Happy Mother’s Day!

CLICK https://www.951shinefm.com/shine/shine-daily/prayers-for-moms-from-moms/ to find Prayers for Moms. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a link to suitable greetings for Lefties celebrating “Birthing Persons Day.”

APOSTASY: The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) voted to celebrate sexual sin and flout the teachings of the Catholic Church and the directives of Toronto’s archbishop. Every Catholic school in the Toronto District will fly the homosexual rainbow “Pride” flag throughout June.

BACK THE BLUE: CLICK https://twitter.com/mayor_jlo/status/1389953413622992897 [:06] to see how FAST cops have to react to save their own lives. [Warning: Graphic.]

CHINA: China is the world’s largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. At 27% of the world’s total, China surpasses the combined output the U.S. (#2 at 11%), India (#3 at 6.6%), plus all 27 European Union member states.

COVID-19: The American Journal of Therapeutics has published a research paper calling for ivermectin to be “globally & systematically deployed” as a treatment for COVID-19. The Globalist Left has maligned ivermectin and suppressed information about its effectiveness, because they don’t want us to be free.

DNA: In 1995, school teacher Mary Catherine Edwards was sexually assaulted and then drowned in her own bathtub. Police collected DNA from the scene, but no suspects. However, in early 2020, police entered the crime scene DNA profile into GEDmatch, a web service and public DNA database.

They found more than 30 corresponding DNA files that allowed them to narrow the suspect pool down to two brothers. One had no criminal record. The other, Clay Foreman had a sexual assault on his record that bore similarities to Edwards’ murder.

Police collected some of Foreman’s trash and confirmed his DNA was a match. He is awaiting trial.

EDUCATION: Catholic school students scored significantly better in both math and reading than did public school students. It didn’t matter where the schools were located.

To get these superior results, Catholic schools somehow manage to spend less per pupil than do public schools. And the parents who send their children to Catholic schools get stuck paying twice, since they get no public school tax relief to help compensate them for their tuition payments.

ELECTRIC CARS: [16:19] – A recent survey of Californians who had purchased an electric vehicle between 2012-2018 found that about 20% switched back to a gas-powered car. Most indicated that charging the batteries was too much of a nuisance.

FAUXTUS ECONOMY: The April jobs report showed how quickly a new administration can change the economy. Economists expected we’d add one million jobs last month and bring the unemployment rate down to 5.8%. Instead, we added only 266,000 jobs and the unemployment rate went up to 6.1%.

FLORIDA: On Wednesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a round of one-time $1,000 bonuses for first responders—including firefighters and law enforcement officers. “We’re funding the police and then some.

JAPAN: [1:29] – The coastal town of Noto in western Ishikawa Prefecture was awarded 800 million yen ($7.3 million) by the central government as part of an aid program aimed at boosting local economies damaged by the pandemic.

The town used 25 million yen ($229,000) of the aid to cover part of the cost of installing the 13 feet high and 29.5 feet long giant squid. The point was to raise awareness about the town’s fishing industry and increase tourism. Squid is a local delicacy in Noto.

I can’t help wondering how many toddlers are going to crawl inside that thing and refuse (or be unable) to come out again.

MILITARY: Under the Biden-Harris administration, normalizing homosexuality and transgenderism is taking precedence over military readiness.

NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER: [1:38] – FAUXTUS made history this week as the first President of the United States to omit “God” from his National Day of Prayer proclamation.

OKLAHOMA: On Friday, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill banning the teaching of critical race theory in the state’s public and charter schools.

PANDEMIC: The Left has reveled in COVID-19 fear-mongering to bring about widespread destruction of personal freedoms and economic devastation. But the SCIENCE shows that none of it is justified. Yes, many people died in 2020, yet somehow the annual death totals for said countries have not suddenly increased. Funny thing about that, seeing as how we have not suddenly cured any of the major causes of death, such as old age, heart disease and cancer.

Until recently, a pandemic was defined as an infectious disease, spreading far and wide, and causing lots of death. However, the WHO paved the way for political power-grabbing and Big Pharma mega-profits by removing “causing lots of death” from the definition. IOW, the ‘rona did not cause a genuine pandemic. It just gave greedy globalists an excuse to move us closer to the Apocalypse.

PROFILES IN COURAGE: [8:19] – Gulfstream Gretchen is one of seven people who will be honored by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation for risking their own health and safety to protect others during the pandemic. They are also giving an award to Mitt Romney for voting to impeach Donald Trump.

RACIAL DIVISION: CLICK https://twitter.com/TheFirstonTV/status/1389956308695142403 [:55] to hear a brilliant take-down of the Left’s demeaning race crap.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: I saw this on Facebook – “I feel like I have to share this because it works so well for us! I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes crazy from their kids asking for every single thing they see in a grocery store.

I tell them no lots, but I think naturally kids just see and ask. Well, to distract them from this I started letting them pick out one can for the food bank, any can they choose, every time we go to the store and they love it!

They put so much thought into what can, they carry the can to the till, hand it to the cashier, and then put it in the food bank bin. My daughter likes to explain to people what the food bank is for.

We have done this for our last 5 trips to the store and not once have they asked for something! And they are helping the food bank in the process.

I know this won’t last forever but if anyone has a 2 or 4 year old like me I recommend trying it! Maybe when they get older I can turn it into a challenge (find a can that starts with the letter C or find a vegetable).”

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: Calgary police are boasting about arresting Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother David for inviting people to go to church. CLICK https://twitter.com/RebelNewsOnline/status/1391164919169564675 [:54] to see police handcuffing Pastor Artur in the middle of a highway. CLICK the Rebel News “Save Artur donation” link below if you want to contribute to his defense fund.

TRANS: Amazon has surprisingly reversed its ban on selling Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. This book, written by the Wall Street Journal’s Abigail Shrier, details the harm that our culture’s fascination with so-called gender dysphoria is harming our daughters.

Activists are not happy. And as someone who believes their true leader is Satan, I am not surprised in the least that they have no compassion for the victims of their evil policies.

VAX: Watch this [4:55] – A doctor explains how mRNA “vaccines” (aka, “untested gene therapies”) work, says he has many patients who regrets getting them, and explains how important the early treatments are in reducing the death rate.

GRAMMY NOTES: For me, the main thing about the 18th birthday was that it marked when I was no longer legally responsible for them, so no longer had any right to offer unsolicited advice. It also marked when I began to transition my half of our relationships from parent/child to adult friends. Actually getting to the latter took years of patient waiting, holding my tongue, and prayer. But I’m there now with all three and I couldn’t be happier!!

As they were growing, I also used 18 a lot as a start for counting down to where they were, as in, this is how many years I have left to get them ready to be old enough to vote, sign a contract, go so far into debt that they end up declaring bankruptcy, and enlist in the military to go get shot at in places they never heard of before. I made lists of life skills a legal adult needs to have, then worked on teaching them those skills before they were on their own.

I remember one of them going through a really bad patch with high school academics, particularly math. Her teacher (inappropriately!) cornered her sister to ask her why her parents didn’t “care” that she was failing. I explained to all of them that we were more than happy to help with homework if asked and would even be willing to micromanage after school and week-end time IF ASKED. But we were not going to force a teen who was just a hop, skip and a jump from adulthood to do what needed doing.

We believed it was better to let her try and fail, when the consequence of failure was summer school, than to let her continue being immature into adulthood when the prices of failure were things like bankruptcy, homelessness, and hunger for herself and maybe one or more children.

We occasionally got crap from people like said Math teacher for our parenting style, which my husband called The Sieve Method. Basically, our job was to sieve reality for them. When they’re newborns, we had to be like our water filter that doesn’t even work unless the water goes through it under pressure. As they got older, we reduced the sieve to coffee filter, strainer, colander, etc. until by 18 they would be ready to stand under the waterfall of reality without drowning.

It seems like maybe we got a whole lot right, because we couldn’t be prouder of our grown kids. And when we see and hear them parenting the way we did, it’s just … ::sniff:: … LOVE!


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  1. I recently finished reading “Irreversible Damage” and it is excellent. Highly recommended.

    Also, I love that cop’s t-shirt. 🙂

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  2. Oh, Ugh. Just watched the electric car video. What a nightmare.

    Aside from the appeal to certain folks who like to suffer and sacrifice for their virtue signaling and Gaia worship, this is just more evidence that electric cars will never be very popular.

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