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CNN+: “CNN+ the network’s streaming service they thought people would pay for, is shutting down after just a month from launching!!! (seriously) Only CNN could be so out of touch with reality that they thought people would PAY for fake news. Most people wouldn’t watch CNN if YOU paid THEM!” – Mark Dice

DEMOCRATS: James Carville is a long-time Democrat political strategist; in 1992, he helped Clinton beat Bush 1. On Tuesday, he complained that “the problem Democrats have … is that no one fears us. They are weak and all they are going to do is talk bad about each other. Literally, you can’t govern without fear. You can’t have a political party.

EASTER MEDITATION: After the bodies of more than 100 aborted babies were rescued outside a D.C. abortuary, Father Bill Kuchinsky took charge of them. “I buried the babies myself,” he said, declining to disclose the location. “They are in a peaceful place and will be well cared for.

EDUCATION: The Evanston/Skokie (Illinois) School District has adopted a radical gender curriculum that encourages PK-3 students to celebrate the transgender flag, break the “gender binary” established by white “colonizers,” and experiment with neo-pronouns such as “ze,” “zir,” and “tree.”

GET WOKE! GO BROKE!: Disney investors aren’t having as awful a year as Netflix shareholders. But that’s not saying much.

LIFE: When fetal tests show abnormalities, doctors often recommend abortion. But the tests are frequently wrong and, this week, the FDA finally admitted it.

MANDATE: The DOJ has filed an appeal seeking to overturn a federal judge’s Monday ruling which struck down the CDC mask mandate for public transportation. The DOJ argues that the mask mandate was still necessary for “protecting the public health of our nation.”

MSDNC’s medical “expert” offers this counsel to germophobes upset about bare-nekkid faces: “If people want to stay safe the best thing they can do: buy quality masks. And when possible, carry some extra masks—I know this sounds crazy—but if you tell someone next to you on a plane…’I’ve got an elderly mother at home, I’ve got a child with cancer at home, will you please do me a favor?’ Having the people at least closest to you in that row protecting yourself and them can be the best safety. So carry some extra masks with you, carry some rapid tests with you if you’re traveling.”

I wonder if it matters to her whether you actually have an elderly mother or child with cancer …. Or, for example, whether she’s bothered to listen to airline CEOs explain that the air in their planes is cleaner than clean.

LifeSiteNews has compiled a list of 46 studies that confirm the ineffectiveness of masks and 32 more about their negative health effects. You can download the pdf file at the link below.

SCHUMER: On Easter Sunday, Upchuck Schmucker spoke from the pulpit of AR Bernard’s NYC megachurch. Speaking of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s SCOTUS confirmation, he said, “the stone has been rolled away from the tomb.”

Jackson is a radical, pro-abortion, activist judge with a history of giving minor slap-on-the wrist sentences to convicted pedophiles.

Schumer is listed as a member of the Reform Jewish synagogue, Congregation Beth Elohim, in Brooklyn.

TRANS: Kevin Downey, Jr., writes, “A Pittsburgh study from last year states that roughly 10% of teens under 18 years old identify as ‘gender diverse.’ That’s five times higher than the national estimate, and it’s likely garbage. People actually suffering from gender dysphoria are rare. Teens craving attention, acceptance, rebellion, and purpose are innumerable.”

He offers a really sensible explanation for it. “The trans ideology of today is similar to the skinheads of the 80’s. Insecure, lonely, rebellious kids, frequently bored, and many angry at their parents, are looking for an outlet. This is the perfect breeding ground for recruiters from outlier subculture groups like skinheads and transgenders. Both groups offer a built-in social structure, acceptance, and a sense of belonging to a group of outsiders who have never belonged to anything. More importantly, both groups have the ability to make a kid feel ‘special’ because both groups offer ‘purpose’ and both groups consider themselves ‘victims.’ Victimhood, to many, is comfortable.”

Downey’s entire piece (PJ Media) is worth reading.

TULSI GABBARD: CLICK [4:56] to hear her explain her reaction to accusations of treason.

VFAUXTUS: [4:21] – She’s up to 13 high level staffers who have bolted … in 15 months!

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