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I had every intention of making this my last post.I was as heartbroken as any of you after the catastrophe of this week.I’d planned to divorce myself from politics and turn my computer into a solitaire game-playing machine.I was heartened by some of the comments that have been posted here the last two days and realized you don’t lose until you give up.You people have helped me through some extremely difficult times in my life and giving up would turn me into what I despise the most.It may be awhile until the sense of loss diminishes and the mourning period ends.Until then I’ve come up with an extensive list of things I resent.Consider this an open thread if you want to add anything you resent.


Being forced to see his vile countenance everywhere,smiling that chesire cat smile and lying openly,knowing half the populace will either believe him or don’t care and those who do care can’t do anything about it.He knows the press will never call him on it.

Him bellowing about bringing the parties together to work for the American people.I am fluent in Obamaspeak so loosely translated it means:I won again,you can’t do dick to stop me and you white motherfuckers can kiss my entire black ass.

His  porcine broodsow  issuing edicts on what wholly inedible foodstuffs our schools  must feed our children while she stuffs anything not moving in her cavernous maw.

Being regaled with her taxpayer-funded junkets around the world and the media swooning over how beautiful a camel can look in designer clothes.

Mia Love lost her bid for the House.

Allen West was redistricted out of his seat with the help of some voting chicanery.

That odiferous turd Alan Grayson is back.

Mourdock lost his Senate bid not so much because he said something sophomoric,but Dickless Lugar wanted payback for being primaried out.

Akin lost to a corrupt bitch in Missouri not so much because he stepped on his penis,but the GOP and Rove cut and ran leaving him to fend for himself against a filthy pig with abundant rescources.

Harry the Toad is trying to eliminate the filibuster so he can play the Keeper of the Realm.

The state of Israel is on its own since Barry would ask for a UN resolution of condemnation if Iran launched a nuclear attack.He has promised aid to Israel and we all know what his word is worth.He got 68% of the Jewish vote.

Hundreds of thousands of overseas military ballots arrived a day too late to be counted.They would have swung enough swing states to make Romney the president.

Three million white voters stayed home.The vote total McCain got in 2008 would have beaten Obama,who got two million less votes than he got in his first election.Maybe some were just tired of the mushy moderates we’ve had to swallow since 1988.Ron Paul voters are also suspect.

Our gallant military will be sliced to pieces by a CIC who openly despises them.

Veterans who have earned their benefits will be shown the back of Barry’s hand.

That gutless milksop John Boehner has already surrendered,telling Obastard he’s open to raising taxes in exchange for imaginary spending cuts everybody knows will never happen.

Tingles expressing his gratitude that Hurricane Sandy killed scores of people and destroyed millions of lives so his living god could look presidential and bipartisan thanks to governor Krispy Kreme.He can now spend the next four years cleaning his messiah’s sphincter with his tongue.

The day will come when we look back on when gas was $4.00 and refer to them as the good old days.

We were pushed over the cliff and into the abyss by dead-enders who have surrendered their dignity and self-respect in exchange for a life of Nanny Government giving them a lot of free stuff and making their decisions for them.They don’t give a damn about the deficit, taxes(they don’t pay any), unemployment(who wants to work?), health insurance(they get theirs free), or anybody that actually has skin in the game.

With our 2014 tax returns we will get a form to fill out listing any medical conditions you have,what medications you take and the name and contact information of your insurance carrier.If,like me,you have no insurance, you will pay a hefty fine and be placed in a government program.

The GOP-e is in the process of eliminating or marginalizing the Tea Party class of 2010 so they can go back to having circle jerk parties with the democrat buddies they split the taxpayer and lobbyist pies with.

My grandchildren may never have a good-paying full-time job or know what it’s like to be self-sufficient.

There will be another Republican president one day,but I may not live long enough to see it.I just wish I could see the country I love returned to a modicum of its former greatness before I lay my burden down for the last time.

If you have anymore feel free to post.I’ll be back sometime.


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18 responses to “MY LIST OF RESENTMENTS

  1. GP

    Your list was spot on as usual.
    Don’t you dare quit!
    If you do, THEY win.
    Did Washington quit?
    Did Lincoln quit?
    Did those Navy Seals in Benghazi quit?
    They fought for YOU, for all of US.
    You have a gift dear friend, and you must continue to use it.
    The pen is still mightier than the sword!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. barnslayer

    I believe there was some major voter fraud going on. I had “volunteers” knocking on my door WAY in advance of the election decrying the evils of voter ID’s. They were paving the way for what was to follow. But you hit on what I think was the key defect in our attempt to remove the moslem-in-chief. When the Republicans field a moderate they lose. We learned nothing by McCain 2008 and we forgot everything everything from Reagan’s successes. Never again must we front a compromise candidate. Never again will our candidate allow the media distract our attack with the likes of Gloria All-rude or let liberals dictate terms of debate or topics of discussion at any time.
    Never again must we accept a quite gentleman where a lion/warrior is required. Never again.


  3. Ting

    I resent that I had to vote for Eric Cantor, George Allen, and Mitt Romney when I knew there were better options who actually could have won, but a paternalistic, elitist GOP machine decided this was the way to win.


  4. Everybody was looking for some relief the morning after

    Yesterday, Ace posted three times inviting positive and non-political comments. Lots and lots of inspiring comments resulted, some from long-time never-posted lurkers, some from former participants rarely seen of late, and just lots of folks. Far less (but some, of course) of the usual locker-room level of Ace commentfests, lots more sincere heart than I’ve ever seen there. A bit of a jump-start on Thanksgiving. I post the links in case any here would like to cruise through them.

    Positive, Non-Political Thread
    Positive Early Thanksgiving Thread 2
    Positive Life Improvement Thread


  5. GP

    A little more inspiration:


  6. What A Hoot

    Should one or quite a few states secede, we should unite with Israel and become something like the United States of Best-Friends-Forever.
    They would increase their populace and army, which our family members would be proud to serve in/with and we would have nuclear backup to insure the United States of Amerika does not force us back into their Union and keep taking all our resource; keeping us in slavery.


  7. What A Hoot

    Be encouraged Pete. No white voters stayed home. Did not happen. We know it. Mitt did not lose. History will prove this statement applicable to this election: Dictators and/or Regimes do not lose elections. Romney did not lose and I won’t even say, “I told you so,” when this is realized by the nation. Persons I know, dems that have worked in many campaigns, did not expect Obama to win. They saw, as they were working their butts of working for the campaign this time around, that they could not get people to work this election. They saw Obama borrowed money for the campaign towards the end; couldn’t even raise the money to finish. They listened to their dem friends said how deceived they felt and watched these friends campaign for Mitt. They watched sometimes only 200 people showing up for an Obama event and the event being stage for photo op to look like a crowd. They were up close and personal in the campaign workings. They are just as suprised as we are Mitt lost and Obama reigns. One cried. When asked why crying when won? Answer, “I know he could not have won. He did. He really is above the law. God, I feeeeeeeeel so dirty.” As a side note, for future reference, there is a difference between ‘election fraud’ and ‘voter fraud’. Keep thinking and feeling until it hurts; it is good for the mind, body, and soul.

    We did not lose the election.


  8. Pete there is good reason to believe that there was election fraud on a massive scale. I keep hearing stories.


    • Election fraud is what won this for Obama. I’m hearing it from all over. Just a few minutes ago I got this comment on bluebird of bitterness from one of my readers:

      “I know there was massive election fraud in Virginia. Too long to explain but I worked and canvassed at the Sterling Virginia Romney Hq. We canvassed entire Loudoun County. We were firmly red for Romney. 65% of the voters that voted for Oblamer in 08 were switching to Romney. We canvassed and entered all of the criteria on our computers. We called the voters, they voted, everything matched up that evening, next morning Oblamer was way ahead and deemed winner in Virginia and Loudoun.
      I was furious and heartbroken.
      “I think if we have drones that can pinpoint a target by a computer to do a task…. the same can be done in areas of the country.
      “You see, this canvassing idea came about by the oblamer regime when they were electing this thug in 08. They knew everything about everyone in this country. They still do.
      “So with this information on their main computer, they are able to go to areas and make adjustments by changing votes from republican to democrat. Why do you suppose they said recently that republican turn out was low? No it was not. It was changed.”

      What happened in this woman’s county happened in places all over the country. There’s no other explanation for what happened, unless you really want to believe that the majority of Americans are nothing more than blithering idiots.


      • GP

        I totally agree that there had to be cheating. I just do not believe people stayed home. Everyone could not wait to go vote.
        Coming from Illinois, I know how they have cheating down to a science. They stole the gov election 2 years ago, no doubt. My problem is that the GOP continues to let them get away with it. I do not get it. Why did Coleman give in to Frankenstien? Why did Brady give in to Quinn. Both had won until the recount, and then lost by a slim margin?
        I poll worker called in to the radio today and said he was working the poll for Alan West and there was obvious tampering going on.
        They knew who they wanted to target, and they got rid of ALL of them, including all the new Freshman tea party reps from IL.
        It is so infuriating that no one stops them!
        The Chicago machine perfected vote tampering decades ago and have it down to a science. Now they just took it nationwide.
        I believe they tossed millions of romney votes and/or changed them to O.
        It is really sickening.
        How do we stop this corruption???


      • I watched as the numbers changed significantly in Virginia and Ohio. I was shocked by the change.

        Later I saw someone from Wisconsin stating that people were bused in from Chicago and their provisional votes were accepted. This is massive fraud.

        Another story I read concerned Florida (not the Allen West example) where their vote was treated as provisional.

        I have seen stories of people complaining about machines breaking down, and then their ballots being placed in trash bags!!

        After all that I read from various places, I thought that the turnout was higher than 2008 at least for the Republicans.

        The other example was in PA where the Republican officials were thrown out of the polling areas until a judge forced their return. In each of those polling places the Democrats ended up ahead. They had plenty of time to do funny business.

        The whole damn thing should be treated as void, and it should be done again, especially in those States where the election fraud is so damned obvious.


  9. Auntie Lib

    Just wanted to check in, make sure everyone’s okay and commiserate with you. What a bummer of a day Tuesday was. We got sucker-punched in our statewide races too, but there is one race that we may be able to salvage – Supt. of Schools. I’ve been trying to help with research on a couple of legal issues. Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming. The Fat Lady maybe warming up, but she ain’t onstage yet!!!

    Take care everybody! (((Hugs))))


  10. GP

    They Cheated!!!!

    Hell if yahoo even admits it, it must be true:–election.html

    Remember how we said all along, that we thought the polls were being skewed so that when they cheated it would not look so suspicious?

    Welcome to the USSA.


  11. Just because we must recommence the mockery…

    The Biden-Obama Debate This seemed funnier in original concept. Then I dropped the sound track on it, and I decided it’s more like bittersweet.


  12. What A Hoot

    So what if they cheated. What are we going to do about it? We must not waste our energy fighting to fix it. That won’t fix America. Noncompliance to the Regime, which still would have been too big of an influence even if a Repub was in the WH. We must accept the enemy lives within our borders, and move on……….deal with it………noncompliance, seceding states, uniting/standing with Israel who will stand with us/the seceded states. Not pipe dreams or fanatasy land……..we have something to fix it, so Let’s Get Moving!!!!!!! noncompliance. noncompliance. Don’t do it onsie, twosie but plan in unity, giving time to prepare for the fallout, and then pull the support to their treasury out from their control. WE WILL NOT BE SLAVES. We do not, as a nation (may mean seceded states) do not have to follow their unconstitutional confiscations. Simple idea. Hard work. Hope. Action. God. Love. Borders, nice solid borders between America and Amerika. Start talking the dream. Then move to living the dream!