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BEAT COVID’S BUTT: If you haven’t had the ‘rona and want to avoid hospitalization when you eventually do get it, I recommend you download, print, and study this article.

CUOMO: [2:57] – Chris Cuomo has been suspended indefinitely by CNN.

EUGENICS: Maintaining transplant survivors is really expensive. Eugenicists prefer they get an unnecessary and potentially fatal gene therapy before bothering to save their lives.

FAUCI: [4:32] – He’s a “rank partisan“, not the “high priest of science.”

FAUXTUS: [8:34] – At this writing, the approval/disapproval polls at Real Clear Politics show slightly higher approvals than Turley cites, but all of the spreads are negative. They range from YouGov at -3 to USA Today at -19. The average is 42.5 favorable vs. 52.0 unfavorable for a range of -9.5.

HEALTH CARE WORKERS: According to the CDC, about 30% of them continue to reject the vaxxx. That in itself should tell you a whole lot about how dangerous it is. The second and third links below report on what kind of support various courts are/aren’t giving them in resisting the mandates.

HYPOCRITES: CLICK [2:41] to hear what Dems were saying about the vaxxx last year.

JOHNNY THE WALRUS: CLICK [2:22] to hear about Matt Walsh’s new children’s book that pushes back at the trans agenda. The trans activists are already targeting it, so you might want to get it quick before it gets banned.

KAMALA: “Although Biden says he intends to seek a second term in 2024, he’s already the oldest-ever president at age 79 and Democrats are bracing for a possible primary between Harris and Buttigieg.” – Steven Nelson

MEDIA: CNN’s version of the Kenosha shootings – “Following a scuffle near a car dealership, Rittenhouse opened fire on Black Lives Matter protesters.

MODERNA: Must view! CLICK [1:40] to hear about more of Fauci’s corruption.

OOPSIE: Insider created a searchable database containing information about 2,618 flights made by Epstein’s private jets from 1995 to July 6, 2019. Among other things, it shows that former US president Bill Clinton flew more than two dozen times with Epstein in the early aughts, including trips to China, Russia, and a humanitarian trip to Africa.

PETA: PETA is apparently just another corrupt, hypocritical leftist org. It publishes a guideline for operating a humane animal shelter, but the shelter at its own HQ doesn’t abide by it.

In 2010, an investigator with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) visited the PETA animal shelter at its Virginia headquarters. He reported that “the facility does not contain sufficient animal enclosures to routinely house the number of animals annually reported as taken into custody.

It turns out they don’t need enclosures, because they couldn’t care less about finding homes for animals surrendered to them. In 2009, more than 93% of the 2317 dogs and cats surrendered to PETA’s shelter were killed. Eighty-four percent were killed within 24 hours of arrival!

SOVEREIGN FRAUD: That means your government is in on it. CLICK to access this MUST READ article.

WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS: The tag on the big red bow says, Gifts from the Heart. So appropriate since the WH mandated vaxxxine has a special “gift” for causing crippling heart disease and fatal heart attacks.

Most of the rest of the décor is pretty standard stuff and the hallway arches are actually really gorgeous. You can click either link below.

But dayum … besides the two yuck spots above, the theme is just downright offensive. Honoring COVID frontline workers. I’m sure the ones who were fired in the last few months for refusing the vaxxx are feeling all over warm and fuzzy about the gesture. Not.

CLICK [:36].

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