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BACK THE BLUE: CLICK [1:03] to see a cop save a life. After the incident, one of the cops said that the man’s lack of responsiveness showed he had made up his mind to jump and that immediate action by the officers was needed.

CANCEL CULTURE: Years ago, when Greece went bankrupt, I noted with horror that the government reached into private bank accounts and took what it wanted.

We’re not quite there yet, but the following is way too close for comfort. On Tuesday, two prominent conservatives – Lauren Witzke and Pete D’Abrosca – were canceled by Wells Fargo bank.

D’Abrosca had his personal savings account blocked, while Witzke had her entire account emptied out and closed down. The bank told them it was a “business decision” and that the bank reserves “the right to close an account at any time.”

I’m sorry but … does that include a “right” to take all her money?!?! Also, the bank claims she had lots of warning; she says it was a total surprise and that she was stranded, penniless and out of state.

Use this as a warning and get your money out of Wells Fargo if you are a conservative,” Witzke says. “This is so evil.”

CATHOLIC: How dare those uppity Catholic bishops! Never mind that it is actually their JOB to teach and discipline their flocks.

Bonchie at Red State notes, “You don’t even have to be Catholic to see how dumb this is. Protestants have different beliefs about communion, but they still follow the Biblical decree to examine one’s self and to make sure that one is worthy of taking it. Paul is pretty clear that if you aren’t, you are sinning against the Body of Christ.

CHICOMS: Dong Jingwei, China’s vice minister of state security, defected some time ago. The links below will give you a deep dive into the on-going saga. It’s more than I can digest.

FAUXTUS: Juneteenth commemorates June 19th, 1865, the day Union Soldiers landed at Galveston, Texas, with news that the Civil War was over and all American slaves were now free. It has been celebrated annually in various parts of the United States since 1866. This year, it became Juneteenth National Independence Day, a federal holiday.

CLICK [:11] to hear then-Candidate Joe, with his mask hanging off one ear, say, “He’s going down to Texas on Juneteenth, right? First major massacre, literally speaking, of the Black Wall Street. Right? Years ago.” If a Republican candidate had ever said something this stupid, it would’ve played on a loop on every news show morning and evening for weeks.

The Tulsa [Oklahoma] race massacre, which took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, is considered one of the single worst incidents of racial violence in American history. Mobs of White residents, some of them deputized and given weapons by city officials, attacked Black residents and destroyed 35 square blocks of the wealthiest Black community in the United States. Aka, Tulsa race riot or the Black Wall Street massacre.

IT’S A CULT: [3:08] – “Woke up today, feeling okay, wow, this is new. Got the vaccine, and it’s been two weeks. There’s life in the streets.” Then, dancers bring out banners, including one huge one featuring a giant Fauci face. “Shout out to our favorite M.D, Anthony Fauci.

IT’S NEVER ENOUGH: A lifelong progressive Democrat, proponent of third-wave feminism, and former Clinton adviser has been permanently banned from Twitter for … well, they didn’t tell her what for.

But she’s been accused elsewhere of spreading “conspiracy theories” and “anti-vaxx” info, which is a big no-no on Twitter. She says she isn’t “anti-vaxx”, but rather “pro-HIPAA, pro-Fourth Amendment, pro-Equality Act, pro-Nuremberg Codes; all of which make medical coercion illegal already. And I am pro-evidence-based reporting on public issues.”

CLICK [5:32] to hear her talk with Tucker Carlson for how alarming today’s “Just Do What We Say” Left is. She’s crossing party lines in a big way.

NYC: CLICK [:37] to see a young Black man assault an elderly White man who refused to hand over his cash.

SLAVERY: For a deeper look into the real history of slavery, read ‘Black Rednecks and White Liberals’ by Thomas Sowell [9:16].

STATES RIGHTS: FAUXTUS’ DOJ has filed legal documents arguing against state efforts to protect female athletes from having to compete against biologically male competitors and against state efforts to protect minors from transgender medical procedures they are not mature enough to choose.

TEXAS: On Tuesday, Gov. Abbott signed a bill into law that prohibits the government from forcing places of worship to close even during an apparent crisis.

GRAMMY NOTES: Buzz’s 5th grade class wasn’t allowed to have its normal graduation ceremony, so to recognize the hard work these kids did to get through elementary school, his school did a drive through ceremony to send them off to middle school.

Each car stopped at one end of loop where the kid’s name was announced, then every teacher cheered just for that kid as the parent(s) drove them along the loop while a 4-person fife and drum group played marching music. At the end of the loop, they received their certificates, a t-shirt, and a Middle School Survival Kit. Buzz also got achievement awards for Math, Art and Music.

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