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She Just Won’t Go Away

Ginsburg Speaks Out About Her Future on the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discussed her future on the bench Sunday, saying she hopes to remain in her position for another five years.
When asked last year about whether she was thinking of retiring, Ginsburg said, “as long as I can do the job full steam, I will do it.”
There are also reports she’s hired law clerks through 2020, making it clear she plans to stay on the job for at least a couple more years.

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Much Ado

I was going to do an opinion piece, but after almost two weeks of fighting snowstorms every day as I delivered newspapers I’m worn out. Maybe another time.

PAUL RYAN Promises Democrats to Pass Amnesty – Will Get to It Next
Speaker Paul Ryan promised Democrats on Thursday he will pass amnesty for illegal aliens. They just need to wait a week or two.

Formerly bankrupt California city tests ‘universal’ income for residents
The proposed project is being funded by a private grant
The plan, spearheaded by Stockton’s 27-year-old mayor, Michael Tubbs, will likely begin sometime in August 2018 and involve at least 100 people of varying income levels getting $500 a month for three years.
Ever since it declared bankruptcy in 2012, Stockton has been in recovery-mode, and Tubbs sees basic income — a growing topic of discussion around the world over the past couple years — as one way to rehabilitate the city.
In a basic income system, participants get a fixed amount of money that they can use however they want.

Ignoring Human Rights Abuses, Mainstream Media Gush Over North Korea’s ‘Charm’
In a bizarre display of willful blindness, U.S. liberal media have lavished praise on North Korea’s dictatorship during the first days of the Winter Olympics, gushing over its “charm offensive” and comparing it favorably to the Trump administration.
In an article Sunday titled “Kim Jong-un’s Sister Turns On the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight,” the New York Times was unable to contain its admiration for the totalitarian state, saying that North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, stole the show at the Winter Olympics by sending his sister, Kim Yo-jong.

Trump wants a military parade and liberals are hysterical (just more proof it’s the right thing to do)
President Trump wants a parade celebrating our military and troops. It’s a great idea, and is a perfect event symbolizing the fact that America is getting back on her feet after eight years of a commander-in-chief who reveled in complaining about America and decimating our military.The hysteria the proposed parade has provoked among Democrats and leftists provides even more proof that it’s the right thing to do.

Liberal Hack to Secretary Mattis: Why Divert Energy, Time, Financial Resources for a Military Parade?
Donald Trump with wife Melania and sons Eric and Donald, Jr. Trump holds the Phelps Award as 2008 Honoree of the Year by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza.
Donald Trump was credited with saving the 50th Anniversary of the NY Veterans Day Parade
UPI reported in 1995 how Trump was credited with ‘saving’ the New York Veterans Day Parade. The parade that year was marking the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II.
Police estimated 500,000 people attended the largest military parade ever held in New York. Organizers, who placed the turnout at closer to a million, said the parade would not have been a success if it hadn’t been for real estate developer Donald Trump, who contributed $200,000 and raised another $300,000.
Last week the Trump White House announced they would ask the military to plan a great military parade in Washington DC.
Democrats were disgusted.
Hallie Jackson: To follow up on Catherine’s question, You just laid out the argument to fulling funding the military, why you think every dollar counts. So why divert time, energy, financial resources to the planning of a parade as the president has asked?

I-TEAM: Inmates claim Corrine Brown getting special treatment
Current, former workers at Coleman facility say that’s not true
Security officials inside the minimum-security prison camp that is part of the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Central Florida — where the 71-year-old former Democratic congresswoman reported to Jan. 29 — said she’s treated like everyone else.
But according to inmates, Brown has been getting everything from massages to being able to wear wigs.
“New mattress, kissing up all day and all night by both staff and residents … and she got to keep a bunch of wigs,” one inmate wrote.
The letter goes on to say, “She had to have a brand new mattress. She has girls that are in prison at her beck and call. She says they are on her payroll. Where we got one chicken pattie for lunch she gets 2. The officers allows her to have massages every night.”
That inmate also claims that Brown is allowed to wear “brand new high-top leather sneakers” that aren’t even sold in the prison commissary.

Justice Ginsburg Indicts Half The Country, Blames ‘Macho Atmosphere’ And ‘Sexism’ For Trump’s Win
“I think it was difficult for Hillary Clinton to get by even the macho atmosphere prevailing during that campaign, and she was criticized in a way I think no man would have been criticized,” Ginsburg said Sunday.

Jeanne Ives Targets Illinois ‘Sanctuary State’ Law in Republican Primary
Illinois State Representative Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) has launched a biting new ad against incumbent Republican Bruce Rauner that brings the “sanctuary state” issue to the fore in the Republican primary.
In 2017, Rauner signed a law that essentially made Illinois a sanctuary state. Conservatives warned that it marked the “beginning of the end” of his administration.

Columnist: “It’s Time To Accept They’re No Longer Journalists. They’re Activists”
The Washington Post, New York Times, and USA Today still refuse to employ a single columnist that won’t begin each piece with anything less than “Mr. Trump, you are a liar!”
CNN this year had to retract one story and significantly modify a second one (both were related to Trump and Russia) after it turned out the former wasn’t supported by any facts (otherwise often referred to as “fiction”) and the latter was inaccurate to the point of libel.

California Moves To Force Public Universities To Administer Abortion Pills
The state legislature is moving on an aggressive attempt to reconfigure student health centers from places of healing to abortion franchises.
The FDA reports that such drug-induced abortions have led to cases of extreme bleeding, infection and incomplete abortions requiring a surgery, and even to the death of mothers. The drugs are especially dangerous to women who are later in pregnancy or are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy, both conditions which must be determined by an ultrasound (using equipment not usually found in a college health center.) And that is before we add in the emotional experience of waiting alone in a bathroom to see the pre-born infant pass into a toilet.

California Will Block Oil And Coal Shipments, Risks Constitutional Battle
“Given how unpopular oil development in coastal waters is in California, it is certain that the state would not approve new pipelines or allow use of existing pipelines to transport oil from new leases onshore,” coastal commissioners Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, State Controller Betty Yee, and state Department of Finance Director Michael Cohen wrote in a letter Wednesday to the BOEM.
California officials can therefore control pipelines, transportation of materials, terminals, and refineries built in coastal areas. The federal government could pull out the U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause to create a regulatory framework that would override California law.

Dems left Dreamers out to dry, say activists
Immigration activists are furious that 73 House Democrats, including seven members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, voted for a bipartisan spending bill that doesn’t include a DACA fix.
“Last night immigrant young people and people of conscience fighting for justice were betrayed by both parties,” said Greisa Martínez Rosas, a DACA recipient and advocacy director for United We Dream, an immigrant youth activism network.

CAIR Moderates Forum For Ohio’s Democrat Candidates For Governor

NBC Political Analyst: ‘Trump Has Become The Commander in Chief of American Rape Culture’
Last week White House staff secretary Rob Porter stepped down after his former wife alleged he was abusive during their marriage. And White House speechwriter David Sorensen also resigned after a former wife alleged he was abusive during their marriage. Both men denied the charges.
Of course, this story led liberal media headlines all week.
These are the same people who defended Bill Clinton – who actually was accused of rape and was forced to pay thousands to at least one woman he sexually abused.

Michelle Obama Unveiled Her Official Portrait – The Audience Reaction Says It All
“Let’s just start by saying, ‘Wow,’ again. Let me just take a minute. It’s amazing. Wow,” Obama said after the portrait was unveiled. The moment was met with a gasp and applause.
“Whatcha think?” she asked her mother, Marian Robinson. “It’s pretty nice, isn’t it?”
Obama said that she and President Barack Obama interviewed several artists for their portraits, and that she bonded with Sherald because of all the time they spent together.


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SOTU: The Prequel

President Trump will give his first State of the Union speech tonight. It should be far more interesting than Barky’s last one, even just for the agita the progtards will be suffering.

I never watched Obama spew his platitudes and outright lies, mostly because his voice was offensive to me. I may watch part of the speech tonight, but chances are I’ll just recap tomorrow.

Basically it’s a chance for him to tout his successful leadership in growing the economy, stemming the flood of illegal, and promoting America to the world instead of apologizing for her greatness.

The Democrats plan to have at least six — count ’em, six — rebuttals after his speech. The official response will be by some Kennedy (yes,one of THOSE). The most interesting will be by Gasoline Maxine, whose rebuttal will be repeating “Impeach 45! Impeach 45!” over and over until she has a seizure and passes out.

State of the Union To Emphasize Economy, Military Strength

It will focus on five broad topics: the economy, a $1-trillion-plus plan to rebuild infrastructure, Mr. Trump’s new immigration proposal that includes a pathway to citizenship 1.8 million young illegal immigrants, trade policy and a plan to rebuild the military.

“To Congress, the tone will be one of bipartisanship and very forward-looking,” a senior administration official said. “The economic upswing is helping everybody — all groups are benefiting.”

Unhinged: Michael Moore assails Trump, ‘unfit,’ ‘narcissist, ‘sociopath,’ ‘threat to humanity’

One of the chief organizers of Monday’s counter-State of the Union in New York City is charging that President Trump needs to be overthrown before he ends the world. Really.
Moore, with Mark Ruffalo, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez and Cynthia Nixon are headlining the Hollywood-filled New York event and is fundraising off it. Trump gives his address to Congress on Tuesday.

[CtH: Maybe these folks could actually LISTEN to the speech?  Just a suggestion.]

Maxine Waters set to respond to Trump after State of the Union

Waters, one of Trump’s most vocal critics, will appear on “Angela Rye’s State of the Union” on BET, according to BuzzFeed News.  Waters, who is one of several Democratic lawmakers who have said they will not attend Trump’s speech on Tuesday, has consistently criticized Trump throughout his presidency, repeatedly calling for his impeachment.

Anti-Trump Moonbat Celebs Plan ‘People’s State Of The Union’, Price Of Admission Is $47.00

Monday’s event also will serve as a platform for the launch of “We Stand United,” the lead organizing group of the “People’s State of the Union.”

The group’s campaign director, Julia Walsh, said, “We’re all going to work together across all different movements to make sure that we win back Congress in 2018 and hold this president in check.”

“It’s the mother of all movements,” Ruffalo said.

[CtH: No, Mark.  The “mother of all movements” in this country was the American Revolution, followed closely by the Republican Party’s founding to end slavery in the U.S.  The “mother of all movements” in all of world history was the rise of Christianity.]

Joseph Kennedy III to give Democratic response to Trump’s State of the Union address

[CtH: Not the way Bobby and Ethel reproduced, no.]

“From healthcare to economic justice to civil rights, the Democratic agenda stands in powerful contrast to President Trump’s broken promises to American families,” Kennedy, 37, grandson of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy and three-term congressman, told the paper.

Virginia Democrat Elizabeth Guzman of the Virginia House of Delegates will give the Spanish-language response, the paper reported.

[CtH: Name ONE promise Candidate Trump made that President Trump has broken.  Just one.  I’m waiting.]

Joe Kennedy to bring transgender soldier to Trump’s State of the Union

Staff Sgt. Patricia King will be the lawmaker’s guest to Trump’s address, according to The Boston Globe.  King told the Globe that she realized she was a transgender woman while serving in the military, and soon came out to her family.

Trump announced last year that he was banning transgender people from serving in the U.S. military. However, courts have halted the ban and transgender people were allowed to enlist starting Jan. 1.

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg to Skip Trump’s State of the Union, Says She is Not Retiring

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not be in attendance at President Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening.  Ginsburg also skipped out on Trump’s address to Congress last year after attending each of former President Barack Obama’s eight addresses before Congress.

[CtH: She slept through Obama’s.]

Democrats And Leftists Will Be Giving At Least Six Separate Responses To Trump’s State Of The Union Address

No habla inglés? No problemo. Virginia Del. Elizabeth Guzman will give the Democrats’ official Spanish-language response, although it’s not clear how her message will differ from Kennedy’s.

But that’s not all. Vermont’s Independent Sen. Bernie. Sanders will be speaking off-the-cuff after the state of the union during a live streamed event on social media. Remember, Sanders isn’t an official member of the Democratic Party, so he’ll be going rogue as he did in 2017.

Former Maryland congresswoman and candidate in the Prince George’s County executive race, Donna F. Edwards will speak on behalf of the Working Families Party after Sanders.

MSNBC Guest Has Crazy Idea For State Of The Union Response, And It Involves The Black Panther Party

The way Donald Trump has taken advantage of this reality TV atmosphere, I think they should have gotten all of their all stars. This is a different day and age. We don’t have to play by the old playbook rule,” Cross said. “Get Kamala Harris. Get Cory Booker. Get Kirsten Gillibrand. And produce this like you’re producing the trailer for the Black Panther party. Get them all together. Rallying cry.”

Frederica Wilson: Trump Doesn’t Deserve to be “Honored with my Presence” at SOTU


Wilson said that instead, she will be viewing the SOTU with:  “My local Muslims and Dreamers and local Mexicans, and local Haitians, and victims of sexual abuse, and local Gold Star families, and local Africans who are Nigerians and South Africans.”

[CtH: “honored with my presence”  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ::gasp:: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA]

VIDEO: Students hate Trump’s SOTU… before it even happens

Donald Trump’s State of the Union address is coming up this Tuesday, but some students must have gotten a sneak peek, because they already hated it.


Critics of Trump have already begun to express displeasure with his actions in the days leading up to the speech, leading some to wonder whether this opposition is substantive, or rooted in a distaste of Trump as a person.

Wanting to find out, Campus Reform headed to New York University to ask students their opinions of President Trump’s State of the Union. The only problem for them was that the speech would not take place for another seven days.

Would that stop them from giving strong, condemnatory opinions on the speech?

State of the Union 2018 — Where to Watch, Follow, Join the Conversation

The president will likely urge both parties to solve the immigration problem in the United States, commit to serious border security, and announce plans for dramatic infrastructure spending.

The speech will be about “building a safe, strong, and proud America,” according to administration officials, thanking the heroic Americans who worked hard to restore our country after devastating hurricanes hit the country and the Americans who are working to keep the country safe

Tweet of the Day

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Foot in Mouth Day

2017_03 Trump accused media of bias

Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that Hitler never used chemical weapons.  Likely, he was thinking that Hitler never used chemical weapons on the battlefield (which Germany did do in WWI) or that he had never used them against innocent German civilians (as Saddam Hussein did in Iraq and Assad did in Syria).

But given that Hitler most assuredly used chemical weapons to gas millions of Jews, Poles, and other “eugenically unfit” members of the European population, Spicer’s comment has sparked a HUGE backlash.

Of less interest to the Left Stream is the fact that the very elderly Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg referred to Senator Lindsey Graham as one of the women of the Senate. 

Call me cynical, but I’m inclined to think that if the first error had been made by Obama’s Press Secretary and the second by one of the conservative SCOTUS justices, the MSM and Democrat spittle spewing would be exactly reversed.

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Hits and Misses

Which are hits and which are misses? That’s up to you to decide.
Opinion: Ginsburg gambled to stay and now she may lose her legacy
They gambled that Hillary would be choosing judges for the next 8 years. Quelle surprise!

The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court represents a huge political victory for Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who gambled on blocking the nomination of Merrick Garland in the hopes of a GOP electoral victory.

It may also have been an equally huge loss for the of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who ignored increasing calls for her retirement during the Obama administration to avoid the prospect of the flipping of her seat from a liberal to a conservative member. That gamble — whatever calculation — could now cost a sweeping number of key cases hanging by a 5-4 margin, including much of the precedent built around Roe v. Wade, if not an outright overturning of that decision.

CNN Panel Gets Schooled On ‘Golf Diplomacy’

“Always play with leaders of countries and people that can help us,” the clip continued. “Don’t play with your friends all the time.”
The clip’s message seemed to fall on deaf ears, as host John King, Nia-Malika Henderson and Sara Murray spent the next few minutes laughing and taking shots at the President for what they viewed as hypocrisy.

Texas voter ID law was designed to discriminate against minorities, judge rules

The latest ruling by U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos of Corpus Christi comes more than two years after she likened Texas’s voter ID rules, known as SB 14, to a “poll tax” meant to suppress minority voters. On Monday, she reaffirmed that conclusion after an appeals court asked her to reexamine her findings.

The Texas law requires voters to show one of seven forms of identification at the ballot box. The list includes concealed-handgun licenses but not college student IDs, and Texas was forced under court order last year to weaken the law for the November elections.

Doctor dragged off flight was convicted of trading drugs for sex
Dr. David Dao, 69, who was captured in a now-viral video being forcibly dragged off the Louisville-bound flight at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on Sunday, was working as a doctor specializing in pulmonary disease in Elizabethtown when he was convicted of trading prescription drugs for sexual favors.
The board’s probe into the criminal charges found that Dao became sexually interested in a male patient, Brian Case, whom he gave a physical examination to, including a genital examination, and whom he eventually made his office manager.
The Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure permitted Dao to continue practicing medicine in 2015 under certain conditions, after he completed his probation and underwent psychological evaluations, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

Hang loose! Barack and Michelle Obama enjoy South Pacific escape by swimming and paddleboarding
Former President Obama and his wife Michelle were pictured enjoying some boat activities off the island of Mo’orea in French Polynesia this weekend
Mr Obama has been spending the past month at the exclusive Brando resort, while he writes his White House memoirs
His wife jetted out to visit him on Saturday
 Tetiaroa is home to the super exclusive Brando resort, where villas start at about $3,000 a night



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On Gorsuch and Such… Day Two

The Democrat clown show lasted more than 11 hours yesterday.  As a public service, I’m posting an assembly of short clips of stalwarts such as Feinstein, Franken, Durbin, Coons, and especially Senator Pat “Depends” Leahy. Rush gave him that nickname because the first time he was on the Senate Intelligence Committee (how’s THAT for an oxymoron?), he purposely made Reagan’s plans to attack Libya public. He was removed from his committee assignment then, but as is always the case with pestilence, he returned. Watch the clip of this bald fraud and see if you can tell whether or not he’d been drinking or at least hung over. “Mumbles” would be a more appropriate moniker.

FNN: Sen. Leahy Asks Gorsuch About GOP Treatment of Merrick Garland, Obama’s Supreme Court Pick

They did their best to trap Judge Gorsuch, smear him or sully his record. What was first and foremost, apparently, was that they wanted a promise from him not to try to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Abortion is the sacrament to the religion of Liberalism and must be protected at all costs.  There were light moments ,and you must see what his obituary would be. Any senator who votes against this very good man should be beaten severely with their own bank book.

Timely new tv ad ‘The Ginsburg rule’ destroys Dems about to pound Judge Neil Gorsuch

“Democrats are attacking Judge Neil Gorsuch because he won’t promise to support their political agenda,” a voiceover in the ad begins. Then in a “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” moment, the ad pivots to the 1993 confirmation hearings of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, during which she refused to answers posed to her by senators — in excess of 70 times.

Her repeated refusal prompted then-Sen. Joe Biden to come to her support.  “You not only have a right to choose what you will answer and not answer, but in my view you should not answer a question of what your view will be,” he told her during the course of the confirmation proceedings.

Gorsuch Makes Minced Meat of Dick Durbin’s Gotcha Attempt

Senators on the Judiciary Committee took turns spending thirty minutes grilling Gorsuch.

When it was Sen. Durbin’s (D-IL) turn to bat, he flamed out. Gloriously.

“Do you believe that there are ever situations where the cost of maternity leave to an employer can justify an employer asking only female applicants and not male applicants about family plans?” Sen. Durbin asked.

To which Gorsuch sternly replied, “Those are not my words and I would never have said them.”

“I didn’t say that,” said Durbin.

“I asked you if you agreed with this statement.”

“And I’m telling you I don’t,” Gorsuch scowled.

WTF Is A Super-Precedent!? Gorsuch Makes Dianne Feinstein Look Like A Twit Over Roe v. Wade


Al Franken Beclowns Himself Over Gorsuch For The Second Day In A Row

Franken Visibly Frustrated When Gorsuch Doesn’t Take Bait on Merrick Garland Question

Gorsuch Fires Back At Democrats

Neil Gorsuch quizzed by Grassley, Feinstein about Roe v. Wade; see how he responds

Dem Senator Tries, Fails To Pin Down Gorsuch On Hobby Lobby Ruling

The case, which Gorsuch heard as an appeals judge and which was later heard by the Supreme Court, asked if for-profit corporations could bring claims under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  In this instance, the owners of Hobby Lobby said they had a religious objection to providing certain forms of contraception to their employees. Gorsuch ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, attracting criticism from Coons.


Coons asked Gorsuch why he ruled in favor of allowing for-profit corporations to bring claims under the RFRA.

Gorsuch responded that the law as drafted did not distinguish between natural persons and corporations, and that corporate personhood was a well-established principle of law. He further explained that the government conceded in that case that a non-profit corporation could bring a RFRA claim.

Coons rebutted that it was a “big leap” to take those facts and apply them to for-profit corporations.

“The position you’re advocating is a fine position,” Gorsuch responded. “It’s a respectable position. It’s a good position. It was adopted by precisely two justices of the Supreme Court.”

Gorsuch was referring to the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. Two of the four dissenters in the case, Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan, declined to join the portion of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s opinion, which held for-profit corporations or their owners cannot bring claims under the RFRA.  Only Ginsburg and Justice Sonia Sotomayor have taken the position RFRA doesn’t apply to corporate entities.

Coons then pivoted away from Hobby Lobby and asked generally about judicial deference to the beliefs of religious objectors.

Ted Cruz and Neil Gorsuch on “the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything”

What Gorsuch Would Want In His Obituary

The 49-year-old jurist then produced an at-times emotional two-minute monologue of what he would like his obituary to to be. It’s an assignment he gives his students at the end of each semester, Gorsuch told Sasse.

“They hate it. They think it’s corny. Well, it might be a little corny,” Gorsuch said with a hint of self-deprecation.

He continued:

“And people want to be remembered for the kindnesses they showed other people, by and large. What I try to point out is, it’s not how big your bank account balance is, nobody ever puts that in their draft obituary, or that they billed the most hours, or that they won the most cases. It’s how they treated other people along the way. And for me, it’s the words I read yesterday from Increase Sumner’s tombstone. And that means as a person, I’d like to be remembered as a good dad, a good husband, kind and mild in private life, dignified and firm in public life. And I have no illusions that I’ll be remembered for very long. If Byron White is as nearly forgotten as he is now, as he said he would be, I have no illusions, I won’t last five minutes; that’s as it should be. The great joy in life, Shaw said, is devoting yourself to a cause you deem mighty before you are thrown on the scrap heap. An independent judiciary in this country, I can carry that baton for as long as I can carry it, and I have no illusions I’m going to last as long as you suggest, and that’ll be good enough for me.”


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This Is Already Tiresome

Tucker Carlson was interviewing some blow-dried Ken-doll wannabe congresspunk from California last night and this clown would not stray from his talking points no matter what Carlson asked him. Thankfully, the network panned to a shot of the daily protests outside the Supreme Court.

I may be the only person in America who noticed some idiot holding a pre-printed sign that had the word “OPPOSE” at the top with a blank white space underneath it. After Trump made his nomination known, they printed “GORSUCH” in the blank space with a Sharpie. They were prepared to protest whoever the president picked, even if it was the Wizard of Oz.

As with their shameless behavior regarding the Cabinet nominees, they are going to fight this appointment tooth and nail. In the end they will likely lose, although it is a case of one originalist replacing another. The all-out war will occur if one of the leftists, probably the Notorious RBG retires from the bench. She has already stated she’s not going anywhere until there is a Democrat president to replace her.

Think: The Dems wheeling the late and unlamented Robert C. Byrd on a hospital gurney for an important vote, or Tim Johnson who suffered a brain aneurism and was absent for almost two years and never replaced, since he represented North Dakota, which would have elected a Republican in his stead.

They’re playing a dangerous and potentially disastrous game. Tingles Matthews claimed that not a single Democrat senator will vote to confirm. I disagree. There are 12 senators from red states up for re-election in 2018. The playbook says there will be 5 or 6 democrats who will be given permission to confirm as long as there are not the requisite 60 votes to uphold the filibuster. They all sing from the same hymnal: ‘Lord, save my ass.’

[CtH: I am still puzzling over why RBG didn’t retire when Obama was in office.  She’s older than dirt and is unlikely to survive the 8 years Trump could be in office.  Probably she, like the rest of the Ds, thought Hillary was a shoe-in.  Oops!  Cuz replacing Scalia with Gorsuch is no biggie.  Replacing Ginsburg with someone the Republicans like will tip the bench back toward traditional values and put Roe v. Wade seriously at risk.  We can pray!]

Chris Matthews: Gorsuch Vote Will Go To A Filibuster; Democrats Will Not Vote For Him, “Not A One”

“I think this is going to come down to a sad denouement,” Matthews said Tuesday night. “I think it’s going to take 60 votes to get this approved and I think the Republicans will have their rank-and-file 52 votes will be there. But I don’t think the Democrats are going to give them a single vote which mean this will go to a filibuster.”

[CtH: Why is Tingles still talking?]

Chris Matthews on Democrats who vote for Gorsuch:  He will “be on that court for 30 years … they will have to answer for this guy.”

And since, according to Matthews, no Dems will vote to confirm, the nomination will fall short of the required 60 votes.

This Insurrectionist disagrees. No matter how much McConnell reveres Senate tradition, he will not let such a qualified jurist, and Trump’s first Court nominee, go down to ignominious defeat. If push comes to shove, I predict that McConnell will invoke the nuclear option, and Gorsuch will be confirmed on a simple-majority vote.


Here’s Why It Would Be Very Stupid for Dems to Block Neil Gorsuch
Since January 20, many Americans have been daydreaming about the possibility of rebuilding the government from the ground up, like an episode of Designated Survivor. But as fun as it would be to watch Democrats tantrum their way into blocking Judge Neil Gorsuch‘s Supreme Court nomination, it’s a bad idea and would follow in the Republicans’ dangerous precedent.

Dems to Filibuster SCOTUS Pick, Claim Seat ‘Stolen’: “We will use every lever in our power to stop this.”
Senator Merkley declared the seat could go to none of Trump’s picks because it was “stolen,” presumably by the Russians.

“This is a stolen seat. This is the first time a Senate majority has stolen a seat,” Merkley said in an interview. “We will use every lever in our power to stop this.”

Neil Gorsuch: Conservatives Praise Trump’s ‘Home Run’ Supreme Court Pick


Conservatives were effusive in their praise on Tuesday evening for President Donald Trump’s choice for the U.S. Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch.

Protesters Arrested In NYC Demonstration Against Trump Supreme Court Pick

[CtH: Where do they get these people who have TIME to go to all these protests?!]

Among those arrested was Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner – the man who died on July 2014 on Staten Island as police tried to arrest him for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. A grand jury later declined to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who used a takedown move on Garner that many have described as a chokehold.

Once Again, Dems Deny Vote on Sessions… Where is GOP Leadership?
The Senate Judiciary Committee, once again, delayed voting Tuesday morning on the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, pushing it back to Wednesday.

Therefore, the people of the United States remain without the proper attorney general, causing confusion and misdirection in the branch of government that ultimately provides safety and security to the American way of life.


GOP changes Senate rules, approves Trump cabinet picks
A Democratic boycott couldn’t prevent President Trump’s cabinet picks for Treasury and health from gaining approval by the Senate Finance Committee.

The Republican-led committee changed its rules to allow it to operate without the boycotting Democrats and approve Steve Mnuchin for the Treasury post and Tom Price as Health and Human Services secretary.

The next step will be for the pair to be confirmed by the entire Senate.











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