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AUSTRALIA: They’ve found three cases of the new Omicron variant among fully vaxxxed travelers from South Africa, none of whom had any symptoms. Hmm, our vaxxxed relatives don’t want us around them, but it looks to me like they’re more of a threat to us than we are to them!

COVID-19: Remember that guy in Illinois whose family had to have THREE court orders before his Illinois hospital would even consent to allow an outside doctor to come in to administer ivermectin? The hospital had given him remdesivir, which failed. He had one foot in the grave, but thank God the ivermectin worked and he has gone home.

ENERGY: Increases in the cost of gasoline, heating fuel, and electricity hurt the poor far more than they hurt anyone else.

FAUCI: CLICK [3:32] to hear Ted Cruz liken Fauci to Louis XIV.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:20] to see “Do as I say, not as I do.” CLICK [:26] to see the dithering old man who pretends to be president make official remarks with a face mask tucked under his chin.

HUNTER: CLICK [8:11] to hear a Newsmax report about the book. The Biden family is so corrupt that they sold out their own country.

JOHNNY THE WALRUS: The kids in the video are adorable! [4:20] – Matt Walsh’s new picture book has not only hit #1, but actually sold out within two days of its release! Matt posted on social media that more copies are on the way.

MANDATES: They’re based on lies, not on law. Sadly, that isn’t stopping them everywhere. Penn State University is keeping its Jan. 4 employee vaxxx deadline, saying that employees who refuse will be given education and counseling. Didn’t Stalin do that too? Meanwhile, the Pentagon is cracking down on National Guard members who refuse the vaxxx, saying they will no longer be able to participate in training and risk having their pay withheld.

OMICRON: A fully vaxxed traveler from South Africa has tested positive with what genome sequencing proved is the newest variant. So it’s here. But it was always going to get here. And guess where it got in … “super safe” California, not “super dangerous” Florida!

PSA: Important review of battery storage safety [5:25] – Any battery could cause a fire if a connection is made between the positive and negative terminals. This is more likely with 9 volt batteries, because of the size and location of the terminals. To reduce the hazard, place a piece of electrical tape over the end of the battery when storing or disposing of them.

Re: recycling vs. throwing old batteries into the trash – Check with your local agency. In my area, we are supposed to put them in the trash, not in the recycle.

SCOTUS: The justices are hearing arguments in a key abortion case. We need to PRAY that they receive the courage and wisdom they need to do the right thing. Meanwhile, pro-aborts celebrate their satanic sacrifice outside the court. CLICK [:40]. This is spiritual warfare, folks. If we’re not praying, then we fall into that place where evil prevails when good people do nothing.

TWITTER: The new CEO is going to be as bad or worse than the old one. [4:00]

VAXXX: There are now 121,559 reports of psychiatric symptoms following any brand of COVID shots. They include hallucinations, anxiety, confusion, sleep disorders, and psychosis. Some of them have ended in suicide. Other vaccines have been known to bring on these life devastating symptoms, but not in these numbers.

CLICK [26:06] to hear an epidemiologist explain why we should not give the vaxxx to kids. The virus poses little risk to the young, which cannot be said of the vaxxxes.

WAUKESHA: CLICK [if you can stand to listen to her] [1:07] to hear Psaki’s response to yet another Doocy challenge. (She must really hate him! LOL) The reasons she cites for FAUXTUS not visiting Waukesha are exactly what Bush said after Katrina … after which the Left screamed endlessly about how he finished the goat book and then only did a fly over.

And let’s not ever forget that Biden made inflammatory remarks about Rittenhouse somehow being a white racist because he shot three white guys who were trying to kill him. But now that a black racist has murdered six white people and injured dozens more, Biden’s got nothing to say. Psaki said, “Our hearts go out.” Bull. You have to have a heart before it can go out to anyone.

WHO’S A GOOD DOG: It’s a real life Lassie story. In October, a man taking a hike with his two dogs suffered a seizure and passed out. One of the dogs laid down beside the man, while the other one ran down the trail to get help. A member of the Mountain Rescue Team that came to help the man said they spend years training dogs to do what these two dogs did of their own volition.

WHY: CLICK [2:46] Why is politics so nasty when we can be passionate about a sports team without wanting to send the other teams’ fans to re-education camps?

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