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ARIZONA AUDIT: [2:28] – What the colors mean and how far sleazy Dems have gone to prevent a fair count.

CHELSEA: It is difficult to imagine anyone being so smug and conceited in her ignorance as to sneeringly counsel an archbishop to read his Bible. (BTW, the correct term of address for an archbishop is “Archbishop,” not “Father.”)

COVID-19: Click the link below for a very thorough, science-based discussion of the origin of the virus that shut down the world. The author presents substantial evidence that the virus was created in and leaked from the Wuhan lab, which was funded by the NIH under the leadership of Dr. Fauci.

DOMINION: [1:08] – Wow … Maricopa County ceded control of their election to this private company, which is now refusing to turn over Admin access to the auditors!

Gee … what a coinkidink that Dominion has close ties to Democrats /sarc.

FAUCI: Fauci thinks everyone, vaccinated or not, should be required to wear masks 24/7. This includes children playing out of doors at playgrounds or at summer camp.

Research shows that the coronavirus is rarely transmitted out of doors and/or via children. It also shows that the majority of vaccinated individuals appear to be immune to the disease.

And common sense would seem to dictate that kids should NOT be running around in the heat of summer wearing MASKS. But common sense has no hold on Dr. Death. He’s too busy pushing us toward a One World Government.

FEC: On Thursday, the Federal Election Commission announced it is dropping its investigation into claims made by Stormy Daniels (porn star) against President Trump.

Daniels (who takes her clothes off for a living) was represented by ex-attorney Michael Avenatti (convicted felon). Her claim against Trump also involved ex-attorney Michael Cohen (convicted felon).

Trump announced the decision saying, “Between two sleazebag lawyers, Michael Avenatti and Michael Cohen, we were all able to witness law and justice in our Country at its lowest!

FLORIDA: On Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a Republican-backed election integrity law that places restrictions on ballot drop boxes and mail-in ballots. DeSantis said it would place Florida ahead of other states in preventing voter fraud.

HYPOCRISY: Bishop Robert McElroy of the Diocese of San Diego thinks “the proposal to exclude pro-choice Catholic political leaders from the Eucharist is the wrong step. …

Their logic is that abortion and euthanasia are particularly grave evils … and they involve threats to human life. But why hasn’t racism been included in the call for eucharistic sanctions against political leaders?

I dunno … maybe because none of them are advocating for laws that would making racially motivated murders legal?

I’ve heard of so-called Catholic leaders applying this kind of non-logic as an excuse to deny parishioners permission to start a pro-life ministry.

E.g., “What about capital punishment? Are you going to do anything about that? No? Oh, well, then, you’re a hypocrite, so no you can’t start a pro-life ministry here.

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: CLICK [4:21] dishing on Congress. “A lot of them are losers.”

MIND GAME: [:43] – This short video demonstrates how effectively our minds interpret partial images.

OBAMA’S THIRD TERM: CLICK or not [3:55] to hear Jenn Psaki claims to know nothing about how little Slow Joe actually does. Then, oh surprise, she blows off a question about how Fauci’s NIH used U.S. tax dollars to fund the Wuhan lab.

PADDLING: The principal in the now-famous video has been cleared of charges. The Florida State Attorney’s Office found that using a paddle to spank a child does not cause “great bodily harm,” or amount to child abuse.

A parent has a right to use corporal punishment to discipline their children, and similarly has the right to consent that others do so on their behalf.

Parents may have the right (in some states), but I have a problem with the “I don’t like what you did and I’m bigger than you are, so I am going to hit you” message that corporal punishment sends.

POLITIFACT: Perfectly partisan “fact” checking.

RANDOM ACTS: After a hiker sent the picture above to a friend, he went missing. With just the photo to go on to locate the man, local LEOs posted the photo on-line and asked if anyone could tell them where it had been taken.

Thankfully, Benjamin Kuo saw the plea and responded. “I’ve got a very weird hobby, which is I love taking a look at photos and figuring out where they’re taken.” Kuo pinpointed where the photo had been taken allowing rescuers to fly out and locate the missing hiker.

The hiker said, “I really don’t know if I could make it there another day. It was just so cold.

RUDY: Andrew Giuliani on the FBI raid of his father’s home [5:24] – The FBI did not go after Hunter Biden, but they did go after Rudy Giuliani who exposed Hunter’s many crimes.

This reminds me of how the State of California did not go after Planned Parenthood for violating multiple laws, but did go after the people who exposed their crimes.

RUIN: Ten steps FAUXTUS is taking to hasten the destruction of the U.S. [8:16]

TOYS: These dolls are being marketed as “action figures” for kids, but they’re really for virtue-signaling woke adults.

You can buy Obama, Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, AOC, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Dr. Fauci, Robert Mueller, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Billie Jean King (who once famously had an abortion so she wouldn’t miss a tennis tournament, then announced she’s a lesbian). Oh, and you can also buy Pope Francis, which says volumes about how orthodox he is.

Sadly, you can’t buy their “villain action figure”, Donald Trump, any more, because he’s sold out. He was a real classy one, too … scowling and flipping his middle finger.

WASHINGTON: On Monday, Governor Jay Inslee [D] released his immediate plan to partially roll back COVID-19 restrictions on religious gatherings and sporting events. He is graciously going to allow them to increase capacity for those carrying a vaccine passport.

Wait, wut?! Is he akshully expecting people of color to not only get vaccinated, but also to keep track of their PROOF?! Are these the same people of color that Democrats claim can’t be expected to get a photo ID and remember to bring it to their polling places?!

GRAMMY NOTES: This aspect of the Renaissance period was sadly neglected by my Art History professors.

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