed at.

Eternal Truths – “There are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc., that are common to all states of society. But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality.”

Nations – “The working men have no country. We cannot take from them what they have not got.

The Past – “In bourgeois society, the past dominates the present; in Communist society, the present dominates the past.”

MOM POWER: CLICK [2:05] to hear an impassioned plea to end the mask mandate for children.

RACISM: CLICK…what-he-said.html [5:36] to hear Dan Get Real about the Left’s non-stop lie about “systemic racism.” The clip he plays is good. My mouth got all dried out listening to a white woman shouting at a white cop who has a black wife and biracial kids about how HE is racist, because HE is white. And what about her? Why isn’t she going, “I’m white, so I’m a racist, so I need to shut up now”?

THOMAS: In his concurring opinion in the case of Jones v. Mississippi, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas pointed out the court’s double standards with regard to the maturity of minors, which he says, “ebbs and flows depending on the issue.”

In the case, the justices upheld a decision to give life without parole to a minor who was found guilty of murder. “The Court’s language in this line of precedents is notable,”Thomas wrote. “When addressing juvenile murderers, this Court has stated that ‘children are different’ and that courts must consider ‘a child’s lesser culpability.’

On the issue of abortion, however, Thomas said the court has made the opposite determination for children. Thomas wrote, “… when assessing the Court-created right of an individual of the same age to seek an abortion, Members of this Court take pains to emphasize a ‘young woman’s’ right to choose.”

UKRAINE: Russia has been building up its military presence on its border with Ukraine. There are now more than 100,000 troops there.

VACCINE: The supply of coronavirus vaccine doses in the United States overall outpaces demand, but in some places, there is so little interest in the shots, they need to turn down shipments.

It is kind of stalling. Some people just don’t want it,” said Stacey Hileman, a nurse with the health department in rural Kansas’ Decatur County, where less than a third of the county’s 2,900 residents have received at least one vaccine dose.

VIRGINIA: Karl Marx sought to eliminate talent, by force if necessary. Equality must be achieved above all things.

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is doing their bit in the grand struggle by eliminating all accelerated math options 11th grade, effectively keeping higher-achieving students from advancing as they usually would in the school system.

All 6th graders will take Foundational Concepts 6. All 7th graders will take Foundational Concepts 7. All 10th graders will take Essential Concepts 10. Only in 11th and 12th grade is there any opportunity for choice in higher math courses.” – Loudoun County school board member


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  1. That was quite a hearty report for a Saturday morning. So much info!
    BTW, I just tested a Rumble video on WP and it handled the video just as with YooToob’s. Click the Embed button below the video, copy the EMBED IFRAME URL, which should look something like this:
    and just paste that on a line in your WP post. (I tested using the “classic” interface, so YMMV in other modes.)
    AGW cultists: ““No more climate bullsh*t”” — I agree with this statement, although how I take it is not how they mean it. What is it about the Regressives and their preoccupation with excrement?
    Budesonide — new to me. Thanks for this.
    Karl wanted to abolish… — You’re probably familiar with the Communist goals list, as read into the Congressional Record in 1963? It’s like the guidebook, the checklist, for everything the Regressives try to do.
    15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Rumble embed … Ooh, I hope it works for me!!

      Excrement … Did you ever see The Green Mile? One of the convicts struck me as deeply demonized. Everything out of his mouth was scatological.

      Budesonide – by my count that makes three, well-tested, inexpensive, effective treatments that Fauci et al. are NOT recommending. Their fate will be horrific in Hell.

      Congr Record … Whoa, that’s great info. I’ll be highlighting it soon! THANKS.

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