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ANTIFA: Gabriel Nadales is the author of Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Antifa Activist. He was angry, bitter and unhappy, therefore, the perfect recruit for the violent left-wing group. CLICK [4:50] to hear him talk about it.

CATHOLIC: Mariology is one of the most controversial aspects of Catholicism for Protestant Christians. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. Click the link below to read about the five most common myths about the Catholic Church’s theology and veneration of the Mother of God.

DEMOCRATS: Your electric bill on the other hand …

HANUKKAH: [6:11] – I didn’t know that the first mention of this holiday is in the New Testament.

HUNTER: The corrupt Left Stream Media won’t cover the corrupt Biden family [5:19].

LOOTING IN AMERICA: “Consumer reparations” [9:15] – CLICK [:14] to see looters looting looters, cuz karma’s a bitch.

OMICRON: Fox News report [9:51] – The National Chair of the South African Medical Association is condemning the hype and fear. “Looking at the mildness of the symptoms we are seeing currently, there’s no reason for panicking as we don’t see severely ill patients.” She says she checked the hospitals in her area and the biggest one has only a single COVID-positive patient on a ventilator. And they don’t even know which variant he has.

It sounds like this one might be the best one to catch. Mild symptoms that could potentially provide natural immunity to all of them.

STAND UP: – American student performance in reading and math has been flat since 2000. Twenty percent of American 15-year-olds don’t read as well as they should by age 10. Even worse, Chinese students far outperform American students in reading, math, and science skills. Clearly No Child Left Behind and Common Core – which have cost billions of federal and private dollars – are abject failures.

TWITTER: Co-founder and long-time CEO Jack Dorsey is out. [9:39]

UNVAXXXED: I saw this on the Effing Bee – “I think there is some hope that the tide is turning. All those doctors and nurses who were fired for working through the pandemic with used facemasks and are now unemployed because they refuse to be injected? One of them has opened her own practice, in Houston, and is hiring unvaxxed people to work there. She is taking on no new vaxxed patients, but will continue to serve her previous patients who are either organic or ‘fortified.’”

GRAMMY NOTES: Woohoo!! I scored a free month of Skill Share!! I’ve been wanting to take art lessons, but hoo boy, at $168 per month, sigh. But today, I was one of the first thousand to respond to an offer and got a month free. I’m going to cram as much learning as I can into the next four weeks. My first ah ha moment in Getting Started with Drawing with Brent Eviston is: “Drawing is not a talent. It is a teachable skill.” Good news there! The second was “Drawing begins with light lines.” He illustrated this with lots of famous artists’ drawings where you can see false starts. I was an Art History major in college and I never before noticed this! Graphic above: Screenshot of Michaelangelo sketch.

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